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Possibly justified by Ichika's personality. On the other hand, Charles offers to duel Ichika, and after soundly stomping him, he offers some tips on Ichika's weaknesses and explains things that makes it easy for him to understand. I didn't think much of it or put any deep meaning into it, but it seems the girls think that I'm a rival now." Then there's Ichika's birthday, in which every member of the harem decides to cosplay for him. Unlike most examples, her birthday is.

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. Distressed Dude: Ichika was kidnapped because he was the brother to the world's best IS pilot at the time, Chifuyu. Spell My Name with an "S": There seems to be a disparity with some characters' last names. Relationship youtube. Which no doubt means every country in the world would love to have their hands on him if given the opportunity again, to learn how he managed to activate it. However, as a testbed for new technology and concepts, its full of flaws making it more of a Flawed Prototype. Clingy Jealous Girl: Practically every girl at this point, with Houki at lead position. Considering that the IS is an artificial intelligence embedded into what seems to be a fusion reactor or zero-point energy source roughly the size of a baseball or smaller.yeah, you get the picture. The first time it happened in the first season, there was : They look like gemstones. World of Action Girls: Barring Ichika of course, most of the cast and background characters are Action Girls. He's told what he'll have to do as things occur on the play, and the play turns out to be a variation of Cinderella. Cute Little Fangs: Lingyin's got these. Averted in the first season OVA as Cecilia is obviously holding a pair of bottles of Tabasco sauce while cooking. Nipple and Dimed: Averted in the Blu-Rays, in all their uncensored glory. er, authentic self, Charlotte. Mostly Charlotte unintentionally flashing Ichika. Cecilia's views of men as weak stem from witnessing her socially weak and inept father. Accent Adaptation: Given the very clear nature of where Cecilia, Charlotte and Laura are from, the English dub gives them British, French and German accents. When Laura complains that her matter with Ichika is strictly between a husband and wife, Chifuyu counters by saying that she would never accept a sister-in-law that acts like that. Loving a Shadow: The World Purge OVA implies the girls are in love with their own idealized versions of Ichika instead of loving him as an actual human being. Girly Run: In the ending theme, Cecilia and seem to run like this. Instead of getting mad at him though, she jumps into his bed, demanding he do lewd things with her too after hearing about what happened to the other girls in the virtual world. And at the end of the anime, Ichika is caught in a compromising position with , sending the rest of his harem into a real jealous rage enough to show up in their IS Suits ready to kick his ass. Basically, it has a lot of raw power and speed, but very little endurance. In the novel version of that scene, she was very drunk and slurring her words, so Ichika didn't understand her. The light novels introduced an American pilot, Natasha Fairs, but she's not part of the harem and only appears in two scenes. In the novel version of this scene it was a Bridal Carry. There's also the Valkyrie Trace System where the I.S. New Transfer Student: Ichika, followed by Rin, Charles, Laura and finally Charles as his. Shower of Awkward: How Ichika finds out Charlotte's true gender. Parental Abandonment: If you are a main cast of this show, it is a must that you don't have any parents present with you. decides that if she wants to be stronger, she needs to follow their example. Implied to be nano-technology or matter teleportation; how or why is never precisely explained. He finally relents and gives her one much to her delight. The rest of the series depicts the events leading to that scene.. No Endor Holocaust: While relaxing in the bar in the series' final episode, Maya mentions to Chifuyu that there were "zero casualties" from the big battle against Phantom Task. Gossip Evolution: What originally was "Ichika agreeing to date Houki if she becomes tourney champion" one evening becomes "Ichika agreeing to date anyone who becomes tourney champion" the next morning. Chifuyu theorizes in the anime that Tabane may have engineered the whole thing. It works unbelievably well. The mangaka of the second adaptation is Yuuki Homura. A big explosion follows her attack, but it fails to stop the suit, and Tatenashi is lying in the rubble. The IS system can only be used by women normally, but Ichika is somehow able to activate it as