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Compliance shall be determined by achieving the minimum air pressure difference across the barrier with the system in the smoke control mode for mechanical smoke control systems. by Recommended by Robotortoise : Gatrie/Tree : Gatrie's going through a bit of a love-life crisis, and in his panic, he decides to take Shinon's comment about the tree seriously. Automatic carbon dioxide fire-extinguishing systems shall be sufficiently sized to protect against all hazards venting through a common duct simultaneously. Now has its own tropes page. A Group M occupancy is used for the display and sale of upholstered furniture. Any fire protection system or portion thereof not required by this code shall be permitted to be installed for partial or complete protection provided that such system meets the requirements of this code. Temperature of the pump room, pump house or area where engines are installed shall never be less than the minimum recommended by the engine manufacturer. : Alternate Universe - Fantasy, Alternate Universe, Fantasy, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Fluff, Minor Injuries, Alternate Universe - Merpeople, Merman!Takumi, Happy Ending : Mermaid alternate universe. [F] AUDIBLE ALARM NOTIFICATION APPLIANCE. It does have quite a few grammar and spelling mistakes, but it's overall a very well-written story, highly recommended if you enjoyed playing The Sacred Stones. A take on Python's ending if Forsyth dies in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. A soul switch fic where soul switching is actually the least of their problems - they fight to protect each other against strange events, invisible enemies, and a troubling premonition. This fic was started before the English release and is based on the Japanese version. Relationship versus dating. Automatic fire-extinguishing systems. Short and to the point, yet managed to make me feel more for Azura more than any other story has before.

by Recommended by Karxrida : "Mama, I want a story with a good dragon!" Inspiration is a bit hard to find when put on the spot, however, and so, flustered, Azura does her best to indulge her daughter. Automatic sprinkler systems shall be monitored by an supervising station. A lonely girl from Grado. A presignal feature shall not be installed unless by the fire code official and the fire department. In occupancies not required to be equipped with a fire alarm system, actuation of a smoke detector shall activate a visible and an audible signal in an location. Area smoke detectors shall be provided in accordance with this section. Portable fire extinguishers shall be located in conspicuous locations where they will be readily accessible and immediately available for use. General Fics Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Sprinkler waterflow devices.

