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David Viscott [ Himself ], Wendy Leibman [ Herself ], George Segal [ Himself ] A depressed and unhappy Hank hits on all the female guests before retreating to a hotel room for a boozy marathon with a series of prostitutes. Larry's reluctant to tell Dana Carvey he doesn't like Carvey's Larry Sanders impersonation.

Darlene longs to sing with Clint Black. Hank tries to trade for a fan's "Hey Now" license plates. Larry worries about his diet. Cesario ], Jeff Cesario [ Himself ], Rob Lowe [ Unknown ], Vendela [ Herself ], David Duchovny [ Himself ] Larry promises not to bump comic Jeff Cesario again, then finds the show overbooked and Hank needing four minutes for a tribute to his late father. The office follows the O.J. Pauly d dating show. Hank considers replacing Scott with a woman. Dating hastings east sussex. Hank buys a less-than-perfect used car from Elvis Costello. DeVincentes [ Unknown ], Steven Wright [ Unknown ], Porno For Pyros [ Themselves ] Artie gets stuck on the highway during torrential rains and mud-slides leaving Paula the booker to function as the producer for the show. The network objects to Larry's ethnic guest spots. David Duchovny's friendliness makes Larry wonder about his sexual orientation. Beverly receives flowers from a secret admirer and jumps to conclusions. Phil has trouble adjusting to the woman Larry has hired as a new writer. Monica Gordon ] Larry hits on a guest. Beverly gets stuck taking care of their "One Wish" Foundation child when he comes to meet Larry. Phil arranges for phony auditions so he can meet some beautiful actresses. Artie and Hank set out to teach the guy a lesson. Hank auditions for a voice part in the new Disney movie, Hercules. Larry worries that someone has been sitting in his new massaging recliner. "Hank's New Assistant" Peter Dante [ Delivery Man ], Dana Carvey [ Himself ] When Darlene quits while on vacation, Hank hires the temp who was filling in for her. Phillips [ James ], Philip Dicker [ Delivery Guy ] Larry insists on writng a book about his life, just like Jay, Brett, Ellen and Paul, leaving Hank worrying about "the incident" and Artie to finish off his own memoirs. Larry battles with the network and his agent over his contract. Donaldson ], John Ritter [ Himself ] Larry gets into a feud with the network when he makes fun of their new fall schedule on the air. Maya is currently executive prodcuer of The Naked Truth.

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. [ Himself ] A chance remark by Francine leads Larry to ask for a list of all her sexual partners since their divorce. [ Himself ], Drew Barrymore [ Herself ], Sarah Silverman [ Wendy Traston ] Tired of Phil's gay jokes, Brian sues the show for sexual harrassment. Hank tries to impress a woman by putting her precocious son on the show as an expert in geography. Reisman ], Jim Abele [ Walter ], Julie Oda [ Christine ] Larry spends his vacation with his brother who has a business proposition. The quality of Phil's work goes up and down as his new girlfriend plays with his affections. Larry gives Artie a special gift. Reisman ], Marina Maxi [ Ivanka ], Bernadette Birkett [ Patient ], Roseanne [ Herself ], Chevy Chase [ Himself ] Larry is apprehensive over a guest appearance by former girl friend Roseanne and decides to see a psychiatrist.

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. Hank distributes his illegally obtained Cuban cigars. Beverly spoils Artie's birthday by circulating the show's budget, with everyone's salary, amongst the staff. Merriweather ] Larry wants to be on Ten Sexiest Men list, even if it means bumping off guest Ben Stiller. Guest host Jon Stewart tests the network's censors by booking the Wu-Tang Clan. Larry offers a cappuccino machine as a substitute for the daily office run to Starbucks. Hank interviews possible new agents while his beloved Sid lies gravely ill in the hospital. Mary Lou considers letting her best friend be on the show. Dating myself. The executive producer of that series is the other co-writer of this teleplay, Steve Levitan. Larry and Artie worry about what guest Bobcat Goldthwait might do to top his chair-burning incident on The Tonight Show.

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. But the only one he really connects with is Francine, his first wife. But her manager sends shock waves through the office with her pushy ways. The staff tries to guess the father of Beverly's baby. Jay z dating history list. Hank's effort to cheer up a despondent Brian with a night on the town at several gay bars earns him a prominent mention in Army Archerd's column. Larry's affair with Laura Leighton stumbles over their obsessions with watching their own TV shows. Reisman ] Kenny Mitchell joins the show as creative consultant and makes major changes to the format. Home >> TV News, Love Line, Snooki, The Situation, Jwoww, Pauly D, Vinny Guadagnino, Reality TV, Baby Momma Drama, Instagram >> Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Hank insists on a buying a race horse for himself, Larry and Artie in honor of the show's eighth anniversary.

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. Larry and Artie try to decide what to choose as the guest gift. So Hank and Artie try to fix him up with attractive women