I'm dating a sociopath

But I do have a couple of real friends, people I have a faint but real connection with, and I value them as part of my life. All they do is yell louder about how abused they are.

many do so much damage and destruction most people don't know what hit them, and then it's too late.

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. But also a damn pain in the butt.

8 Things A True Narcissist Will Never Do

. We do not choose to ignore them, we are just missing that part of our brains. Heck, I am depressed to see him con my mother. And if you don't get the help stay the hell away from everyone so you can do no harm. I'll never know if he is ever truly happy with me because he pretend to care for me for over a year and now he said he's just done pretending. She used my mom to get more than the rest of us in her will. They will do anything to make sure they win. Not surprisingly, the marriage ended and he left the state. Then, he told me the truth, that he got fired. They want victims and accomplices. And I learned that the less emotions I invested into a person or object the less hurt I would feel if it left. Hard way to learn that but I am being positive. When relationships are in trouble. She wound up leaving me for another lesbian lover, after i had taken care of her home and dogs while she set up the new romance. Because the majority practice their morals does not make them anymore human than the populous of sociopaths. He was actually seeing her. Life is wonderful and you have the ability to live it to the fullest. Dating shows. I engage in few to no serious criminal activities on a regular basis, but that's mainly because the risks are generally serious and pervasive in my current location and status, but when I do it's extremely competently, and without regret. I've been trying to find out what the hell is wrong with me, and this makes sense. It means you wish you would go out of your way to hurt others in ways that cause tremendous suffering and damage to lives as you get glee from it. With the situation of a family member who has manipulated other family members, this would mean distancing myself from my mother. most sociopaths have the ability to do right or wrong. People with this disorder are incapable of remorse, do not see a problem, so therefore see no need for help. It makes life much easier. I will be sure to bookmark this page so I can check back for comments. I mean I was high for most of my freshman year, just to try and feel. My trust in women and the chances of marital success is finished. The most we can feel are impulses. It’s not that easy with deep rooted brainwashing and conditioning and tons of mental abuse. Even though I have pointed out the numerous lies, she continues to believe everything he says. So if you have a sociopath or narcissist in your life: get rid of them. And yes, you may not have felt guilty afterward. The only reason I accepted the diagnosis was because I had no idea what it meant. and after reading the definition above- I still don't understand what it means. Nothing is equal, take the school yard for example. The difference is that he is very manipulative. She would also get her way. It's not genius or clever, but just sad and pathetic. I took her and her four kids into my house last year and I was a caretaker while working full-time and trying to accomplish my undergraduate degree. Tell the sociopath and his friends what they want to hear. The sleeping in until noon is more about sleeping off a hangover than depression. They will never get that experience -- not nearly on the same level as we do. I listened to them, I helped them, and always gave advice and looked out for them. Very dangerous people and unfortunately most people don't realize who they're dealing with until its too late. Some psychopaths intelligently select to fit in with them. He threatens to harm himself and tries to make me feel guilty for it. I have my pride and I will not manipulate others and live off of their table scraps that I get by manipulating the table cloth to make it fall down. i have no friends and used to spend all my money trying to buy friends. it was a very hard choice for me, but i changed my number and moved an hour away to start a new life. We are all responsible for our behavior. The person has to inflict harm verbal or psychical. Also, because they are very capable of maintaining appearances - it's hard to tell. Many sociopaths will tell you a story about how someone else took advantage of them, or life circumstances treated them very badly. I would hit people, though of course it wouldn't do much since I had the strength of an eight-year-old. For the victims of psychopaths, recovery is hard, but it happens and takes some time, just don't let the actual P's out there hoodwink you into thinking differently. Most people will at one point or another do something immoral and feel no remorse afterwords, most people will at some point manipulate others to achieve their own ends. My mother tried to manipulate this poor woman into alienating her job, so that she could have it. He was all teary eyed crying wanting me back regretting the break-up. I am very