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It really is the youth who's dictating what's relevant and what's not.

You see, Kanye West is actually to blame. After listening to Eminem on repeat in his mom's Saturn, he had decided to pursue a creative career. I think that just comes with the territory. If it makes me a smaller artist or I play smaller shows because Donald Trump voters aren't coming to my shows then I don't care. "I have enough - I feel like I'm famous enough. "I walked out and saw Kanye and everybody in their seats staring up at me, I'm not going to lie, I got nervous as shit." G-Eazy explains from the salon chair in a downtown New York barbershop.. There isn't an "ounce of chill" in G-Eazy's body. To avoid personalized advertising based on your mobile app activity, you can install the DAA’s AppChoices app here. But it's like journalists and critics don't have the power that they used to. It's okay to not be okay sometimes. It again comes back to "the youth," who he credits for the way a track like "Bodak Yellow" or an artist like NAV, has resonated. With rap you have to have this persona and maintain the image. You work hard your whole life to put yourself in that position and taking an opportunity like that could elevate your whole shit," G-Eazy says agitatedly. "If I took it all personally I would hate myself. "Him using that platform, him saying what he said, and saying it with that amount of passion and intensity. It's a lot of pressure."Much of that pressure comes from the fact that G-Eazy is a polarizing artist. If you watch the video closely, you can see G-Eazy gently grip Spears' neck and lean in, while the superstar ever-so-slightly shakes her head. Kendrick Lamar's appearance on Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" felt jarring and Katy Perry's recruit of Migos for "Bon Appetit" was just as bizarre.

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. I have enough fans who are good people and who understand how bad of a person Donald Trump is. Relationship to you. She's been through a lot in her personal life, in her professional life. G-Eazy isn't exactly calling the paparazzi to be seen on the scene, but he feels he needs to be accessible enough so that he isn't forgotten. I think they see this image of whatever and think I'm some kind of way. "Hold on tight."Photos Courtesy of Will Nichols This is just sloppy. He wanted a career in the industry "so badly" - it's a dream he's been chasing for as long as he can remember, and now he's living it. Waking up soon became a tax and he found himself becoming dependent on the substances surrounding him. The world's attention span is decreasing by the minute, the rapper claims, and as a result audiences are looking for who's next - not who's already here. He spent almost four years in the process of breaking out, gaining traction with mixtape-hit "Runaround Sue" and as the opening act for artists like Drake, Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne. This was a culmination of months dedicated to the studio. "This is my only job, this is my entire being and existence. "You can't just move to the mountains and disappear," he says, referencing West's rumored shift from the spotlight to Montana to complete his latest project. The visual for "I Mean It," his fifth single from the project shows Gillum as a charismatic news anchor, interviewing his leather-clad alter-ego, G-Eazy. You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy. While he knows "no one fully gets what it's like to be inside of another person's skin," Halsey, he says, comes pretty close. The rapper claims he has all but forfeited his privacy. He speaks quietly and intently, forcing those around him to pay close attention. He's six weeks out from releasing his fifth album. Scott Fitzgerald's famous novel about a couple's obsession with decadence and high societal-validation leading to their moral degradation and eventual mental decline. He's since learned to manage his anxiety, but he mourns his anonymity daily.Perhaps for this reason, G-Eazy has never sought to be rap's number one. He believes her rise says a lot about the way the rap landscape has opened up. "I can't say enough how incredible that was," G-Eazy says, growing animated. G-Eazy raps about his demons on the title track - about his own split personality. You can be the biggest thing in the world, you can be Kanye, Jay Z, and you're still going to be polarizing to an extent."Related | Unlike Kanye West, however, G-Eazy's relevance hinges on his visibility - features, new projects, red carpets. I have days where I don't feel good, I'm not okay. G-Eazy is particularly proud of Cardi B, who sent him back her verse the same day he reached out with the record. Speculation began almost instantly. 

Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site. Although with gargantuan success comes pitfalls of similar proportions. I'm just as unsure of myself as everybody else is. If Rolling Stone gives you a bad review, or gives you three mics instead of five mics - it's not what it used to be."But appeasing the youth is often just as difficult as catering to critics. Relationship hugs. This morning he bought himself a new Ferrari. "I don't think people know how human I am or how vulnerable I am. F dating site. But you know, that's that."Related | G-Eazy's relationship with fame is at the forefront of his new album, , named after F. I mean it was articulate."Despite the prospect of alienating fans, G-Eazy similarly refuses to shy away addressing America's current political climate. Plus the groove came easily when he began to embrace music as catharsis. Eminem's renaissance has been particularly exciting to G-Eazy, particularly his recent cypher at the BET Awards, in which saw the rapper went after Donald Trump. The two relate on "almost every single level," he says, mentioning that they share a similar work ethic and both came up off the Internet. His presence is much softer, rougher than his motorcycle jacket-wearing, "bad boy" exterior indicates. The Beautiful & Damned sees him rap about women's reproductive rights, the impotency of our current president. The opportunity presented itself during a steamy performance of the pair's track "Me, Myself & I" at the MTV VMAs, and Spears had just grabbed G-Eazy's crotch. He was drinking too much, drinking before his shows to get in the zone, drinking after his shows to celebrate, drinking in the studio to aid his creative process. It was never his intention for the album to seem "preachy" he says, but it a direct denouncement of all of his vices. He was recently awarded "Favorite Rapper" at the MTV European Music Awards. Suddenly pop was pounding G-Eazy's door for features. It's this authenticity that G-Eazy finds so attractive - and what he believes is at the root of Halsey's success."People relate to artists when they're being honest and when they are being vulnerable," he says. How relationships fail. We're just people, but that takes a toll on the artist. I would feel suicidal every day because people can say crazy shit on the internet and then get away with it. He's immediately handed two separate iPhones and starts fielding a swarm of messages, every bit the hit-pumping, pop star-dating, and Britney Spears-kissing megastar."It's literally climbing a tree," G-Eazy says of success. You can't try to make everybody happy. Music's biggest stars - Bebe Rexha, Britney Spears - were recruiting the rapper for a verse. I get down on myself too and question everything."Mental health is among the most prevalent themes on the album. I'm not losing sleep over that and I'm not going bankrupt over that. I still use these things, but I'm just trying to get a grip before it's too late. Related | Halsey is Coming Through Loud and Queer"We could talk for hours endlessly. G eazy relationship status. when you're putting yourself out there like that. The choice to straddle the pop lane is just as a perilous path to tread for hip hop artist attempting to maintain their credibility with fans. This shit is terrible."That's not to say G-Eazy is planning to veer away from his lifeblood: club bangers. He claims the album gives a glimpse into the colossal disappointment he's felt after finally living out his fantasy and realizing in the glitz and glamor of celebrity-dom he's lost Gerald. In a world of FaceTune, filters and media training, Halsey is a rare breed in that she's entirely unafraid to present herself as she is. I forgot a word or two in my verse, I got thrown off. Only yesterday they released a star-studded visual for his track with A$AP Rocky and Cardi B, "No Limit," which is currently sitting at No. It "drives him up the wall" to hear people whisper as he walks into a party, and feel strangers frantically Google him on their phones, looking up at his face, then back on their phone.


. When I went for it I should have just fully gone for it. When you start to feel like you're losing that, starting to losing your relevance or taking a step backwards, that's not a bad day of work, that's an existential crisis