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L dating rumor. "For Blake to throw shade at Miranda is bulls--t," a close friend of Lambert told Life & Style on Wednesday. Miranda Lambert: Things you didn't know Miranda Lambert has come a long way from tiny Lindale, Texas. "Blake’s tweet shows he still has very strong feelings about Miranda," the friend added.

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. Relationship era. "It’s like he’s been fixating on her ever since they split. I'm dating a married woman. Friendship to relationship. "Gwen and Blake are longtime friends who have very recently started dating," Stefani's rep said in a statement.

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. Someone should write a country song about this. "For Blake to throw shade at Miranda is bulls--t." - Miranda Lambert's friend tells US And while Lambert has yet to respond to the online jab, her friends are calling Shelton a hypocrite. Miranda Lambert is reportedly furious at her ex-husband Blake Shelton for "calling her out" for carrying on a relationship with a married man, when he dated Gwen Stefani before her divorce was finalized. "The only reason their divorce hasn’t been finalized yet is because Staci is fighting with him over money." In short, the friend said, Shelton needs to cut Lambert some slack. Shelton never clarified whether the post was specifically targeting Lambert, though fans certainly believe that was the intent - with dozens weighing in on the pair's rocky breakup.

"Evan told her his marriage was over from the get-go," Lambert's friend confirmed to Life & Style this week. At the time, "The Voice" costars claimed they weren't dating, though they appeared at several red carpet events together.

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. After learning about the "affair," she said she "had no other choice but to file for divorce," an insider told Us Weekly. That can’t make Gwen feel good." Fox News' Sasha Savitsky contributed to this report. Been taking the high road for a long time.