Relationship b/w cp and cv

Hence, it will require more heat to raise the temperature since the heat is used to perform work. Srujan Singh gave complete and detailed answer for this question. Dating a hasbian. Whereas, a constant volume can be imagined as a fully enclosed system.

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.. Singh was over simplification for the  gases and it was completely missing for the condensed phases, which may be given by Dr.    Best RegardsNEW YEAR GREETINGBy basic definition of specific heat: amount heat added to cause a unit rise in temperature per unit mass. Consequently the difference between the two specific heats is hardly noticeable, and can be ignored.Dear Rasool; you are hundred per cent write in your comment. In general, Cp=Cv + aTV/K, where a is the expansion coefficient and K is the isothermal compressibility. In solids addition of heat results in no appreciable change in volume and quantity of heat remains nearly same for constant  volume or pressure condition.Where as in gases the quantity of heat varies depending on constant pressure or constant volume conditions.  In other words,If a gas is heated in a sealed container having constant volume it cannot expand, and so no external work is done by the gas during the heating process. It's value may vary depending on the process you are providing this energy. This is why the specific heat of liquids and gases depend on pressure and temperature. As he steps down from the exam table, his leg gives way, and he falls. The solid materials have definite shapes, while fluids have varying shapes based on the volume, pressure and temperature as well as the nature of the container they occupy. Relationship b/w cp and cv.

Difference Between Heat Capacity and Specific Heat.

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. Therefore we have two specific heats for gases i.e. for that reason the heat capacity for gases defers when the process is undergoing at P=cost or V=cost. Prof. Closed System.For open multicomponent systems one reads: