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I even asked to meet Jesus and apologize only to meet a man that was nothing like I expected and was given interesting historical facts I was later able to verify. There is no way to reject it whatsoever. The angels were taller, dressed in light blue and white colored robes and they were much more illuminated than the people. Relationship karma.

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. In psychology there's a term to describe this called 'unconditional positive regard.' I felt completely sure that they had this feeling for me. My emotions were heightened as I accelerated into pure light energy where there is no space or time. Remarkable shared NDE with husband who died in crash. I left my body at the scene of the accident and visited another realm of light, where I was told by my own deceased wife that I must return to my oldest son who also survived the accident. Experience shared less than a month after it occurred. Though this seemed like a hippie slogan or a paraphrase from the Beatles, the message sunk into me on a deeper level. I saw harmony, serenity, and happiness. This feels like the right thing to do.' With that feeling is a sense of peace, and calm. Then he said that he remembers that the parking lot was partially closed for construction, so I had to park on a corner and run to the hospital… Then Michael said the most incredible thing. Exceptional Possible NDE that is at the least a NDE-like STE. My friends Megan and David are now in another room, a waiting area. NDE due to apparent complication during surgery. The orbs were other people who had passed away. His words seemed to make sense to me. I've never seen eyes like those before or since. Oh Lord! After something like that, you have to investigate everything that your life is about. Dating british men. I then got a little panicky because I noticed that there was no light source; it was just there. David gave us pieces of his story as he has time to write it. College teacher of comparative religion.

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. I did not have a specific life review, but felt everything about my life and me was known, understood and not judged. He wanted me to feel inside and to get into clear contact with it. I don't remember what the voice told me, but the peace and calm seemed to magnify. I felt this total love and acceptance from this light. It looked as though they were also threaded on a string of light. I knew there was someone/something there with me. NDE at age eleven due to car accident. Awareness for me is what is behind the consciousness that comes with the functioning of mind and body. I stopped at a giant planet, and went around in orbit with it for a bit. From this location, I could see my physical body in the truck, head propped up by my right hand, elbow resting on the door handle exactly as I'd left it. This internal struggle went on for some time. We also talked about when she came to let me know that she died, to say goodbye until we would meet again and not to be sad. One example when I approached the boundary. One easy way is to give unexpected praise. My attention is shifted back in the room. The sensations generated by union in this condition are beyond belief in their scope and in their subtlety. He looked down directly into my eyes. I wanted to see His face as I moved closer, but I did not. There was complete and serenity wrapped in a sense of timelessness or eternity. Instead, it felt relieving as the water went down my throat. Psychiatrist's NDE in an email to his son Adam. It was just wave after wave of pure love. It's the same concept with our cousins and how they behaved. The church was green, Mississippi River was green.. I was where I belonged, where I came from. I was still staring out onto Earth. I was so happy to be there. The studio is set up like a news room and is the next big movement towards getting the word out about NDE. It was clarified that we are not alone. The next morning I found out that my dad was in the intensive care unit and had had a massive heart attack.

That simple act seemed to be one of the best things I had ever done in my life! This was strange to me, because I didn’t think this little act was a big deal and thought I had done much more important and bigger things. I was watching my life unfold right in front of me like a bad dream only it does not feel bad at all. Across the bridge were people I knew who had died, like my father who had died less than a year before this. Later a lady came to me, if I saw her now, I would recognize her. I looked to my right side and saw that the voices were little monsters that were turning into the hairballs and back into monsters. Exceptional relationship definition. I saw beings moving about, light beings, going about their daily lives. Wherever my conscious went, He unfolded the answers before my eyes.”This world was made up of particles. I sensed that the darkness was about to part and reveal a marvelous light. There was simply a sense of all knowing. I wasn't asked to love blindly. All colors here are extremely pale compared to there. It was a little blonde hair boy with blue eyes. I only know I remember nothing that I saw in my life review; only the memory of having one remains and also of the love! My surroundings were then brought into focus as I became aware of a flower, a magnificent flower. The conversation in the waiting room between my friend and my son and what is going on in my room and the ICU are happening all at once but I am able to shift my attention between the two. I was like a small ball of yellow light. It was so close to where I was. Extraordinary understandings on time and location from NDE. I had no memory of what it is to be a human or about anything that comes with it like eating, sleeping, or travelling. They act on those thoughts. I was looking down and could see people around somebody on the sidewalk beside the pool. I was also told we could exist on different planes for other lives but our life here on Earth is a life not purely to experience physical pleasure or pain but to have a physical experience because in all other planes we don't need a body as a vessel.

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. I also noticed other figures off to the left of me. Remarkable NDE due to criminal attack involving strychnine poisoning. It was endless, eternal and complete. I got the impression that these spirit beings had been with me and had helped me plan my life before I was born. Remarkably transcendent experience. During experience, received explicit information to save another person who was in car accident. At the time this was happening to my body, I saw myself standing at the same place, seeing how my body was on the floor. At some point the decision was made to let me re-enter my body on my faith or will, whatever one may call it. One was solid pink and the other, solid purple. As I looked down, through what I thought was a television, I could see my sister and my brothers trying to revive me. I became very adamant at this point that God was all powerful and could fix the body. MultiMedia The best way I can describe the transition from being ‘alive’ on the physical plane and the passage to the Other Side is like passing from one ‘room’ to another. I saw my husband walking towards me through the grass. And God has permitted me several times in this life to hear this awesome music, fully more melodic and more beautiful than anyone could write while here on earth. That's as far as our relationship is likely to go and that's okay. It created in me that profound emotion, that feeling that shakes all the molecules of each one of your DNA helixes and changes your life forever. I then went through a life review. It was kind of like this; I wasn't thinking but if I did think, I would become what I was thinking. It wasn’t until that moment that I realized that I didn’t possess a defined form. Outgoing and charismatic people are usually a lot of fun. Exceptional NDE due to ruptured fallopian tube and internal bleeding. In the light of the cloud I realized that its color was white, but with a slight golden hue. They were giving me reassurances through feelings and music that was like talking, only better than language. Then there was One star of incredible dimension, brightness, beauty, majesty. From Canada The next thing I saw was a meadow in the mountains with indescribable beauty. She knew that we loved her very much and she loved us. There is great ease in staying together just as when we had our feet on the ground. I saw an old fieldstone wall with pink roses growing up and over the wall which stood halfway between the garden and the golden city. Not until it touched me and said 'I'll take that, it's for me,' and took the beam from me and touched me, was I even able to fathom this amazing love. My focus moved from the people, and I found myself very curious about a row of pine trees along the right fence line and how it looked. I can choose a new book, depending on what I am in the mood for. It contained all the possibilities of all the angles of all the decisions I had made, played out in a different realm. Shared sixty-seven years later