I'm dating an alcoholic

I got upset and he left in a snit to go to the store and buy a pack. I've really screwed myself over now letting my first boyfriend be an alcoholic. Anyway, I could go on forever about all of this. The ladies at the liquor store, the guys at the bodega, his landlord, and the girl next door who sells pot all let him run up tabs and IOUs. My boyfriend has problems with Alcohol, Adderall, and Marijuana. I found him laying in his bed crying. I was so willing to overlook all these signs because I'd never had a boyfriend before. here is my real question: I knew I had to break up with him.

Basically, if you have had the patience to read this all. You see, this happens all the time. He doesn't like how he feels, so he goes right back to drinking etc and gets defensive. He "lost his phone charger," when really I think they shut his phone off because he hasn't paid the bill. and he immediately started a defensive rant about how he had a couple drinks, was high, and was smoking cigarettes. Then after we came back from our trip he didn't answer his phone one night. But I thought "well, I was in the bar and I'm okay." He was so eager to be with me, but he continuously messed up over and over again. So when the same thing happened the next night I did. All these things are so easy to believe, especially when I was looking for someone to be with so desperately. Then the next day I called him up excited because I didn't have to go to work. To start off I met him at a bar a friend of mine works at. I said something about asking and he screamed at me about how if they're in his apartment they are his cigarettes. At his worst he drinks chocolate milk with rum in it if he's hungry, rather than buying groceries. Anyway, the thing is that Joe has the ability to be so convincing when he talks about his life to other people. The problem is that currently the government, his landlord, and his neighbors all do. I can't just fully walk away, I want to help him. Since that day he's been drinking all the time. He said he knew these things were keeping him in the poor financial and emotional state he is in. In the past I have had my own problems with drinking, but not to the degree of alcoholism. I'm dating an alcoholic. Most of my drinking triggers revolved around being unhappy and lonely and not feeling like anyone ever wants to be with me. He says he wants things to be different, he wants to change- and then it gets too hard. He said he was emotional because he hadn't been drinking, smoking, or doing adderall. Not that he was upset, but that he understood and accepted and wanted to change. The next day he called me to say he was sleeping, and that if he ever doesn't answer I should just come over. I know me being around cant help, that I just enable him. I'm Dating an Alcoholic Hi All, So my situation is as follows. I did last night, but he was so drunk who knows if he's figured it out. H&m customer relationship. He's on unemployment, and he blows it on booze, pot, and cigarettes. He "orchestrated his firing from Tiffany & Co," which now I'm thinking is because he was showing up drunk or hungover or something. But there have been times when I know Joe is sober, and he is so different. Relationship journal. I never meant to commit to Joe and be his girlfriend, it was just nice to have someone there. So I told him forget it, and miraculously he appeared to get his **** together. its funny how it seems like the people who love him the most have decided to cut him off, but these virtual strangers support his addictions. I know this seems stupid too. As if I wasn't a mess before. This is the person I fell in love with. I left his apartment and sent him a message about how he was going against all the things he said the night before. Joe says they broke up because she was a lesbian, but I'm betting that he just made that up.

I'm dating an alcoholic. (problems, everything, addict.

. When he came back he tried to act like nothing happened.

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. He yells at me and says "this is what I need to function." Only he isn't functioning, not in a healthy way. I'm dating an alcoholic. I was at his apartment with a pack of cigarettes and he will just take them from me