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In this week’s podcast, Jess is joined by her friend and fellow sexologist, Megan Stubbs. Oren Amitay joins host Jessica O’Reilly to share specific tips to reduce relationship strife and promote a happy, harmonious and HOT holiday season. Relationship young thug featuring future. Sit back and listen as Jess and Brandon walk you through their sexual journey. Sex clubs are becoming more mainstream. Sexism contributes to fewer, poorer orgasms! If you want bigger, better, more frequent orgasms, you need to let go of your sexist beliefs and take matters into your own hands first. In this episode of Sex With Dr. And though you may not be in the running for an Academy Award, your personal and professional successes can adversely affect your relationship - but they don’t have to! Dr. There are lots of laughs and reminiscing on this one, but most importantly the pair discuss online haters and how to deal. Happy listening! Winning an Oscar triples your chances of getting divorced. This episode was recorded in support of The National Sexual Assault Hotline. Intimacy = Expression of vulnerability + Loving response She shares one couple’s story and offers insight on how simple interactions can lead to deep connection. Whether you’re turned on by love, tenderness, humiliation or compliments, training your partner to evoke your core erotic feeling is key to a fulfilling sex life! This week, Jess speaks to her friend and former head of programming for Playboy TV, Wendy Miller. Drive into our parking area.

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. Relationship in asl. She joins Jess to talk about the “Seduction Learning Approach”. In this episode, Jess sucks the romance out of relationships and offers a practical, business-based approach to happier relationships. Dating q&a questions. She responds to research suggesting that funny people are better in bed and shares sex insights from the world of comedy. Jess is joined by the brilliant and funny amateur porn star, Harper The Fox. He shares his thoughts on nude beaches, sex toys, public sex and more. Jess also shares data on how often the “average” couple has sex and strategies for discussing frequency with your partner. Jess,” Sexologist and Relationship Expert Jessica O’Reilly talks about divorce: what are the signs, how do couples fight for their marriage, and what happens when a marriage fails. For many couples, the biggest buzzkill involves spending too much time together! In this episode of Sex With Dr. Jessica O’Reilly speaks about sexual compatibility and its importance to developing a healthy, happy relationship both in and out of the bedroom. In this week’s quickie episode, Jess describes how understanding your “Core Erotic Feeling” can improve your sex life. This week, Jess is joined by. Brooke speaks candidly about her relationship with her sugar daddy, comparing it to “traditional” relationships. From how to snag a unicorn to how to navigate those awkward moments, we’ve got you covered. O'Reillys is on the right hand side. Kissing is more than a means to an end! If you want to take your kissing game to the next level, listen to this quickie episode and try out some of Jess’ favourite techniques tonight. Ruthie Neustifter joins Jess to answer listener questions about sex and relationships after a sexual assault. Jess may or may not sing her heart out in this episode… Are you and your S.O. We hope you like it! Jess’ much-better-half Brandon joins her to discuss how they make their relationship work while Jess is on the road. Jessica interviews Jessica Maxwell, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto and debunks the myths of sexual chemistry. Natasha Sharma joins Jess to discuss how you can ensure that your success serves to enhance - not threaten - your relationship. This week Jess hosts her husband, Brandon Ware, for a tell-all on being married to a sexologist. Jess also shares practical tips for dealing with your own insecurity and your partner’s. Rachel shares her unique insight on pelvic floor health, sexual pain and the fact that Kegels are overprescribed. Carly is a master of dirty talk and gives Jess specific lines and examples that you can use tonight! Jess and Brandon chat about their current sexual dry spell and male sex myths. In this week’s podcast, Dr. From CEI to SPH, you’re sure to learn something new in this episode! Stop trying to be a people-pleaser. Relationships and biodiversity lab. In this episode of Sex With Dr. This week, Jess welcomes Kenneth Play. In this episode of “Sex With Dr. Goddess Lola Jean joins Jess on the podcast this week. Tune in to learn more about this exciting erotic experience. Listen to the pair reminisce about their days on set with Playboy TV, and many other shenanigans! This is one of Jess’ favourite interviews to date and not just because of all the talk of wine, gin and tonics, biting and strap-ons. Brandon opens up about some personal concerns and Jess comments on recent research on male sexual desire. She also gives insights on why domming can be therapeutic and how she uses it as a way to build self-confidence. Kenneth Play is a former fitness professional, sex educator and one of the founders of Hacienda Villa – a sex house in NYC. Sex-bots are coming and the future is rather exciting! This week, Neil McArthur, The Director of the Centre for Applied Ethics from the University of Manitoba, joins us to discuss his research with sex robots. She shares her unique insights and both Jess and Tasha share their top tips for boosting your sexual self-esteem. He shares his insights on the ethics of “using” sex robots and their potential benefits from a compassionate perspective. Whether motivated by narcissism, commitment issues, or insecurity, Sexologist and Relationship Expert Jessica O’Reilly discusses the reasons why people cheat. Let’s talk about cheaters. The pair discuss the must-knows about orgasms and answer some listener Qs. She also provides actionable tips for chatting & hooking up online. In this week’s episode, she shares her unique insights into the worlds of camming, porn and poetry - and she explains how to use toilet paper rolls as sex dolls. Jess travels every week for speaking engagements across the globe and since she posts *too many* Insta-stories, she receives many questions about her travels. We discuss the secret to a happy relationship and she dishes on love, passion and her new reality as a “real housewife”. Jess, with Sexologist and Relationship Expert Jessica O’Reilly addresses everyone – men and women alike – and challenges them to look at how sexism is taking a toll on their sexual relationship all in the name of the Big Ohhh! In this episode of Sex With Dr. Luna Matatas joins Jess to talk about threesomes. Jess & Brandon are in Italy aboard the @DesireResorts Cruise – a clothing optional experience for open-minded couples. O'reilly dating.

