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But when he gets his memories back, there's no dissonance - just a Psychotic Smirk. The way he calls out to Takada and Misa, asking what he should do now that he's lost and going to die, is pretty heartwrenching. Alas, Poor Villain: In the anime, when he is finally defeated. The show’s first, and only, Lesbian pseudo-romance. Big Bad: Of the whole story. We know from early in the show that Light is a brilliant student with a strong sense of justice.                 This scene can be interpreted in many different ways, including religious. Bastardly Speech: Gives one after L's death. Big Sleep: In the anime, at least. All According to Plan: Almost everything that happens to him goes "exactly as planned". For example, beore “L’s” death when he is standing atop the team’s headquarters in the pouring rain and Light comes to drag him back in-doors, there comes a scene soon after where “L” is dying off Light’s feet while musing about their “freidnship”. Yet he is also brutal and cunning, he harbors delusions about creating a perfect world and is determined to bring this dream to reality. Asshole Victim: Most of Light's victims, which make his crimes more palatable. Even if he doesn't sympathize with Kira because he wants to clear his name, the personality change was the series' only notable headache.

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. On the surface, Light is a handsome, athletic genius and incredible skill at getting women. Amnesiac Dissonance: Averted; he gives up his memories of being Kira, then his mind-wiped self tries to clear his name by joining a task force devoted to capturing Kira. The films actually manage to make both this and Adaptational Villainy apply to him. All for Nothing: He sets out to be Kira in order to, at least at first, create a better, more just world. Ax-Crazy: In the very first episode, he locks himself into his darkened bedroom, pulls out his Death Note, opens it up to reveal all the pages and pages of names of the people he's killed, down at it, and then breaks out into creepy, creepy laughter. You'll end up dead of a heart attack. Allergic to Routine: Now if Light could have found some other intellectually engaging hobby the entire plot probably would not have happened. In the American Netflix movie, he has by far his most sympathetic counterpart. His status as this mixed with his own childishness is one of the main fuels for his god complex. He also, while using a Porn Stash as a cover story while being watched, finds the porn to be incredibly boring. Anti-Hero: Started as this. While Soichiro grow a beard and his hair rapidly turns grey, Light remains clean shaven and his hair becomes only slightly disheveled, as any true Bishōnen would. Ambiguous Disorder: He's undeniably insane, but it's never clarified where exactly it comes from. For the record, Word of God states that the reason Light went off the deep end was because he was a perfectionist and couldn't reconcile that with the fact that he had unintentionally murdered someone except through Insane Troll Logic. This is shown more in the manga than in the anime. The TV Drama puts him here during the first few episodes as an Unscrupulous Hero, as he used the Death Note to protect others at that time. Adorkable: His usual charm can sometimes come across as this. Academic Athlete: Light is also the best athlete at his school, along with being the best student.

Adaptational Heroism: Although not necessarily heroism, the anime changes his ending a bit, most notably him showing some level of regret over his actions. In the films, his Protagonist Journey to Villain involves the law being held on a Broken Pedestal, whereas the anime/manga version is a perfectionist. Due to this, he kills or tries to kill almost everyone who helps him throughout the series. No, he only saw him as an obstacle, but I assume he respected him. Adaptational Villainy: The films actually manage to make this and Adaptational Heroism apply to him. An interesting connection, even if it wasn't done intentionally. Even when he wrote Watari's name in the Death Note in an effort to get L's real name, he wanted to destroy the page with Watari's name on it, which would have prevented the effects of the notebook taking effect. Anti-Villain: Subverted in most mediums except the TV Drama.