well. Badass Arm-Fold: Laura is prone to do this with her I.S. It's actually pretty hilarious considering how seriously she says it each time. Houki seems to have pulled into the lead after the first OVA, but it still looks like a setup for No Romantic Resolution. He inadvertently picks it by glancing at it first, which she took as his first choice. When Ichika is asked who's performance was his favorite, he chooses Chifuyu without a second thought. Ichika is walking back to the dorms after having a surprise birthday party thrown for him, only to then run into Madoka, who pulls out a gun and shoots as the episode ends. Chifuyu answers with, "you're my only family" and walks away. She'll even go a bit out of her way to grab/wear the ones that likes more. An IS happened to be in said room. Cecilia after her battle with Ichika. Then again, Megumi Toyoguchi is no stranger to Engrish. Of course, this caused a lot of strife with Houki towards her sister, as it caused her to be separated from Ichika. Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Applied to both, the IS uniform and the IS units itself. America is copying a Chinese design. He ended up by himself Until Tatenashi moves temporarily as his bodyguard, emphasis with the word temporary because it's a mental torture for him to endure. Another example would be the joint US/Israeli IS unit that caused a ruckus over the skies of Japan. One wonders why he didn't just ask Yamada-sensei, who was recording the measurements, to switch jobs, particularly after his Unwanted Harem find out he's measuring the other girls. Clueless Chick Magnet: Ichika, ,.

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. What should have been a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Tabane became this because the camera kept going for close-ups on the cafe's sign outside, M's face, or other random objects in the restaurant, with Tabane speaking over these shots. We get more comedy afterward as all the girls try to see what pictures are on Ichika's camera, to the point that he accidentally drops it off a cliff while being mobbed. And then there is the little detail that Ichika doesn't have baby photos at all. Chifuyu also comments in one episode that she's also designed to take on multiple opponents, but in the anime at least, she only ever fights against one opponent at a time.

For added fanservice bonus, Laura was wearing the Naked Apron she wore at that time, and is holding it down with her left hand, thus forcing her to do a Girly Run. Think Unsexy Thoughts: Ichika is forced to do this after Charlotte drags him into a changing room. Stripperiffic: An excellent example of Stripperiffic Powered Armor. Laura was the only one who knew from the start that he was going to invite all of them since she was the one who handed him the flyer for the pool in the first place and he was Thinking Out Loud. Charlotte is the and the CEO of the French IS company who abandoned him/. Granted, Shinonono Tabane is rumored to be a genius who makes look dumb. Ichika is frequently beaten to demonstrate how serious a new threat is. Charlotte in a butler's outfit. Reality Ensues: Poor Ichika becomes reality's bitch when he gets the Byakushiki. The problem comes from the fact that said assets also rapidly drain the shield energy of the IS. The statement hits Laura pretty hard, and she quietly sits down on the floor with a gloomy look, muttering to herself. He also looks after the house and Chifuyu in the same manner as some might expect of a wife, much to the other girls' dissatisfaction. Inverted with Cecilia, who technically won her first fight with Ichika, but grew to respect him anyway. High-Speed Missile Dodge: Pulled off and subverted. Unwanted Harem: The premise of the show, if you don't count the Powered Armor. She is later seen carrying some muffins to his room, only to stop when she sees her sister Tatenashi leaving his room, and asking if the plans she gave him for fixing up Kanzashi's suit helped. Cecilia won but handed over the position to the former. Unless another IS user allows him to use their ranged weapons. Unlike most girls, she doesn't react violently to it, and instead hints something about becoming Chifuyu's 'sister-in-law' loud enough for the other girls to overhear. Then in the last few minutes of the episode, Madoka appears again to kill Ichika with her new I.S. While still wearing her IS armor. Outright stated to be Tabane and Chifuyu in the original novels. And Now You Must Marry Me: After Ichika saves Laura's life, she responds by sticking her tongue down his throat, declaring him to be "her wife," and in the next episode, climbing into bed naked with him. Continuity Reboot: The anime's second season seemed to be it