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. A secondary on-site water supply equal to the hydraulically calculated sprinkler demand, including the hose stream requirement, shall be provided for high-rise buildings assigned to Seismic Design Category C, D, E or F as determined by this code. This includes pressurization fans; smoke exhaust fans; supply, return and exhaust fans; elevator shaft fans and other operating equipment used or intended for smoke control purposes. Building and fire control functions that are intended to increase the level of life safety for occupants or to control the spread of harmful effects of fire. When the gas-detection sampling point initiating the gas detection system alarm is within a gas cabinet or exhausted enclosure, the shutoff valve in the gas cabinet or exhausted enclosure for the specific gas detected shall automatically close. A floor plan that indicates the use of all rooms. [F] ALARM VERIFICATION FEATURE. Reduced as calculated based on the assurance of adequate dilution air. [F] AUTOMATIC SMOKE DETECTION SYSTEM. Identification of devices with proper designations. Smoke alarms are not required to be equipped with battery backup where they are connected to an emergency electrical system. Controls for unlocking doors simultaneously. Cabinets shall be unlocked. Markings shall not be required on shaftway openings that are readily discernible as openings onto a shaftway by the construction or arrangement. The protective cover shall be transparent or red in color with a transparent face to permit visibility of the manual fire alarm box. Maintenance of a tenable environment is not required in the smoke control zone of fire origin. Smoke detectors installed in ducts shall be for the air velocity, temperature and humidity present in the duct. Chutes extending through three or more floors shall have additional sprinkler heads installed within such chutes at alternate floors. In no case shall control actions require the smoke control system to assume more than one configuration at any one time. : Mathilda dealing with the death of Clive after the war ends, including running into Leon who's also lost Valbar. Auditoriums, cafeterias, gymnasiums and similar areas are protected by heat detectors or other detection devices. Outside air inlets shall be located so as to minimize the potential for introducing smoke or flame into the building. A signal initiated by a fire alarm-initiating device such as a manual fire alarm box, automatic fire detector, waterflow switch or other device whose activation is indicative of the presence of a fire or fire signature. : M!Corrin/Azura : Family/Romance : Has M!Corrin/Azura, though it's in the background. : Friendship/Family : This was oddly cute. F/f relationship fire emblem fates. In buildings equipped throughout with an automatic sprinkler system, laterals that are not located within an enclosed or pressurized enclosure are not required to be enclosed within fire-resistance-rated construction. Definitely a crack fic, so you've been warned. ON-AUTO-OFF control over each individual piece of operating smoke control equipment that can also be controlled from other sources within the building. Locations of alarm notification appliances, including candela ratings for visible alarm notification appliances. by Recommended by SuzushinaYuriko : He is so tired, so very tired of never being able to decide what he really wants, of constantly flipping back and forth between what Leon wants as a brother, and what Leon wants as the prince of Nohr. Very cute and well-written one-shot that makes clever use of the Japanese names and reads like an actual fairy tale. The audibility and visibility of notification appliances signaling agent discharge or system operation, where required, shall be verified. Bible verses about dating. The location of fire department hose connections shall be. An automatic sprinkler system is not required in any area below the lowest serving that area where every classroom throughout the building has at least one exterior door at ground level. On existing buildings, wherever the fire department connection is not visible to approaching fire apparatus, the fire department connection shall be indicated by an sign mounted on the street front or on the side of the building. The system includes a suitable water supply. : M/M Leo/Takumi : Angsts, poilers for nohr route and revelation supports : A one-shot that delves into Takumi in Conquest. The total response time, including that necessary for detection, shutdown of operating equipment and smoke control system startup, shall allow for full operational mode to be achieved before the conditions in the space exceed the design smoke condition. Smoke detector trouble conditions shall activate a visible or audible signal in an location and shall be identified as air duct detector trouble. Electronic monitoring devices and supervisory circuits shall be tested every three years when extinguisher maintenance is performed. Valves to underground key or hub valves in roadway boxes provided by the municipality or public utility do not require supervision. Ducts that are part of a smoke control system shall be traversed using generally accepted practices to determine actual air quantities. The typos are annoying, but they are infrequent enough that they don't ruin the overall quality. Smoke and heat vents shall be capable of being operated by automatic and manual means. Visible alarm notification appliances are not required in , except where an existing fire alarm system is upgraded or replaced, or a new fire alarm system is installed. Where a presignal feature is provided, a signal shall be annunciated at a constantly attended location by the fire department, in order that occupant notification can be activated in the event of fire or other emergency. by Recommended by Robotortoise M!Corrin/Azura : "I have a tail too, you know," he grumbled. Bani j relationship. Verification shall include positive confirmation of actuation, testing, manual override, the presence of power downstream of all disconnects and, through a preprogrammed weekly test sequence, report abnormal conditions audibly, visually and by printed report. All such signs shall be subject to the approval of the fire code official. The geometry of openings shall be considered to prevent flow reversal from turbulent effects. The alarm shall be actuated at a value not greater than the corresponding TLV-TWA values for the refrigerant classification indicated in the. It's just that heartwarming. A zone can define an area from which a signal can be received, an area to which a signal can be sent or an area in which a form of control can be executed. Marriage need not be troublesome, dull or miserable at all for the royal couple. This method shall not be employed where either the quantity of air or the velocity of the airflow will adversely affect other portions of the smoke control system, unduly intensify the fire, disrupt plume dynamics or interfere with exiting. An exit stairway designed and constructed so that the movement of the products of combustion produced by a fire occurring in any part of the building into the enclosure is limited. The design submission accompanying the shall clearly detail procedures and methods to be used and the items subject to such inspections and tests. : A one-shot that explains exactly what happens when you stick a pessimistic butler, overly-optimistic aloof dragon prince, beautifully boring princess, and lousy maid in the same room and attempt to get them to civilly discuss a romance novel. [F] DRY-CHEMICAL EXTINGUISHING AGENT. The design shall consider the effects of the fire on the HVAC systems. Requests are open, but not usually for very long at a time, as they fill up fast. F/f relationship fire emblem fates. Visible alarm notification appliances shall be provided in public areas and common areas. Manual fire alarm, automatic fire-extinguishing and emergency alarm systems in Group H occupancies shall be monitored by an supervising station. The report shall be reviewed by the responsible and, when satisfied that the design intent has been achieved, the responsible shall seal, sign and date the report. When required, the tests shall be conducted in the presence of the. Ryoma is a demon that's summoned into Xander's living room. This is a poignant character study that explores his past, his insecurities, and his mindset very well. In rooms or areas in which visual obstruction cannot be completely avoided, means shall be provided to indicate the locations of extinguishers. : Romance/Humor : This pairing needs more love, period.

