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A foodie into all the street foods and vibe. Then I started to study again. If you think I will waste my time meeting you just because you are coming to visit.

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. I met there people who trusted me and my skills, and for the first time in a job I felt appreciated. and the bigest wish of my life is to travel to Switzerland. I started to see a therapist again. Enjoy theatre, film, music , live gigs and concerts. I did stupid and painful things to my closest friends, who were trusting me. In that time I had a work, that I lost because of depression. It was the first step out. For a while had dissociation periods. Is hard to find someone nice and serious these days. I give everyone a fair treatment and I expect the same. Addicted to HBO AMC series. Im a person that likes to have a nice conversation at a coffee or have dinner at a restaurant but i can also enjoy a night out I always know what i want and i hope u are like that too. I speak Spanish, English, French , Macedonian , Romanian and some Italian. F dating romania.

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. Dating older women reddit. I was happier at that time, but still unstable. I WILL NOT RESPOND BACK! If you are taking this way too serious forget about it and get up and go in the real world to meet someone.if you are paranoid. I like very much hanging out with my friends, even go to parties, but I also like cooking and cleaning the house, some of my friends say I obsess with this, but I think that it's my job to keep the house the way that I like it. But I lost many of my marks. I am a very determined person, I know myself , I know what I like and what I dislike about me, my life and the others. For a year I experimented some drugs including cocaine, ecstasy, Ritalin. When I was a kid there were signs of BPD, but since it's not really a well known disorder, and kids do stupid things, my parents and I didn't realize what was happening. One day I had a big crisis I yelled at her so much the police came. To be fair my dad blamed me a lot for not having good grades, spending too much time on my computer, being lazy,. Even though, she showed me the way. Now let's me start at the beginning. Dating background check. So we went there and I met my biological parents and sister. I am currently a student at arts and have my own business. Big void in my life since no Breaking Bad. I can be extremely generous with everybody, I gladly share with love and everything. I saw them two times that year. We started dating but I was still unstable. Into fitness gym and sport. In love I prove huge loyalty. She was as broken as I was. so lets us dare.know each other.

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. I took big shortcuts to tell this story, but I think I told the most. I like movies, i like to read books, i like to go out and walk and also I like to meet intelligent people. My teenage years were - as you can guess - chaotic. Hope you wana know me and help me. I have a great sense of humor and am very active, calm and very excited at the same time. Sadly my therapist had an accident and she had to stop seeing me. And I invest even more in a relationship. There were big ups and downs as only BPD people can relate, I was going from extreme sadness to exaltation, anger to love in seconds. I did see a lot of therapists but even with them, relationships did not go well. As I mentioned my student life wasn't going well. There I met my first girlfriend. I like to make new friends, I am a very sociable person, I am open minded,sensitive, out-going. I was fighting all the time with my mom and dad, even for the smallest reason. I felt loved there and wanted to stay there. When dating gets boring. She gave me a bunch of tests and when she read me what BPD was it was like a mind opening for me. But my parents convinced me not to, and back with them in Belgium, there were only pieces of me left. Then, last year, I started a training in programming, and now I'm part of a consulting cabinet for banks in Luxembourg. I am generous and fun-loving individual. who knows what she wants out of life. But I did one more year in law degree. I love the game of love, passion and intensity between playful detachment. I do not like to argue and I do not like drama. I love to have a good company while enjoying the fine things in the life. I don't remember those moments pretty well, but I wasn't sad. Idealistic, seeking knight in shining armor, always strong, ready to conquer the world and provide him with care. I was welcomed there like a movie star. Similar background again, but slightly different.

Looking forward to Games of Throne. I stopped having remorse for who I was and my dad hated, somehow I could rebuild my self-esteem. Hi everyone, I really want to share my story with you, it's the first time I do so and hope you'll find yourself in my words, and maybe some help if you need it. I met a lot of people and lost my belly. Stop sending form messages. Every fight we had I thought "This time, they'll abandon me". That year I found someone as broke as me, with the same disorder as I had, similar background etc. Even though it was heartbreaking for everyone. I need a real love in which to feel alive and I feel like I can not stay long without my Love, I wanna feel like I always butterflies. I enjoy first nights at the opera as much as I enjoy quiet evenings in a remote chalet in the mountains. Now I've lost them and there's no turning back. I look for friends then maybe for a lover. Thinking it was a problem with my origins, I asked my mom and dad to meet my biological parents. It really tore me apart that time.

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. are tired of all the geeks who just want sex!. I don't remember good this day. Fortunate to have friends in these circles. To be fair the communications degree I got was pretty easy to get, but it was good for self esteem. Still at this moment, I never heard of BPD. Someone who is willing to take care of me even if that;s online. First time shrooms really scared me, I saw me killed by one of the guy who were there. I am honest and I don’t like when others lie to me. And at that time, just knowing someone was in love with me changed everything. I am just like everydoby else but also unique. I love fine dining, good music, and nice atmosphere around me. She wasn't adopted but her dad hanged himself. MOVE ON!! If you think only words will bring a beautiful girl in your life. The flame of my soul remain alive, Unquenched. F dating romania. I mean, I know this might possible for us to meet so let's just get along and have some good moments together. I love to laugh and to make others to laugh too, but I also can be serious when necessary. I know it's hard, a therapist can help you find the best way to do it. I I can hold a decent conversation and consider myself a good listener! Im kind ,generous and very sesitive. But I was too young to fully understand what was going on. People, there are persons around you who are the same