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Go Home. Powered By Google. Lisa: You do this every year, we are used to it.

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Springfield is the city where the Simpson family lives. It is located near ShelbyvilleCapital CityOgdenvilleand North Haverbrook in a state whose name is never mentioned. The evidence is sufficiently contradictory that it cannot be identified with a specific state.

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In the episode, Springfield legalizes same-sex marriage to increase tourism. After becoming a ministerHomer starts to wed people to make money. Meanwhile, Marge 's sister Patty comes out as a lesbian and reveals that she is going to marry a woman named Veronica.

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A friend of mine was recently telling me about a business he was starting and asked for a name. I immediately went into Simpsons mode and suggested either Flancrest Enterprises, Compuglobalhypermeganet — or something cutting edge like CutCo, Edgecom or Interslice. Just for sport, we went online and typed in FlancrestEnterprises.

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We escape into absurd worlds where spandex heroes defeat evil, personal demons take metaphorical form, and humor usurps boredom. Bongo alumni Gail Simone perhaps said it best on twitter, collected here by ComicMix. Gail Simone on twitter.

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Waylon J. Smithers Jr. Smithers or simply Smithersis a recurring fictional character in the animated sitcom The Simpsonswho is voiced by Harry Shearer.

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Go Home. Powered By Google. Apu: Mrs.

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Grandpa: "Grover Cleveland spanked me on two non-consecutive occassions. Episode: 3F09 Two Bad Neighbors. But it was never named Cape Arbuckle.

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Within the last 10 years the popularity of the Internet has exploded dramatically. Not one to miss a trick, The Simpsons writers have slipped dozens of internet references and website names into recent episodes. And in fact, several of the websites mentioned as jokes have actually been made by Fox and put online as the episode aired.

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Springfield is a city or town in some episodes in Springfield CountySpringfield's State and is located within the continental United Stateswhere the Simpson family lives. For many years, the evidence was sufficiently contradictory that it could not be identified with a specific state; however, Matt Groening has come forward and admitted that it was based on Springfield, Oregon. The city population is estimated to be approximately 60,


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