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. by Recommended by Robotortoise : History, when it bothered to remember King Garon, would only remember him as the lost king who fell prey to an outside force he could not hope to combat, a stepping stone paving the way for greater things. Automatic sprinkler systems protecting commercial-type cooking equipment shall be supplied from a separate, readily accessible, indicating-type control valve that is identified. A zoning indicator panel and the associated controls shall be provided in an location. A system or a part of a system that can transmit and receive signals without the aid of wire. Audible alarm notification appliances shall be provided and emit a distinctive sound that is not to be used for any purpose other than that of a fire alarm. A fire-extinguishing system using one or more atoms of an element from the halogen chemical series: fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine. Where the domestic service provides the water supply for the automatic sprinkler system, the supply shall be in accordance with this section. by Recommended by Robotortoise : In which Xander accidentally summons the crown prince of Hell into his living room. One or more care recipients who are incapable of self- preservation are located at other than the serving such an occupancy. The provisions of this chapter shall specify where fire protection systems are required and shall apply to the design, installation and operation of fire protection systems. Rooms containing controls for air-conditioning systems, sprinkler risers and valves or other fire detection, suppression or control elements shall be identified for the use of the fire department. When this valve opens, water flows into the piping system and discharges from all sprinklers attached thereto. Each explores Fates characters and their relationships with other characters. Doors that have either an visual identification clear glass panel or a complete glass door panel are not required to be marked. Automatic sprinkler systems protecting one- and two-family. Each additional device within the zone shall be verified to cause the same sequence without requiring the operation of fan motors in order to prevent damage. It also manages to include the Astral Realm and My Castle in a way that flows naturally. by Recommended by SuzushinaYuriko : Corrin is captured by Nohrian forces and returned to the capital by force, escorted by the siblings she had left behind.

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. Even in her castle, Corrin could see that. [F] ALARM NOTIFICATION APPLIANCE. Emergency and standby power status indicators. The doors shall be close-fitting within operational tolerances and shall not have undercuts, louvers or grilles. : Psuedo-sequel to The Garden Club. Short and powerful, kinda like a well-trained Rolf. All of the characters behave rather realistically for a humor fic. The design airflow shall be in accordance with this section. Actuation of an automatic fire-extinguishing system, a manual fire alarm box or a fire detector shall initiate an fire alarm signal which automatically notifies staff. Openings for supply air shall be uniformly distributed around the periphery of the area served. Automatic sprinkler systems shall not be required to be equipped with manual actuation means. Locations of alarm-initiating devices.. Takes place before the game, may contain small divergences. Where an automatic smoke detection system is required it shall utilize smoke detectors unless ambient conditions prohibit such an installation. by Recommended by bakafia : The main ones are between Ike, Soren, Aimee, Elincia, Jorge and Geoffrey. [F] FIRE ALARM BOX, MANUAL. Boyd and Mist is such an underrated couple and easily my OTP of Fire Emblem , and this fanfic really highlights why I love them so much, albeit in a funny, gross-out way. It shows what psychological effects war would have on a boy Rolf's age, and how he might be forced to cope. : A young knight of Renais. : Character Study : A beautiful one-shot that has Severa returning to Ylisse and the events that unfold. The audible alarm shall be distinct from all other alarms. Valves shall not be installed between the domestic water riser control valve and the sprinklers. The system shall be designed such that these effects do not adversely interfere with the system’s capabilities. Backflow prevention device test valves located in limited area sprinkler system supply piping shall be locked in the open position. Determination of the design fire shall include consideration of the type of fuel, fuel spacing and configuration. An system of devices and equipment which automatically detects a fire and discharges an fire-extinguishing agent onto or in the area of a fire. A series of loosely linked vignettes centering around Joshua and Marisa. A system to provide indication and warning of emergency situations involving hazardous materials. Together, they learn to grow and communicate. If possible, I also recommend you read the other stories of this author. Tubing shall be by an agency for flame and smoke characteristics. Electrically nonconducting, volatile or gaseous fire extinguishant that does not leave a residue upon evaporation. A fire alarm system shall be installed in occupancies with an atrium that connects more than two , with smoke detection installed throughout the atrium. Passive smoke control systems tested using other means such as door fan testing shall be as by the fire code official. Alarm, supervisory and trouble signals shall be distinctly different and shall be automatically transmitted to an supervising station or, when by the fire code official, shall sound an audible signal at a constantly attended location. The potable water supply to automatic sprinkler and standpipe systems shall be protected against backflow as required by the.

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. It does a good job of portraying Leo and Takumi trying to navigate through entirely different lives while trying to find out the cause of what's going on. Takumi without his insecurities and anger issues and sadness and blind thirst for revenge