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. Also covers jewelry imitations of EICo Bengal rupees & a few other tokens. Sections on coinage, history, forgeries, orders, decorations, medals, seals, ramatanka and hoards. A more compact and up-to-date Altekar. Includes rarity rating, symbol index, identification guide, price supplement in $. Gupta, most famous of Indian numismatists. money, tokens, medals, decorations, banknotes, scrip, etc. Essays on coins as tools for historical study, exchange systems of early India, Gupta culture as deduced from coins. Produced for the India market. This is the catalog portion of a separate work by P.L. Not as comprehensive as Rhodes & Bose, but every legend is shown in transliterated native script. with photo, extensive date listings, and a clear format. Dynastic tables, historical background. & Bose, S.K.The Coinage of Assam, Volume I, Pre-Ahom Period    Early Medieval coins of Assam, Samatata gold coinage and the victory coins of the Bengal Sultans relevant to Assam. Detailed listings with weights, transcription & translation of all legends, convenient format with listings & photo plates side by side. Catalog portion far from comprrehensive, of course. Detailed, critical review by S. Well indexed, with catalog #'s. Dating a hasbian. Asian odd & curious items. Excellent NI Review of revised edition. Does not list proofs or restrikes in British series, but color photos of Republic mint and proof sets. Appears to include most KM listings, and a few new.

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. OP, very difficult to find. Rajputana B&H, Lakshmi & other coinages: Kalchuris, Chandllas, Paramaras, Chalukyas, Tomara, Parihara, Chahamana, Japapella, etc.; incl. Somewhat obsolete now, but a decent catalog of types, and perhaps still in print inexpensively in India. Includes plantation & other tokens. As many contemporary as well as modern forgeries exist, this comprehensive catalog serves as a definitive authentiction tool. Contents in English & Arabic. Includes a catalog, but not as convenient as those in his Trankebarmønter editions, and without valuations. Not a substitute for Gupta-Hardaker. Mukherjee, MacDowall, Berghaus, Rajgor, P.L. India coins and paper: historical information, prices, weights, fineness, etc. Not comprehensive in listings, but enlarged photos, transliterations & translations of legends, etc. Some yellowing & shows moderate use. NThe Coins of Karnataka   Not a catalog, but a good introduction to Hindu and Moslem coinages of South India, including Mysore, but weak on Kasu. There are more detailed works on some of the State series, but this is by far the best Mughal listing. Chapters or appendices on mints, mint epithets, phrases, couplets in Arabic transliterated and translated, symbols & ornaments, dates, political history, rarity guide, numerous maps. N.Studies in South Indian Coins Vols. No medals or Cis-sutlej states.. For India it is useful, but not a primary reference. are nearly unusable, so earlier Eds. Detailed bibliography with critiques of Prof. Meticulously researched and clearly presented. Thakkar website on Tokens & other exonumia. History, metrology, design analysis, legends, monograms, forgeries, useful appendices. Some reprints, some used, some new. Appendices on die study, forgeries, inscriptions & dating. Well printed on glossy stock; good plates. Plates far better than any reprint. Argument for a new chronology of kings. Several long chapters on coins, incl. Fair plates; more an informational work than a catalog. The India section alone is worth the price. Please ask for those wanted by number. Ruler-by ruler history of Kutch & extensive numismatic essay with in-depth features on design elements & weights. Non-consecutive numbering. The first serious work on this difficult series. About half did not sell; reserves shown in prices realized sheet. / British India / Native Indian States   Specialized catalog from pre-Yeoman days with photo illustrations & market values. The real strength is in the Ujjain, Eran, Kausambi and related, with more such than any other reference, and many unpublished types; English text, no values. See categories above.Nishka - The Rig Vedic Money   Arguing that , small copper beads in the shape of tools, animals, flowers, etc. note "BHS" numbers used in KM. Detail closeups help distinguish subtle varieties, and sort original from restrike proofs. in the Indian Peninsula and Catalogue of the Coins in the Madras Museum  Drawn mainly from the records of the Madras Mint, a chronological history of coinage from all Presidencies, plus a catalog of Madras Museum holdings, some not in Pridmore. Not only Ancient Mediterranean & Semitic, but India, Tibet, Thailand, China & Orient as well. Same size & format as Gupta-Hardaker. MIndo-Greek & Indo-Scythian Coinage    Comprehensive coverage with numbering system and profuse photos in familiar Mitchiner format.

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. Important listings of S.E. Pridmore's works set the standard for scholarship on colonial Asian series. Establishes a new chronology for these Punjabi rulers. BANKNOTES:   CHINA        EAST ASIA        ISLAM         EUROPE        WORLDWIDENOTE: Many coin references also include paper. Extensive historical & numismatic background on all series. Basic info on couplets, mints, etc. Current standard for Greek series; for Indo-Scythian see the new work by Robert Senior. Each variety illustrated with a clear drawing; enlarged color plates. Mukkherjee    Forty papers incl. Good quality Indian reprint with added price guide by R.C. Including miscellaneous paranumismatica. Some illustrated with color photos. Historical sketch for each state & medal plus introductory chapter. As with Gray, this edition gives the meanings of the symbols on the led Kas. tiny AE Kasu & gold fannam types, much historical background. Princely State Medals: Commemorative, Historical and Award Medalsincl. Far more informative than KM. Final volume in Rhodes/Bose series on N.E. Short photo catalog for paper, coupons & stamps. Long-time standard source reference for Colonial series, most useful for Portuguese Asia. A panorama of coinages from Greek, Roman, Persian through Central Asian &Indian series. Author names hand written on spine, otw. It is an expensive series if you are looking only for India listings, but cheaper outdated editions are generally adequate for Mughal listings. Princes, Govt., Universities, Societies and Exhibitions. Coins of Ahom Kingdom  &nb.sp;Political & numismatic history of pre- & Ahom Assam, plus catalog of Ahom coinage, approx. Historical outlines by dynasty. The publisher does not take orders from outside India.Money Banking and Trade in Mughal India   Deals with Gujarat & Bengal: Currencies & exchange values, mints, trade routes, taxation, English trade & indigenous practices. M#'s are widely used and this is still an important reference. Rendering in original script with translation for most coins. Catalog with detailed descriptions. Later editions are hard to use. & Holkar, R.A Study of the Holkar State Coinage   Extensive political and numismatic history, plus museum-style catalog of this complex series, with decent plates. A later Index to this work was created by H. I have noted this in the descriptions. Vijayanagar, Nayakas, Mysore, etc. Includes exercises with answer key. Most European sellers use P#'s rather than KM#'s for this series.

An important work for India, but not a primary reference for the States/ Colonial period. Includes some known Republic dates missing from KM, Remick, and Reddappa. Tattered original soft covers rebound on card stock. More depth on series than Ancient & Classical volume. Important work for this series. Later editions likely exist.   History of Tranquebar & its coinage. Eds.Numismatic Studies    Series of six volumes publishing original articles on pre-Colonial Indian coinage. Many items are not found in conventional references. Gupta, Paper Money of India., REVIEWED here. Not a catalog; difficult to coordinate text and coin images. Goyal, S.R.An Introduction to Gupta Numismatics   Summary of research and typology of the Gupta and post-Gupta series. Leading Indian & Western scholars. This is said to be the best among them. Said to be difficult to use as a collector tool. Historical background and useful dynastic lists for each series.

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. First in Ahata Project series on punchmarks; will be available in CD Rom. Catalog employs multiple, beautifully color-photographed specimens and computer enhancements to clearly illustrate types for the first time. Relationship b/w india and russia. Chapters on forgereies, minting techniques