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I have effective, proven coaching programs, tools and strategies to use with my clients. I am confident in my ability to get results for my clients, which makes marketing easy for me. Dating questionnaire. to receive your Report of Findings. I regularly meet with mentors who support my success as a coach. Relationship coach near me. counselor, social worker, minister, etc. I understand that no-one is successful alone and readily reach out for support. Nothing is going to stop me! I'm ready to take the next steps toward becoming a successful Relationship Coach. I have the forms and systems I need to run my relationship coaching business.

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. I'm ready to invest both the time and money needed to become a successful relationship coach. You are currently a coach, but haven’t had any formal coach training. I understand what makes me unique and I articulate it effectively in my enrollment conversations. Please select the option that best describes you.

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.. I strongly believe in myself and my ability to achieve my goals and dreams. I have tools and strategies for addressing my fears and insecurities. Specific next steps you can take to create the business of your dreams and a life that you love. I know EXACTLY the population I want to help and how I want to help them. Relationship coach near me. You  don’t plan to have a professional relationship coaching practice. I have a clear, compelling written vision for my business. What you're missing and what resources you may need to fill the gaps. If you're like most, when you get your results you will feel clear, inspired and excited to take powerful action to make your passion your profession.

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. This assessment is for you if: You are currently a coach and want to add a relationship coaching specialty.

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. I have a robust community of like-minded colleagues to share experiences, ideas and solutions to challenges. I have a compelling free offer that demonstrates my value, uniqueness and reflects my brand. I highly value the offer of a one-on-one Relationship Coaching Business Consultation and would like to schedule one soon. I have credible coaching credentials that inspire confidence in my clients and prospects. During enrollment conversations I don't take it personally when prospective client says "No." II. I have mastered coaching skills and effectively and consistently use them to coach my clients. I have a detailed, written plan for building my business as a Relationship Coach. I collaborate with other professionals for sharing resources and networking. I regularly attend Continuing Education classes/workshops because learning is a life-long process. I have an effective way to continually practice and enhance my coaching skills. I participate regularly in Masterminds or similar groups. I'm confident that I provide what my ideal clients need and want. I have a website with a clear call-to-action that generates a steady stream of new leads. After completing this short assessment, check your inbox right away for your Relationship Coaching Business Success Report. You don't have any related professional training or experience but want to follow your passion and help people with their relationships