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. Following his father's death, when Matsuda is questioning whether capturing Kira is right or wrong, Light says that history will favor the victor; Kira will be seen as a criminal if he's caught, and will be seen as justice if he prevails. Not a huge fan, mind you, but enough to say I have watched through the Dragonball Z series from start to finish, devoured Inyuasha, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchimist and others. It could also mean nothing more than a dramatic lull in the story to showcase “L’s” complete acceptance of defeat. While he still kills people, he made sure to only target criminals. And Show It to You: On the receiving end in the manga ending, but in a not-immediately-Fatal way. Antagonistic Offspring: Light is a mass murderer, and his father Soichiro is the police chief trying to stop him. Instead, Ryuk writes Light's own name into the book and shows it to him. He plays several women against each other and, ignoring a contrived scene where he looks at “dirty magazines” in order to fool spy cameras, never is he intimate with a member of the opposite sex. When hiding pieces of the notebook Ryuk remarks on Light's sewing skills. By this I mean his friendship with “L”. Between his monstrous god complex, inability to cope with any perceived evil, and constant manic laughter, there's definitely something wrong with him; that's all without even discussing the fact that he picks up mass-murder like a new, exciting hobby. He's a handsome and charming Villain Protagonist facing unsocial and somewhat wild-looking Hero Antagonist L. Everything that happened went "Exactly as planned." Amnesiacs Are Innocent: A deliberately Invoked Trope during Light's Memory Gambit. Eventually, his ego gets so overinflated that he ends up making uncharacteristically incompetent mistakes that only serve to bring his downfall. A smile crosses his face and before long he passes. As Ryuk writes his name in his notebook, thus killing him, Light, in his final moments, sees “L” standing before. Light or Raito is also a bilingual pun on or Righteous and as in writing. Some are subtle others not so subtle.                 By the end of the second season Light has been revealed to be Kira: his plan to create a utopia has failed and so, bleeding by the hand and clearly deranged, he flees his persecutors. The first would be keeping his image and the second would be giving him a reason to go looking for the Death Note, that he knew would be laying around somewhere. And of course after his genius plans come to fruition, he has to go over them in detail so that the audience has a chance to figure out what exactly just happened. While this is meant to come across as a suggestion that the investigation team will be vindicated if they are successful, it also represents Light's belief that the world will soon come to accept him. However, Soichiro wants to believe his son is innocent. Instead Ryuk says that he's finally gotten , so he writes down Light's name and shows it to him as a final kick in the teeth to him. Acquired Situational Narcissism: As if the narcissistic traits he already displays weren't enough, his God complex only gets fed more and more as the series goes on with each and every one of his many successes. However, since Mia stashed the page in a calculus book, he was unable to save him in time. That being said, he's good at hiding it.

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. Bad Dreams: During his first week of judgments in the manga; he also has a psychotic Nightmare Sequence in. Otherwise he would not have gone to such great lengths to kill him. He dies pathetically, without any kind of sympathy. Badass Arm-Fold: Light has done this pose on occasion when chatting with L. "Awesome McCool" Name: "Light" is written with the kanji for "moon" and "Yagami" is written with the kanji for "night" and "god". On the same coin, in the films, he ends up Jumping Off the Slippery Slope much sooner than he did in the anime and manga, to the extent that he tried to kill his own father to prevent the Death Note from being analyzed. He never took the initiative in killing the FBI agents who were tailing him, his partner Mia did so behind his back, and he was outraged when Mia voiced her desire to kill his father for publicly declaring Kira the enemy. Of course, it turns out there is no Heaven or Hell in the first place, so go figure. At first glance he seems like a Well-Intentioned Extremist but his words and actions make it clear that he just cares about being worshipped and that cleansing crime is just a means to attain this. Badass Bookworm: He's the top ranked student in the country and his room is filled with books - though he's only interested in one book in particular. Adult Fear: In "The Last Name", he seemed genuinely concerned about Sayu provoking the second Kira. Big Man on Campus: He is very popular and has lots of friends. Beauty Is Never Tarnished: When both he and his father and imprisoned for weeks on end during L's attempt to prove he is not Kira, he never begins to look any worse for it. At one point, he was a little apprehensive about using a Kira fansite to find more people to kill since there was a chance that someone might want a person dead for a petty reason such as sleeping with their boyfriend/girlfriend. The consequence for doing so is death for the Shinigami. Interestingly, though, whenever Light is being particularly evil, his face tends to twist into asymmetrical grins and other bizarre expressions that utterly break his boyish handsomeness.                 