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The Prince Albert PA is one of the most common male genital piercings. While some piercers may choose to avoid the nerve bundle that runs along the center of the frenulum altogether, others may choose otherwise. Otherwise, the piercing must be done off-centre so that the surrounding skin can reposition itself.

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Most piercings are unisex in nature--piercings like eyebrow piercings, lip and nose piercings, ear piercings, and even nipple piercings. When it comes to genital piercings, though, the options for men are quite different than those for women. There are 15 different male genital piercings from which you can choose, if you're interested in getting one or just learning more about your options.

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Many of us are now expecting the couple to announce the name of their new baby today when the provide the first glimpse of the new royal. Albert has now become one of the favourites to be the new name of the royal babyalong with Alexander, James and Arthur. A Prince Albert is a piercing of the penis, in which a metal ring is pierced through the skin at the tip of the penis.

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Male Piercing - Best Piercing Search. Male Piercing Pierce Locations. Piercing of the body, for a variety of reasons, is an ancient, if not always venerable, art. For many years an underground phenomenon, it is at last emerging into the light.

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The origin of Prince Albert piercing dates back to the Victorian era and there is even an imperial angle to it. Back then, pants were excessively tight. So, Prince Albert had a piercing into his penis to allow easy movement of the organ.

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We know genital and intimate piercings look hot, but pierced nipplesclits and vulvas can also make sex feel more As can penis piercings. You've probably heard of a Prince Albert piercing, but what actually is it?

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NOTE: The following page contains content and material of a sexual nature which may be inappropriate for children and may be offensive to some adults. Please use this page responsibly. The Frenum is a very popular male piercingsecond only to the Prince Albert.

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Genital piercings can affect your sexual pleasure, and potentially depending on placement that of your partner. Therefore it is critical to go to a piercer who has specific training and an abundance of experience. A poorly placed piercing can result in a missed opportunity for enhancement.

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Male Genital piercings penis piercings are very popular and enjoyable in more ways than one. They not only look great, but can provide additional pleasure to you and your partner. It is therefore not surprising that there are so many men who decide to get genital piercings.

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Body piercing is popular all over the world and has a long history among many different cultures. For example, piercings have been discovered on mummified bodies and there are references to earrings in texts from several different ancient civilizations. People view them as a creative form of self-expression or simply as an aesthetically pleasing form of decoration.


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