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Some pretty weak examples there; no Semmelwise, no McClintock, Barry Marshall, etc. Also, if you see all this as ignorable and forgivable, I see this as "visible flames coming from the seams of the solid rocket boosters!" They're not normal, they're not supposed to be there. As statistics it's frightening, since these small and large instances must be part of a distribution. "Those we see are in the daylight. All these events serve as danger-signs for much larger events, yet they're being minimized, tolerated, "made normal" by the scientific community, same as you do in your posting. Lister d dating. I found no lists like this anywhere, so slapped one together myself.. Relationship versus friendship.

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. That's an OK approach, if you'd presented it as a somewhat random sampling. Yes, the typical timeline is ten entire years before vindication. Ten years of new postdocs entering the field, ten years of folks achieving tenure. Fourth, JL Baird's televisor: the Royal Society members coming out of the meeting were being interviewed, and they sneered at Baird, convinced that his demonstration was a hoax. Clearly these automatic hostile responses to new ideas are no part of the scientific process. Perhaps it was the book "The Experts Speak." Finally, we differ as to our views of this process. Relationship between voltage and current. By definition, only the suppressed-vindicated breakthroughs can be detected. I see these people as heroes who had to actively fight for numerous years to prevail against a biased, ignorant, hostile hoard, with the constant possibility that the hoard would win, and their breakthroughs be ignored or even go unpublished. You've simply gone through the entries with names A-D. Or, instead my list may be the tiny, visible statistical tail on a huge number of never-vindicated, lost breakthroughs. The duration between the two isn't an issue. And about Scientific Concensus, Thomas Gold points out a , almost guaranteed to produce false concensus which halts progress for long periods. As it stands, you seemingly "win the fight" by demonstrating the great weakness of the top ten examples, but without actually using a list of the top ten examples. Truely suppressed breakthroughs, the ones with no later vindication; they don't appear in records. I hope it was just a mistake. Dating too young. Dating vs exclusive. It's a distribution where any major successful suppressions are completely erased. Any such disasters become completely concealed, by definition.

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. Lister d dating. The fatal ones, no matter how large, will never be noticed. Perhaps this list only lacks a tiny percentage of ridiculed-never-vindicated. It's no way a Top Ten list of vindicated mavericks. Various autobiographies go into detail about it all. Those in darkness don't get seen" - Bertold Brecht, Threpenny Opera's final line. His optical theory was rejected by physicists, and not accepted until astronomical red shifts were discovered after his death. Second: this is a list of: Ridiculed. But you seem to see the same events as examples of normal science, as if there was no danger of complete suppression, as if all these researchers would somehow be automatically vindicated, no need for their years of battle. When "they didn't believe it," it was because they'd decided Baird was a swindler running some sort of scam. We have no clue about their number, except by examining these known instances of the nearly-suppressed.

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