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. Being able to balance your time with your lover is an important part of a relationship; dates with your friends, personal time, and traveling for work are important not just for you, but your relationship. This week, OB/GYN and founder of Her Viewpoint, Dr. Tune in for insights on how to talk to your partner, show support and prioritize self-care when dealing with depression. Tune in! Jess is joined by licensed psychotherapist Miyume McKinley who answers listener questions about sex and depression. Tune in! In this week’s episode, Jess explores the power of vulnerability as part of the formula for intimacy. In this week’s episode, she attempts to answer them. For some great comprehensive medical advice, be sure to tune into this one! Jess and her partner, Brandon, chat about sexual frequency and discuss where they’re at in their relationship today. This week’s episode is a wet one! Jess shares the science of G-Spots & squirting along with techniques you can try tonight. Brandon and Jess team up once again to share personal experiences and anecdotes about how they’ve encountered and tackled insecurity in their relationship. Tune in to find out if should be doing Kegels. This week, Jess invites Dr. Even if pee isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll learn some important lessons that you can apply to your sex life tonight. Jess and Christina draw from Christina’s blog, ‘Becoming Poly’, which discusses how Christina met her current partner and how she’s adapting to the poly world. Jess is joined by sex educator extraordinaire Sunny Megatron who shares her knowledge of kinky sex terms. Jess is joined by women’s health expert, Chia Chia Sun, who shares her research and insights into the world of menopause. Be sure to listen all the way to the end, as Wendy shares her story about overcoming body image issues as a ‘normal’ woman working in a world of Playboy bunnies. Jess, Sexologist and Relationship Expert Dr. Jess, Sexologist and Relationship Expert Jessica O’Reilly recounts what it was like to start traveling for work and missing her husband. This is an unscripted discussion and we hope you like it! This week on the @SexWithDrJess Podcast, social media influencer, Jacqui Childs, joins Jess to talk about what it’s like to be a woman in the digital world – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Jessica Shepherd, is back on the podcast to talk about sex, the vagina, orgasms and more! The pair take listener questions and address the ‘what-ifs’ about sex and the vagina. Megan speaks candidly about her masturbation habits and laughs about getting “caught” by her friend before a coffee date. Laurence Levine on the podcast to discuss all things penis’! She opened the floor up to her social following and received many questions about the topic. The pair discuss why dirty talk is such an important form of communication in relationships and how effective it can be when used properly. Lola shares her perspective on life as a pro and lifestyle dom, and fetish wrestler. Jess, Sexologist and Relationship Expert Jessica O’Reilly interviews Brooke. Jess’ husband Brandon joins her to talk about their fights - the good, the bad and the ugly. She talks candidly about her exes and shares tips on improving your relationship and analyzing your compatibility. Amie Harwick, to discuss the science of people-pleasing and why this doesn’t make for healthy relationships. Jess” with Sexologist and Relationship Expert Jessica O’Reilly for tips and tricks on how to communicate your sexual needs to your partner. Tune in to learn about no-ego parenting and the “couples counsel” approach that could revolutionize the way you communicate with your partner.

Dr. Justin Lehmiller joins Jess to address listener questions about cuckolding and cuckqueening. She uses real-life examples to help you understand your own desires and your partner’s. Don’t be most couples! Treat your relationship like a business. Jess and Marla also share specific suggestions to use your words, body, actions and more to seduce your lover with confidence - and to teach them to return the favour. I’m excited about this one! Last week I caught up with my friend, former co-worker, super mom, loving wife and Real Housewives of Toronto cast member, Grego Minot. If you have questions you’d like us to answer, send them our way! We love to hear from you.. Click here to find a sex club near you. Jess answers your questions about gender roles and rules in the Swinging Lifestyle. You probably question its worth sometimes. This week, Jess sits down with Marriage and Family Therapist and author of The New Sex Bible for Women, Dr