with it wasn't. Hero-Tracking Failure: Many shots fired at the main characters by their opponents, though flashy, often miss. While there is a similar dress code for females, they are at least allowed the opportunity to a dress. Gunslinger: Cecilia and Charlotte Hair Decorations Almost every named character have these, the only one lacking them being Laura, Tatenashi, and Ms. It can get hard to watch the show at times if this trope comes to mind. Several suits also have powerful functions that can be triggered by the pilot's mental state. And then comes within a hair's breadth of winning. is armed with four remote controlled drones armed with lasers that she can use to perform all-range attacks on opponents. Ichika still takes a hit from Cecilia's missiles. Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male: With a harem full of Clingy Jealous Girls, abuse is heaped on Ichika virtually once an episode. Attack Drone: Cecilia's I.S. You'd think a Proud Warrior Race Guy would be more violent. What Beautiful Eyes!: Ichika tells Laura this. Also is far more lovey-dovey towards Ichika than you'd expect. One of them is Michael Scott. As do Charlotte and Laura. Innocent Cohabitation: Because the IS Academy wasn't designed with proper coed housing, Ichika and Houki are forced to share a room, with the usual implications for the trope. Cue them getting curbstomped by both Yamada-sensei and Laura in separate occassions, with both fights even being a two-on-one. Those that know the artist wouldn't be surprised if Chifuyu got special treatment as he favors well endowed big sisters. Thanks for the Mammary: When a shaky entry by Yamada-sensei in her IS results in crash landing on top of Ichika, after the dust clears he finds himself on top of her with his hand on one of her boobs. A potential inverted example with Houki. pilot in the entire academy. Class Representative: Ichika and Cecilia fought for the position with their ISs. She also apparently told many of the other girls at the school, as a short while later they all take part as well. Then Laura tries to walk up and just what's going on, but Cecilia and Rin stop her. Bifauxnen: Charles's real name is Charlotte, forced into drag so France could gather Ichika's IS data. Houki and Rin are Ichika's childhood friends, Cecilia and Charlotte have their Fanservice moments with him, and Laura stole his First Kiss. Even Ichika himself is not that immune to this kind of blushing. : Chifuyu may smack Ichika around a bit, and he complains, but she'll do anything to protect him, and he wants to be an I.S. Happy Ending Massage: Cecilia gets massaged by Ichika twice. Yamada-sensei does the same to those same two girls during a training fight, with a Second-Generation, Mass-production IS suit. Relationship ultimatum. She is also the head of the family that , and has a sister who has a massive inferiority complex. In the OVA, there was the little bit of her coming home to the house and Ichika greeting her like a housewife. Instant Armor: Most IS users can summon part or all of their at any given moment. She notes this to Yamada, saying; "On that field trip, I told those five girls I wouldn't let them have Ichika. What's worse, the explosion from the fireworks muted out her confession. A notable instance is on the beach, when Cecilia gets fed up with Rin rubbing suntan oil on her sensitive parts and stands up. Berserk Button: Lingyin doesn't like being called flat-chested. Heck, the entire premise was made for this. The Promise: Ichika, being the clueless harem hero, misinterprets his promise with Rin and prompts another angry duel. In Laura's defense, her lack of social skills, and the fact that she believes them to be "married", means that she doesn't understand the impropriety of her actions. Infinite l dating 2016. All thanks to three certain girls, of course. She also never told Ichika about this, and shocks him when he tries to just give the crown to Charlotte, hence his confusion as to why the girls want it so badly. Rin's was named from Supposedly inverted in the Glory of Losers manga reboot, where the sword add-on to the same Gundam shares a similar silhouette to the Souten Gagetsu. She's practically a professional considering her age, and fights in a long-range model. Shmuck Bait: Ichika comes across Houki staring at a sign behind two metal flaps which says "Please pull them out." She doesn't. Two-Teacher School: Chifuyu and Maya are the only two teachers who get a decent amount of screentime for the teachers. Tournament Arc: Played with, almost to the point of a running gag. pilot so he can return the favor. Cecilia wins because Ichika's sword drains his shield energy with every attack and his shields ran out seconds before he won