Removal of hemangioma in adults

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Dear Mayo Clinic: My daughter developed numerous hemangiomas, most of them on her face and stomach, when she was a few months old. She is now 6 years old and they have not gone away. She is self-conscious of them and people are always asking about her condition.

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Hemangioma is a benign tumor rarely found in adult, especially in oropharynx. This study describes the first case of mixed hemangioma occurring as an oropharyngeal asymptomatic pedunculated mass. Biopsy is excluded given the risk of hemorrhage.

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A hemangioma of the skin is an abnormal buildup of blood vessels on or under the surface of the skin. A hemangioma of the skin may look like a red wine- or strawberry-colored birthmark, and may protrude from the skin. Hemangiomas of the skin appear most frequently on the face, neck, and behind the ears.

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Treating hemangiomas usually isn't necessary because they go away on their own with time. But if a hemangioma affects vision or causes other problems, treatments include medications or laser surgery:. If you're considering treatment for your child's hemangioma, weigh the pros and cons with your child's doctor.

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Spinal hemangiomas are benign tumors that are most commonly seen in the mid-back thoracic and lower back lumbar. Hemangiomas most often appear in adults between the ages of 30 and Most cases show no symptoms.

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This page explains about surgical removal of haemangiomas and what to expect when your child comes to Great Ormond Street Hospital GOSH to have this treatment. A haemangioma is a collection of small blood vessels that occur under the skin. Haemangiomas can be on the surface of the skin or in the skin.

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A hemangioma is a benign noncancerous tumor made up of blood vessels. There are many types of hemangiomas, and they can occur throughout the body, including in skin, muscle, bone, and internal organs. Most hemangiomas occur on the surface of the skin or just beneath it.

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The management of hemangiomas has always been a matter of controversy. Traditionally, observation has been the mainstay of therapy, with the expectation that most of the lesions will disappear spontaneously. This treatment plan was based on the premise that surgical excision or other treatments might produce a worse result than simply waiting for the lesion to resolve with an acceptable cosmetic result.

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Hemangiomas, or infantile hemangiomas, are noncancerous growths of blood vessels. They usually grow for a period of time and then subside without treatment. However, some hemangiomas may open and bleed or ulcerate.

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FERN A. Cutaneous vascular lesions are the most common pediatric birthmarks. Flat vascular malformations tend to persist, but raised vascular lesions, known as hemangiomas, generally involute.


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