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Data is organized in fields, records and files. This number is a seven-digit system of the type XXX-XXX-X. Recipient of a substance or a preparation : The registration number has standard format: xx-xx-xxxx. This process is automatic. Therefore decisions taken for the inclusion of submitted substances in EINECS did not follow general rules without any exception. Proposals for restrictions and identification of substances of very high concern can be prepared by a Member State Competent Authority or by the Agency on a request from the Commission. Dating a hasbian. Revised and new classifications inserted to the list are proposed by DG ENV and agreed by a Member State vote. The standard information requirements for each tonnage band are presented in Annexes VII to X of the Regulation. The ATP number for a specific substance in the database refers to the last time the substance was included in a ATP. PBT pollutants are chemicals that are toxic, persist in the environment and bioaccumulate in food chains and, thus, pose risks to human health and ecosystems. A full list of product types is in Annex V of the BPD.

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. In particular only the name and the CA registry number was known for substances reported on the A or B forms used for reporting. The check digit is derived from the following formula:   iN +. For instance, "carcinogenicity" is a human toxicological endpoint. The first decision on whether a compound was a polymer or not had therefore to rely on the name and on the classification of the compounds in the Chemical Abstract Registry System. A complex set of programs that control the organization, storage and retrieval of data for many users; extensively used in business environments. A database management system must also control the security of the database. European LIst of Notified Chemical Substances index number. Note: two different materials may share the same molecular formula. Whenever a substance based on the information available was suspected of being a polymer, a problem letter was issued, and the submitter was asked to supply more detailed information on the size and distribution of the molecular weight. These importers are regarded as downstream users for the purposes of REACH. For legal reasons the definitions depend on the EINECS definitions and hence decisions on the notification status of e.g. Inventaire Européen des Substances chimiques Commerciales Existantes. Structural isomers usually have different chemical and physical properties. - Substance evaluation performed by a Member State: to clarify any grounds for considering that a substance constitutes a risk to human health or the environment Member States can also evaluate registered intermediates. These are called structural isomers. The dossier consists of two parts, an Annex XV technical dossier and the Annex XV report. Therefore, for a complete definition of a biocidal products you should consult the Biocidal Products Directive and its associated guidance. Some chemical names listed in the ELINCS were amended according to the notification and the IUPAC nomenclature rules. The DG ENV proposal is based on advice from the Commission Working Group on Classification and Labelling with participation of experts from the Member States. A query language is used to search for data. The no-longer polymer list contains only substances not included in EINECS. Further Information: - Dossier evaluation performed by the Agency : - Compliance check: to examine whether all required information is included in the registration dossier and whether this information is adequate. It is a unique numeric identifier, designates only one substance, has no chemical significance, is a link to a wealth of information about a specific chemical substance. As polymers were not reportable and therefore not included in EINECS, in many cases it had to be decided whether a substance is a polymer or not by a desk examination of the submitted documents. a post-reacted NLP can be inferred by considering for this purpose an equivalence with EINECS rules.

Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. The CAS# given are to be treated as indicative and for a use as a searching tool. Checking your browser before accessing The list is regularly updated through Adaptations to Technical Progress. It supports the Annex XV report. - Checking of testing proposals: to evaluate whether the testing proposals submitted in the registration dossier by the registrant in case further testing is necessary for information specified in Annex IX and X or the Regulation are adequate. Within the SME category, a small enterprise is defined as an enterprise which employs fewer than and whose annual turnover and/or annual balance sheet total does not exceed EUR. The information available in the primary processing of substances reported for EINECS was not always sufficient to distinguish a polymer from a non polymer. NLP-Nos and name descriptions take precedence. The IUCLID software is the preferred tool for entering data and developing a SIDS Dossier for High Production Volume Chemicals in the OECD HPV Chemicals Programme. Harmonised classification and labelling : Any Member States can propose an harmonised classification and labelling by submitting an Annex XV dossier. Substances which occur in nature : Supplier of a substance or a preparation : In addition, the term technical dossier is also used to refer to one of the two parts of the Annex XV dossier. Union internationale de chimie pure et appliquée. In some cases decisions were only based on the name of the submitted substance. A Relational database is a database in the form of tables which have rows and columns to show the relationships between items, and in which information can be cross-referenced between two or more tables to generate a third table. The first two digits represent year of notification, the next two indicate country of notification, and the last four digits allow sequential numbering of individual dossiers respective of the country. Intermediates: Chemicals that are used up in the process of making other chemicals. By definition a LPV Chemical is a chemical which is not a HPV Chemical. In contrast, for decisions on the inclusion or otherwise in EINECS, the molecular weight of a substance was not taken into account. Relationship b/w kp and kc. The aims of the proposed new Regulation are to improve the protection of human health and the environment while maintaining the competitiveness and enhancing the innovative capability of the EU chemicals industry. This information would be passed down the chain of production. Relationship b/w kp and kc. Annex I of the REACH Regulation contains general provisions for performing CSAs and preparing CSRs. Their meetings are prepared, chaired and followed-up by the ECB.

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. Within the SME category, a microenterprise is defined as an enterprise which employs fewer than and whose annual turnover and/or annual balance sheet total does not exceed EUR. Is the basic tool for the data collection and evaluation in the frame of the European Risk Assessment Programme on Existing Substances. The biggest concerns about PBTs are that they transfer rather easily among air, water, and land, and span boundaries of programs, geography, and generations. A database that has only one table is called a flat file database. Where Name, is the corporate name of the company, Town, is the city where the company is located, Country, is the country where the company is located.

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. International union for pure applied chemistry.


. If data is changed in one table, it will be changed in all related tables. Assessing human health risks of chemicals: Derivation of guidance values for health-based exposure limits. Examples of database management systems are Oracle, Sybase, and Datacom. In the context of this definition a "monomer unit" means the reacted form of a monomer substance in a polymer. Proposals for harmonised classification and labelling can be prepared by a Member State Competent Authority. A language used to create, maintain, and query relational databases. It tells how far in the assessment process a substance has progressed including an overview of the conclusions reached, statistics and testing requirements. World Health Organization, Geneva. This is a way of expressing very dilute concentrations of substances. REACH would furthermore give greater responsibility to industry to manage the risks from chemicals and to provide safety information on the substances