Adult ear continuing to drain after tube insertion

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By Lisa Kadane Mar 5, By the time he was two and a half, Malikai Morrell had already suffered through a whopping 11 ear infections. The family got a referral to an ear, nose and throat doctor ENTwho recommended ear tube surgery.

Chronic ear infection is fluid, swelling, or an infection behind the eardrum that does not go away or keeps coming back. It causes long-term or permanent damage to the ear. It most often involves a hole in the eardrum that does not heal.

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Eardrums are thin pieces of tissue deep in your child's ears. The space behind the eardrum is called the middle ear. It is connected to the back of the nose by a tube.

James Crawford is currently accepting new patients and encourage you to schedule a consultation. There are three parts to the ear: the external ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. Each part performs and important function in the process of hearing. The external ear consists of an auricle and ear canal.

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Skip Navigation. A catheter is used to insert a small balloon through the nose to open a blocked Eustachian tube. Inserting a small, balloon-like device in a blocked eustachian tube may bring lasting relief to the millions of children and adults who suffer from chronic eustachian tube dysfunction each year.

Ear discharge is drainage of earwax, pus, blood or other fluid from the ear. Most of the time, any fluid leaking out of an ear is earwax. One of the most common causes of fluid leaking out of an ear is earwax.

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Timothy C. Hain, MD Last edited: February 24, Please read our disclaimer. Tympanostomy tubes, or "tubes, are a method of creating a perforation in the tympanic membrane ear drum.

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What happens when ear tubes fall out or move? When should they fall out? What if there is mucus, blood or other drainage and leakage issues?

Ear tubes are tiny, hollow cylinders, usually made of plastic or metal, that are surgically inserted into the eardrum. An ear tube creates an airway that ventilates the middle ear and prevents the accumulation of fluids behind the eardrum. Ear tubes can also be called tympanostomy tubes, ventilation tubes, myringotomy tubes or pressure equalization tubes.


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