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Pruitt’s closest personal aides, helping the agency coordinate its regional offices and representing it at high-profile events.At an energy conference in Kentucky in November, Mr. All that is required is a willingness to want harmony over discord, respect over control, and compassion over chaos. Pruitt announced his candidacy outside the ballpark and cited his efforts on workers’ compensation among his achievements.After losing the election, Mr.

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. Jiles was listed as a manager of Capitol House, and Mr. He wanted to buy her showplace home as a second residence for when he was in the state capital.“For those ego-minded politicians, it would be pretty cool to have this house close to the capitol,” said the lobbyist, Marsha Lindsey. Pruitt’s Tulsa home and his stake in the baseball team, as well as the mortgage for the Oklahoma City house.Mr. She believes that we bring our old beliefs, past experiences, and learned behaviors into our present relationships. Wagner “were ethical” and his stake in the shell company “was a simple real estate investment.”“Mr. In addition, he bought a sizable stake in a minor league baseball team, and took a second job at Mr. The valuation and sale were handled by the relocation business, the company added.Mr. Pruitt’s interactions with SBC also show that his blurring of lines with lobbyists has roots in his Oklahoma years. Jiles, in an email exchange, said he became involved because Mr. spokeswoman did not respond to questions about Mr. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts. Kelly left high-profile positions in law and banking in Oklahoma, to serve in the administration,” the spokeswoman said in an email. Thank You.” - Felix _______________________________________________________ “Chris’ honesty and non-judgmental approach to counseling was exactly what we needed.” –Michael and Gwen C. It was great meeting you: our hours together just really flew; you are genuinely good at what you do. Pruitt as a tough competitor who always had his eye on a higher office.Brett Deering for The New York TimesMs. Thank you again.” –Dennis S ____________________________________________________________________ “Chris, your energy and brilliance was so helpful and completely unexpected. Chris will assist couples in assessing and achieving their intentions. Pruitt also upgraded his family residence in suburban Tulsa from a small ranch-style home to a lakefront property in a gated community. Wagner, newly installed as E.P.A. Relationship oriented. Pruitt was on his way to successfully winning his race for attorney general, he and Mr. It has five fireplaces, a library and a guest apartment.The Attorney General YearsDuring his six years as attorney general, Mr. Wagner also purchased a small stake, and Mr.

career employees across the country. Pruitt’s business dealings with Mr. Kelly, known as Kell, was barred for life from the banking industry. Lindsey, the lobbyist, was rather complicated and involved multiple steps - none of them with any public reference to Mr. While shell companies are legal, they often obscure the people who have an interest in them, and none of Mr. “I don’t want to go home! A no stress weekend. Jiles transferred the deed to the newly formed company. Kind regards and best wishes….” - R and N “I just wanted to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for helping us. “Events like that offer a much more relaxed atmosphere.” He added: “We’re one of the state’s largest employers. Pruitt’s financial disclosure filings in Oklahoma mentioned the company or the proceeds - a potential violation of the state’s ethics rules.The Oklahoma City deal, which has not been previously reported, was one of several instances in which Mr. Pruitt’s main partner was Robert Funk, the business magnate who ran Express Services, the staffing firm. Pruitt blazed a path of spending that holds new meaning now that his E.P.A. Securities were defined to include “documents that represent a share in a company.”The E.P.A. Pruitt’s home in Oklahoma City when he was a state senator. Wagner while in state politics.During his eight years as a Republican state senator, Mr. She also believes that we communicate defensively or offensively rather than seeking to understand and assertively and authentically sharing our thoughts and feelings.

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. Lobbyists and others in state politics recalled Mr. He didn’t have to spend that extra tax money to hire another law firm. We were looking for a place that would allow us to do some individual soul searching a well as find ways to become more emotionally connected as a couple. A must for all relationships! Can improve any relationship. Pruitt’s suburban Tulsa homes.Mr. Our chalet was nice and cozy and the surroundings were beautiful. Ancillary services may be available such as Reiki treatments, massage, or guided meditation. Wagner and a campaign donor who ran a large staffing company.A baseball player in college, Mr. We thank you for the precious learnings during our weekend at Harmony Hill.  Both of us are enjoying the newness–the lightness of connection.” –Deena and Mark M. Pruitt recalled him as a tough competitor who always had his eye on a higher office. Chris makes you feel instantly at ease and comfortable to begin working together.  We….are excited to move forward in the world together; more deeply connected with a new sense of playfulness.