anti-social, but I will give a complete stranger a gaze and next thing I know, they are over in my corner talking to me and giving me the lowdown on their life story. That's what most people fear, because you were alone prior to meeting the person and you were generally faring OK. You can never deal with them head-on. Nobody will stay close for long for I will cast them aside if i can't find a use for them. By not communicating or being in their presence I feel so free, but on the other hand I've lost so much. I can't say that garbage crap like that isn’t going to hell one day. I think you might becategorized as a psychopath. So, if any one of you out there love The Lord Your God, maybe you could help me! A 'nut-case' starved for some understanding and empathy. I decided that I'm going to wait till one of them hits me, then I'll call the police and have them charged. Once Jane realized people could, and would help her, she made the decision to get out. Unfortunately, for me, the notion of distancing myself can only work to some extent. I don't know what makes us this way, most days I love it, there are no worries, but other days, I sometimes wonder what it would be like to feel something. Not much different from you. They want!, they hunger!, and they lust!, after power and control over others, They strive for it. What I have learned is if you try to fight the legacy, you end up being the bad guy. besides it would get too scary. She refused to take care of them so he stuck around to make sure these kids were taken care of and loved, a pretty big move for someone without a soul. people like this do not need to be interacting with normal feeling empathic humans or those capable of it. I'm dating a sociopath. Lack of empathy, remorse, overly sensitive, unhealthily self-loving, liar, manipulator and so on and so forth. but your problem is that you all can make choices not to be bad and think that, in fact, you are not sick at all. I really, really understand every emotion. He used to be violent as a child and teen, but had learned to control these impulses. That's what boils my blood -- it's all excuses and lies and people buy it! Even the people who are hurt badly buy it. i think people are creatures less than me. And when she did call our house the caller i.d. But he just gets more obese. If there were only some way of putting feeling into these people, or any kind of caring, maybe there would be some hope for them or those who have to deal with cold, heartless monsters like they are. But if your manager is a sociopath, you usually must move on. We get into a lot of fights, all started by me, over stupid, trivial things. If these rules are broken, they send people they are in charge of, such as policemen, imprison you for what they consider wrong. I swear that if i were ever to see him again i would kill him. Nobody could control her and begging would not help. I also found out the whole time he was going behind my back to mutual friends, to my family in which ties were strained, and to his own relatives and lying about me. it's something that just isn't there. My parents certainly don't need to fear closing their eyes at night and they shouldn't have to be under the roof of a manipulative, deceiving, and selfish thief who lacks a conscience. Self centered, demnded that his children worship him and now can't understand why *no one* wants anything to do with him. OMG.to finally have an explanation has bought me to tears. he uses everyone, especially his children and it's awful to stand by and watch. If you don't make this choice, then a reasonable, outside, objective observer must conclude you're getting something out of this. Also he bought a motorcycle while going through all this and out of the blue joined the military and volunteered for Iraq and he went for a year and came back messed up as ever. She has and excuse for all he does. view entire post After reading some of the articles on this subject,I am convinced the father of my children is a sociopath. Thinks himself above the law for one reason or the other. Truth is love, loneliness, sadness etc. However we need to be aware of the differences, and nobody deny what they see, feel or not feel.

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. One thing has been prevalent in our society: emotional distance from almost every situation not fitting into our idealized worldview. They will stop at nothing to win and to control and dominate those they victimize. I know one person in my life that I can label to be the closest thing to a 'sociopath' that I have ever come across. From a very early age I lied. That parent is going to imagine and act out that something is wrong with junior. No one is hurt in said relationship. I found out later that was because he wanted more of his stuff he left behind. So i suppose we should be grateful that they don't have the capacity to assemble. I must admit for the first year I kept waiting for the other shoe to fall to get a panic attack but never happened. OK so many tales and confessions here. You can find yourself fitting into almost any personality disorder if you read enough descriptions. They never learned how to bond with people