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Exton, PA: Swets & Zeitlinger. Mellin, C., Parrott, L., Andrefouet, S., Bradshaw, C.J., MacNeil, M.A. Strong but opposing b-diversity – stability relationships in coral reef fish communities. However, it must be pointed out that this study was flawed by methodological errors which contributed to the low intraclass correlation values. Tillett, B.J., Field, I.C., Bradshaw, C.J., Johnson, G., Buckworth, R.C., Meekan, M.G., et al. Heat-seeking sharks: support for behavioural thermoregulation in reef sharks. Speed, C.W., Meekan, M.G., Field, I.C., McMahon, C.R., Abrantes, K. Lyon, J.P., Todd, C., Nicol, S.J., MacDonald, A., Stoessel, D., Ingram, B.A., et al. The King-Devick test as a determinant of head trauma and concussion in boxers and MMA fighters. This study implied that the Axon sport CCAT has greater sensitivity to cognitive impairment following concussion than the Digit Symbol Substitution test and the Trail Making Test Part B. Long-term breeding phenology shift in royal penguins. Efficiency of electrofishing in turbid lowland rivers: implications for measuring temporal change in fish populations. Magnitudes of decline on Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metrics subtest scores relative to predeployment baseline performance among service members evaluated for traumatic brain injury in Iraq. Use of a rapid visual screening tool for the assessment of concussion in amateur rugby league: A pilot study. The battery employs a series of eight “card games” to examine cognitive function including simple reaction time, complex reaction time, and one-back and continuous learning. The relation between post concussion symptoms and neurocognitive performance in concussed athletes.

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. Comparison of preseason, midseason, and postseason neurocognitive scores in uninjured collegiate football players. Future extinction risk of wetland plants is higher from individual patch loss than total area reduction. Compensatory density feedback of Oncomelania hupensis populations in two different environmental settings in China. Through a series of analyses they eliminated overlapping items that were found to be insensitive to concussion. High-quality fossil dates support a synchronous, Late Holocene extinction of devils and thylacines in mainland Australia. [Scopus] Turney, C.S.M., Thomas, Z.A., Hutchinson, D.K., Bradshaw, C.J.A., Brook, B.W., England, M.H., et al. Misconceptions about analyses of Australian seaweed collections. Predicting Publication Success for Biologists. Pilot evaluation of a novel clinical test of reaction time in National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I football players. OrYou can delete the existing computer account in Server Manager, recreate the computer account, synchronize the domain, and then on the client rejoin the domain. Population trends of New Zealand fur seals in the Rakiura region based on long-term population surveys and traditional ecological knowledge. Trophic ecology of reef sharks determined using stable isotopes and telemetry. No need for disease: testing extinction hypotheses for the thylacine using multi-species metamodels. Human population reduction is not a quick fix for environmental problems. Postural stability assessment following concussion: One piece of the puzzle. Highly localized replenishment of coral reef fish populations near nursery habitats. Relationship b/w science and technology. Identification of Rays through DNA Barcoding: An Application for Ecologists. Neuropsychological assessment of the college football player. We get this error sometimes when a password change occurs. Inter-ocean asynchrony in whale shark occurrence patterns. Niu, H.Y., Hong, L., Wang, Z.F., Shen, H., Ye, W.H., Mu, H.P., et al. One-year test-retest reliability of the online version of ImPACT in high school athletes. Global estimates of boreal forest carbon stocks and flux. Conservation management and sustainable harvest quotas are sensitive to choice of climate modelling approach for two marine gastropods. Postconcussion symptom assessment. Of the test measures used, ImPACT shared the most consistent correlations with the other two computer-based measures as well as with all external criteria except for internal correlations in the domain of memory. However, the authors were clear about the limitations in sample size and the lack of a clinical population as well as the other limitations of the study, and they cautioned against considering this a complete evaluative study. Because Axon Sport is a new computerized neuropsychological test battery, more research is warranted on this test battery to determine whether it is effective in assessing concussion outcomes. Measurement of head impacts in collegiate football players: Clinical measures of concussion after high- and low-magnitude impacts. Fine-scale benthic biodiversity patterns inferred from image processing. Sensitivity and specificity of standardized neurocognitive testing immediately following sports concussion. In Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Children and Adolescents: From Basic Science to Clinical Management, edited by M. Inferring the invasion history of coral berry Ardisia crenata from China to the USA using molecular markers. Novel coupling of individual-based epidemiological and demographic models predicts realistic dynamics of tuberculosis in alien buffalo. Uncertainties in dating constrain model choice for inferring extinction time from fossil records. This study revealed the sensitivity of ANAM in distinguishing the severity of traumatic brain injury. This was simple and painless. Restart the computer and log on locally as a local administrator. Abrupt warming events drove Late Pleistocene Holarctic megafaunal turnover. The experimental cognitive measures included the N-back and the verbal continuous memory task. Dating a hasbian. Nautilus at risk - estimating population size and demography of Nautilus pompilius. Ecology Needs a Convention of Nomenclature. Examining Sport Concussion Assessment Tool ratings for male and female youth hockey players with and without a history of concussion. Cog-Sport: Reliability and correlation with conventional cognitive tests used in postconcussion medical evaluations. Distribution, relative abundance and risks from fisheries to threatened Glyphis sharks and sawfishes in northern Australia. Laurance, W.F., Useche, D.C., Rendeiro, J., Kalka, M. The results suggest that there is variability of test-retest reliability for individual subtests of ANAM. The results indicated significant correlations between neuropsychological domains and all ImPACT domain scores except the impulse control factor. Species Distribution Models of Tropical Deep-Sea Snappers.

