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Because if anyone has respect for women and a deep knowledge of the female anatomy, it's guys on the internet. So you can imagine how delighted I was when I found this Reddit thread that posed the question, " How would you describe what a vagina tastes like? Listen, oral sex can be a source of insecurity for women.

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JCAHO 1st 2nd 3rd was bland no taste and no after taste 4th girl i tongue whipped was a little different. The Grey Fox how do i shot web ScarletSpeed it's metallic. How random.

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From Chinese restaurants. Tangy, and just a little sweet. I was drinking a can of V8 the other day, and about 10 minutes after I finished, I realized that the aftertaste was reminiscent of vagina, so there you go.

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Sign up or log in to share. But also that if you don't stick your tongue into the vagina, then you don't actually really taste anything at all If you were just stimulating the clit or something. It varies depending on the time of month, from women to women, and what you actually tasting vaginal discharge from arousal, bit of urine etc.

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Jump to navigation. Some mentioned fish, others musk or zinc, and some even used the forum to mourn the loss of their dearest vagina-having friends. Some good yeah — I miss her.

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If you are bothered by the aroma and flavor of your lady parts and are looking for ways on how to make your vagina taste good, I have your back. Or should I say your front? I like having a good-tasting pussy and I want you to have one as well, so I have put together the following pro-tips and tricks.

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Every healthy woman has her own noticeable vaginal odor, even if she practices proper hygiene. It is similar to light fermented milk or musk. However, the odor is not always the same.

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At different times in every woman's cycle, her taste can change from sweet to salty to sour. The flavor can also be different when you're aroused, or if you're sweating or both. And certainly having an infection, like yeast or vaginosis, can cause your taste to change. It's also possible that your diet can affect the taste of your vaginal secretion.


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