Relationship b/w language and society

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It includes vocabulary and the choice of words used to express emotions. Tone is the way in which a writer or speaker communicates the attitude for or feelings of a character he is writing about or speaking about. Some tonal languages are Somali and Japanese. Relationship b/w language and society. it cannot be unique to a person. So JavaScript is sometimes called a "scripting" language. It is the way in which the writer communicates the feelings or attitudes of a character. These are called tonal languages. Somali has just one tone per word. The same sentence spoken can mean something else when one is in pain or one is happy. It becomes like the unique fingerprint, one page of a particular writer’s work with which one is able to identify the writer. Tone, however, refers to the pitch of the person. There are many languages, like Mandarin, which utilize many different tones.

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. The distinctive style used by a writer or speaker is called diction. It is only unique to a language. Diction is usually the signature of a writer or orator. However, diction never changes the meaning of the word no matter how it is spoken. The second use is the way the words are pronounced, the tone of the person, and the way he pauses while talking. Dating a hasbian. Some languages are called tonal languages which have different tones of the same word and it changes its meaning. For example, in the normal case, you have to compile a C program before you can run it. If someone is angry, sad, in pain, or happy, the tone of the person used is different. The diction of a particular writer is like his fingerprint or signature which is unique whereas tone is general. That's just a few, if you do some research you can find a lot more. It also sets the standard or quality of their writing. In these languages the different tones of the same word changes the meaning.


. But in the normal case, you don't have to compile a JavaScript program before you run it. In other modern languages, tones are used to emphasize a particular mood. Similarly, Japanese is also considered a tonal language because of the low and high pitches or tones. Summary: Diction has two different uses. It also refers to the pitch used in a language. This line is getting more and more blurry since compilation can be so fast with modern hardware and modern compilation techniques