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Relationship vibes. I have found that there is certainly a selection that is wide and varied but the search criteria narrows it down pretty well. She never replied again after I pointed that out, lol. I'll be deleting my account after this review. You have no control on who messages you unlike tinder. But I used paypal this time. If you haven't already deleted your account in frustration you will find that POF will delete it randomly without warning. Relationship lines. As soon as I joined I got bombarded by scam emails. no point in supporting scrum like that. Paypal is no better for help. It's all just a bit too fishy. Anyway, pretty sure if enough angry men hit the report button your account gets deleted. I'm female and upgraded my membership Thought I'd give it a go and the reviews I read at that time seemed good. Don't waste your time or money. So pretty much geared towards hook-ups. It annoys me that i was conned into it, plus there are so many scams, seriously waste of time and money, a really good site if you want to remain single or get scammed. but the results are there, human nature is what it is relation ships are no different its a matter of looking and this is certainly the best and I would say even better then a lot of payed ones. So ladies, do yourself a favour and just don't bother with it or keep your profile hidden as much as possible while using the "block" function judiciously. Inundated with everything.

they charged my paypal without me knowing. Eharmony is an honest site. Relationship pet names. I have wasted hours and hours on this ridiculous site to no avail and I usually go alright with women.

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. Never join the site! Even if its free.

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. I caught my first one out pretty easy.. Distance boundaries ignored. One has to ignore the part that they want you to pay for.

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. Once you do pay you get scammers wanting to video chat verifying credit card details. I thought I would give them a second chance and try again years later. It is not possible to leave less then one star. Dating dna. So in fact it is not free. The guys are full of crap on there. P fish dating site. As expected one has to have their wits about them there is always a catch but if one sticks to the free part it works great. Seems a pointless waste of time. They take your money saying you need to become a premium member to view profiles. NHJ Private message Verified Customer Plenty of Fish payment issues I joined many years ago and got charged to my credit card for a renewal, which I did not approve.