Eye on the Taiga: Removing Global Policy Impediments to Safeguard the Boreal Forest. Individuals demonstrated practice effects on five of six subtests in the two studies. Little left to lose: deforestation and forest degradation in Australia since European colonization. Accuracy of species identification by fisheries observers in a north Australian shark fishery. The results are compared to a personal baseline. Criteria for assessing the quality of Middle Pleistocene to Holocene vertebrate fossil ages. Evaluating options for the future energy mix of Japan after the Fukushima nuclear crisis. Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing ImPACT is an online computerized neuropsychological test battery composed of three general sections. Ecological and economic benefits to cattle rangelands of restoring an apex predator. Robust estimates of extinction time in the geological record. The participant is asked to read the numbers as quickly as possible without making any errors. Assessment of coma and impaired consciousness: A practical scale. Sports-Related Concussions in Youth: Improving the Science, Changing the Culture. The researchers adminis- Suggested Citation:"Appendix C: Clinical Evaluation Tools." Institute of Medicine and National Research Council. Nuclear power can reduce emissions and maintain a strong economy: Rating Australia’s optimal future electricity-generation mix by technologies and policies. Predicting current and future global distributions of whale sharks. Post-injury tests were compared to baseline scores and reliable change indices were calculated using the control group means and standard error of difference from the two time-points.

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. Primary forests are irreplaceable for sustaining tropical biodiversity. Cerutti-Pereyra, F., Meekan, M.G., Wei, N.W.V., O'Shea, O., Bradshaw, C.J.

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. In situ measures of foraging success and prey encounter reveal marine habitat-dependent search strategies. An efficient protocol for the global sensitivity analysis of stochastic ecological models. The researchers used a two-way random effects analysis of variance model for intraclass correlation coefficient analysis for each test. The study also showed significant sex differences, with females scoring higher on the balance, immediate memory, and concentration components of the assessment. Genetic structure of introduced swamp buffalo subpopulations in tropical Australia. Massive yet grossly underestimated global costs of invasive insects. As with all computerized neuropsychological test batteries, it is important to determine whether multiple test sessions result in practice effects. However, because no parametric statistics were provided, the significance of the observed differences is not known. The third section consists of six neuropsychological test modules that evaluate the subject’s attention processes, verbal recognition memory, visual working memory, visual processing speed, reaction time, numerical sequencing ability, and learning. Correlations for the CRI Simple Reaction Time Index were Suggested Citation:"Appendix C: Clinical Evaluation Tools." Institute of Medicine and National Research Council. Concussion symptom inventory. NOTE: More recent versions of this instrument include “visual problems” in the list of symptoms rated. The first section of the MACE collects data regarding the nature of the concussive event and the signs and symptoms of concussion. N-dimensional animal energetic niches clarify behavioural options in a variable marine environment. A baseline and one follow-up assessment were performed on healthy and concussed young adults. Bradshaw, C.J., Cooper, A., Turney, C.S.M. Reef shark movements relative to a coastal marine protected area. Is to get the pc off the network by removing it from domain via system properties having it as a workgroup instead.Then going into A.D. Strength of density feedback in census data increases from slow to fast life histories. Distribution models for koalas in South Australia using citizen science-collected data. The effects of headache on clinical measures of neurocognitive function. Retest reliability in adolescents of a computerized neuropsychological battery used to assess recovery from concussion. American Academy of Neurology. British Journal of Sports Medicine. Implications of Australia's Population Policy for Future Greenhouse Gas Emissions Targets. The study does, however, provide some framework for understanding the concurrent validity of these tools