We may never know for sure if this tentative friendship between two genius detectives who never showed much of an interest in the opposite sex was anything more than an awkward gesture between men or if it was a suppressed love. She devoted herself to serving him, gave up half her lifespan for him , and endured brutal torture to protect him, and Light sees her as nothing but a pawn to be manipulated and then disposed of.                 While it is obvious to anyone that Light hates “L”, as L is attempting to imprison Kira, him, as the investigation drags on, and the intensity boils, one can begin to sense this strange almost frustrating tension between the duo. A very blatant example of this is ignoring the sexy girl in lingerie to use the computer behind her. And although he's always polite, accommodating, and courteous to the Japanese Anti-Kira Taskforce, there's really no other way to take plotting their deaths. However, this gradually changes over time, since afterwards he starts killing innocent people. After being shot and left to bleed to death, Light pleads with Ryuk to write the names of his enemies into the Death Note so he could get away. Batman Gambit: He's a master at manipulation. An example of the not so subtle variety can be seen in the first season where REM reveals that if Light attempts to kill Misa she will, in turn, kill Light. Badass in a Nice Suit: He always looks professional, you've got to give him that. So needless to say I have been a fan of Death Note form the very beginning.                 He is seen with several woman throughout the course of the show yet through it all the audience never gains the impression that the women he dates are anything more than business partners. However, at the end of the series, he has become pathetic, unsophisticated and ditzy that no longer is magnificent.                 This isn’t to say that he is seen to be genuinely intimate with members of the same-sex. Justified in that Light is extremely security-conscious, and his success rests largely on the people in his command, both as Kira and the second L, not screwing up. Given all of this, it's very likely he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder and even Antisocial Personality Disorder. It is read as Light but spelled with the kanji or moon making it a Meaningful Name since the kanji has four strokes and Light Is Not Good. However, when taken together with several occurrences throughout the show the question of Light’s sexuality comes under some scrutiny.                 Later on we can begin to question Light’s sexual orientation. When he was killed by Ryuk in front of the police in the manga, he Dies Wide Open. His entire period of amnesia and what followed is a clear example. Though his features do coarsen a bit as the series progresses as he becomes older and nastier. Appropriated Appellation: "Kira", the Engrish pronunciation of "killer," also means "sparkling," "shining," or "glitter" in Japanese. Barred from the Afterlife: Light was said by Ryuk to be preemptively banned from entering Heaven or even Hell from the moment he finished scribbling the first name in his Death Note. By the end, after several years, all he accomplishes is getting himself and his father killed, and virtually everyone else in his personal life either dead or broken. Ain't Too Proud to Beg: In the manga ending, after being shot, Light asks Ryuk to write the names of his last enemies into his Death Note. Although he seems to buy into his own propaganda, he's quick to kill off anyone who questions him or tries to track him down, deciding that those actions make them just as guilty as criminals for going against him. L lawliet relationships. Still, this scene, and their whole dynamic in general, takes on a wiser importance come the series conclusion. Beauty Is Bad: Undoubtedly. Yotsuba!Light is warm, open, kind and a Nice Guy because he doesn't remember he is Kira. Asexuality: He uses love and sexuality as a cover for his schemes, and Word of God confirms that Light is probably incapable of love. Awesomeness by Analysis: This is his forte; quite a lot of his scenes involve a running inner dialogue where the audience hears him analyzing the scene around him, taking stock of his circumstances and options, and planning his next move. To this end he will utilize any means necessary, including using Misa’s infatuation with him as a controlling tool. However, it really shows once he's exposed as Kira. Ambiguously Gay: He makes it very clear that he is not attracted to women, as well as thinking them useless and annoying. Relationship experts. L lawliet relationships. Bad Boss: Light rules his circle of supporters, namely Misa, Ryuk, Takada, and Mikami, with an iron fist. and that includes penciling in Light's own name into the Death Note. Additionally, Kira is also a Russian name by origin and is the feminine version of Cyrus. The anime even flashes back briefly to when Light was just an Ordinary High-School Student to drive the point home. Yet we can say that it raises some eyebrows if one thinks hard enough. Misa quite possibly gets the shortest end of the stick. Also a bilingual pun on "moonlight".                 There are several instances where this gay tract is revealed.                 So we see that REM has romantic feelings for Misa. Struggling to a nearby warehouse Light rests on an iron staircase. While he is the protagonist of the series, his use of the Death Note quickly turns him into a power-hungry maniac whose murders become the all-encompassing threat to L and the Japanese Task Force and the hunt for him proves the challenge of the work. Before he started killing innocent people, his first victims were total scumbags, one of them being an outright rapist. Berserk Button: Don't suggest what Kira is doing is wrong. in retrospect, Ryuk was free to do whatever the hell he pleased.