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. Lindsey, the former lobbyist, said she had been focused on her impending move to Dallas, and had deferred the sale and other arrangements to the company’s relocation agent. Wagner reminisced about his long relationship with the E.P.A. Pruitt traveled by chartered jet to a Superfund cleanup site in Colorado, where the Gold King Mine had released toxic wastewater.At the event were two of his most loyal Oklahoma business associates - Mr. Pruitt with Albert Kelly, a top aide at the E.P.A. Funk announced that they had sold the RedHawks. Pruitt.“A cash transaction was most likely used because sellers will often sell for less if it’s a cash deal rather than a finance deal,” Mr. Wagner’s firm, which had offices in SpiritBank’s building. E relationship new york life. Pruitt’s political campaigns. Wagner’s corporate law firm. The group shared a suite with another PAC tied to Mr. It was Awesome! After sessions with Chris, my husband and I have the tools to function better in the”real world”–we will be back!” - Katy and Tim G “We loved our experience at Harmony Hill. Pruitt is under investigation for allegations of unchecked spending, ethics lapses and other issues, including his interactions with lobbyists. One of the issues at the E.P.A. Kelly’s bank, SpiritBank, would be there for much of it - providing financing for Mr. Lindsey’s dining room set, art and antique rugs, she said.A review of real estate and other public records shows that Mr. Lindsey said one of the home’s attractions was that it looked out on the white dome of the State Capitol.Mr. We’ll be back for more…” - Jim & Cheryl “…Dear Chris…we are back to our routine and we can’t stop thinking of the rich experience we’ve had at the Harmony Hill. See the reservations page. and runs the agency’s Superfund program.At the E.P.A., Mr. We definitely will use a lot of the suggestions you gave us. It didn’t seem frugal.”Mr. Lindsey signed the deed of the home over to a relocation company SBC had hired to handle her move and severance. Pruitt had bought the home as an investment with a group of lawyers, he said.The shell company was registered to Kenneth Wagner, an E.P.A.  Your patient and authentic approach was exactly what we needed. He was under the impression that Mr. The house, which had belonged to a lobbyist, was held by a shell company registered to Mr. She has truly created a sanctuary of peace in the Catskills. SpiritBank financed the home. Lindsey said she entertained lawmakers at her home. Moreover, SBC was known to court lawmakers with gifts, including tickets for Mr. Pruitt appeared to have benefited from his relationships with Mr. Records show no mortgage was involved, and Mr. Scott Mahaskey/Politico“It gives us a chance to try to build a relationship with a lawmaker or an official,” a spokesman, Andy Morgan, told the newspaper. Pruitt’s finances in Oklahoma, an E.P.A. Be well and we’ll update you on our lives. E relationship new york life. ______________________________________________________________ “Thank you for your careful coaching, being gentle with both of us and guiding us to a deeper understanding of each other. Your chalet or yurt has a fully equipped kitchen. Kelly’s bank provided financing for the deal, as first reported by The Intercept, which also disclosed the bank’s loans for one of Mr. We both took everything that you taught us and applied it in our daily life together, and the results have been excellent – our communication has improved tremendously.

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. ____________________________________________________________________ “A++ couples coaching = Awesome. Pruitt’s top aides at the E.P.A. Pruitt at the time made no mention of the home purchase or the rental agreement with Mr. “It was stunning.”Soon Mr. “The idea that the major influence at the E.P.A. Wagner.To Washington, With FriendsLast summer, about six months into his job as E.P.A. Walters said.In response to questions submitted by The New York Times about Mr. officials themselves, though neither of them had a background in environmental policy or regulation.Last year, Mr. aide and law school friend of Mr