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A Philosophy Centered on Customer Relationships It is Hillman’s business philosophy and practice to develop a close working relationship with our customers. Hillman Proudly Serving the U.S. How relationships evolve. Our processing services include cutting to length, shearing, and sawing standard and custom shapes.

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. We serve major producers in military and commercial shipbuilding, water purification, valves and condensers. Working directly from your CAD/DXF file or drawing, we can water jet machine complex parts out of virtually any material. We will save you time, increase your productivity, offer you prompt, courteous service and deliver a better product at a competitive price. For  over a century, Hillman Brass & Copper has remained a family-owned business, delivering personal service and quality products. Cutting cost with dedicated stocking programs At Hillman Brass & Copper we are always looking for ways to help our customers cut cost. H&m customer relationship management. We have a specifications inventory that’s second to none.

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. We can also create custom shapes or semi-finished parts, ready for your final finishing and assembly. For companies with repetitive copper nickel needs, we have a solution that can save money while making sure that high quality materials are always on hand. Dating ideas. We stock copper-based specialty alloys in sheets, plates, rods, bars, and tubes. Automated systems are used in support of each of the company’s warehousing, trucking, CY, CFS, CES, maintenance services and ocean/Terminal Services…. We love our role in supporting our nation’s diplomacy and defense, and look forward to putting our products into the next Ford-Class aircraft carrier.

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. We ensure your success through our quality products, professional staff, competitive pricing, reliable delivery and outstanding customer service. Examples: Components and raw materials for Navy and military equipment Valves, fittings and connectors Machine shops serving all industries and applications Desalinization Machinery  Condenser components for all applications We’re more than just our metal. If you’re looking for answers to seemingly impossible questions regarding old part numbers and specifications, look no further. Our people have the in-depth product experience to create a tailored, efficient, and perfectly crafted job. E relationship meaning. Whatever your requirements, our skilled workforce can give you exactly what you’re looking for. Dating without a title. What sets us apart from our competition is our cutting and rough machining capabilities. We adapt to our customers’ needs. Hillman Brass & Copper has been specializing in the metal service industry for over a century