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Alli finally learned Clare's side. He said that if she was single, things would have been different. Dave tries to get Miss Oh to laugh at his jokes but she will not budge. Hollingsworth is confused and he realizes that Frankie didn't tell him anything. After his final performance, an impressed Zoë asks Tristan to join the improv troupe she's putting together, promising to keep their renewed friendship a secret from Maya. Clare becomes jealous talks to Eden about how some people think Drew is not over Bianca. Zig is surprised and upset that Maya followed him. Yates about a question in the book. Katie's ecstatic that she's been accepted to her dream school, Stanford University, but when her parents break the news that they can't afford to send her away, she comes up with a plan: go to Vegas and win her tuition. Luke makes a comment about it while Becky repremands him. Imogen is told to go home and get a bra. Becky tells Imogen that their home life is cold since she turned in her brother in. Drew can't wait to tie the knot with Bianca in Vegas, but as the date gets closer, he finds himself longing for a big, traditional Torres family wedding. When Drew argues that that's not what happened she tells him to tell Jenna and Alli that. Maya, and Zoë seek shelter at The Dot, and have nothing left to do but sort out their differences. Maya hesitantly decides to go through with it.

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. Dating zig choices. Jenna starts getting unwanted attention from a creepy French man. Alli tells her to keep her distance from Drew. Clare heads to NYC for an interview at Columbia and fears running into Eli. Leia leads Anya on to think Anya's mom is having an affair, but her mom tells her that it is worse. Hollingsworth gives Miles the silent treatment over the incident. Tristan, Zoë and Maya have a new teacher that sets up a secret society of writing. Miles says he is done with his parents and their political plans and she asks him if he is okay. Clare receives good news: She’s in remission and can leave the hospital, so she decides to help Eli make a memorial video for their fallen friend. Adam becomes jealous of Becky spending time with Todd, leading him to make a potentially wrong move. Alli may be falling too hard and fast for Leo. Dallas reveals to Drew why he is drinking and hooking up with random girls. Drew then decides to plan a big gesture by singing to Bianca while everyone else was playing an instrument and he reproposes to her and she says yes. Becky begins to fall for Adam, she worries how her conservative parents will react. In the US, The N aired season three in two separate blocks as it had done with the second season. When Tristan explains how he didn't expect things to have moved so fast, Yates tells him to keep his voice down so the other students don't hear. Clare tells Jenna and Connor that she and Drew kissed on Thanksgiving when she and Eli were on a break. Yates says that he needs to stay for a delivery and doesn't see a point in going back. Final appearance of Leia Chang. Alli’s birthday, but her spirits are crushed when she learns that the love of her life, Leo is being sent back to France with an expired visitor visa. When Drew finds her she is crying and Drew comforts her. Later after he shows Dallas it is revealed that the boobs were Mrs. Dallas approaches Connor and Jenna for information on Alli's romantic situation. When he hugs her to comfort her Frankie sees them and is upset. Zig's meeting with his mom has him more nervous than ever, especially with the possibility that she may never want to speak to him again. When Tori, Maya, and Zig can't find him, they make a desperate call for Owen's help. Clare tries to sabotage Drew and his date when she becomes jealous. Drew later meets Jenna and Alli at the Dot. Because of this, Clare sets up her own dating profile under a different name and presents her fake profile along with two other girls to see if Drew would pick Clare over the other girls, when Drew picks a different girl. Clare is thrilled to see Eli, but he seems to be ignoring her. Dallas tries to win over Alli at the science fair, but an explosion happens where all black males are asked to stay behind for questioning. Relationship insecurity. When the hockey team finds out about this, they put him under torturous training as punishment, leaving Cam distressed. Tristan is assigned to do Bottom's monologue from A Midsummer Night's Dream for drama class.

Alli studies for the SAT's to get into MIT, but worries about her relationship with Leo. Drew's treatment for his Insomnia sinks low. This list is by order of production, as they appear on the DVD. Leo and Alli are starting to get really serious. Mo wants to lock down a "bromance" with Jake before the summer. Eli tries to get over finding Cam's dead body by taking MDMA given to him by Talia. Yates then tells him to not think of him as his teacher if it makes him feel any better. Maya is inraged that Tristan is now hanging out with her enemy, Zoë. Jenna bonds with Becky - and Becky’s hot brother, Luke. Drew tells Dallas that everything worked out and he didn't lose his job. Bianca urges Drew to reconnect with his mom. Tristan brings up West Side's storyline with Gatsby becoming involved with a teacher, but Zoë reminds him that it ended with her character getting an STI. She learns to grieve, and becomes friends with Tori again. Miles tells her that his father is having an affair. taser, and shooting Wesley. Drew is shown working with Dallas on a project. After a moment, Tristan kisses him. Imogen then asks Chewy about the picture, and he tells her it's Hunter Hollingsworth and that they can probably find him gaming at a computer in the computer room. He also reminded her of when he said that he would wait for her. Dallas blames himself, drinks, and considers jumping off the school's roof, but Fiona talks him down. His friend tells him of an easy way to do so. Fiona wants to get along with Imogen's mother, but she isn't making it very easy. To his surprise, however it isn't about the plays two homosexual lead characters, but is about something he completely overlooked.

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. Katie then loses all her money playing Blackjack. Alone together, Clare and Drew pour out their feelings about their loved ones. The early series were produced by the small production company Playing With Time. As he walks off after getting Yates' home address, Yates stops him. Adam's transgender status is revealed earlier in the episode when he is seen binding his breasts and again when he comes out to Eli and Clare, after Clare sees him drop tampons from his locker. She calls Jamie back over and Zig once again watches him chop onions this time willing to learn. Yates agrees to help him out, but that if he wants the help today then he will have to go to his place. Connor proposes inviting Drew to go bungee jumping with them after Eli can't make it. Relationship graph orientation. Alli is happy to have restarted her relationship with Leo but her best friends have a big problem with it. In a change to previous seasons, CTV broadcast episodes one and two over two weeks, as opposed to an hour-long special.

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. Later at school Connor is seen talking to a group of freshman girls who say they need math help. Katie thinks the manager at Little Miss Steaks is looking for more from Maya than her music. He explains his side and just when they are about to believe him someone sends him a picture of their boobs. Drew asks Clare to help him with his job. Zig starts dealing again and Zoë soon finds out. Grell in the rubber room what she discovered about Zig. Tristan says that he is not like most people his age, to which Yates agrees on and pats him on his thigh. However, Yates tells him not to apologize - "not for that". Becky tells Imogen that she has never slow-danced with another girl, and Imogen shows her how to. Hollingsworth says fantasy football. Later, Connor and Dallas are on their way to the science fair when they get pulled over. Marisol decides to stage an intervention for Mo after assuming he has a drug problem. But the paper goes on strike, and Connie finds herself in more trouble than she thought. Becky tries to understand the meaning behind an unexpected tragedy, she orchestrates an evening to remember. In the end, they have an engagement party celebrating their engagement. and Sav sneak off to an empty room, and Holly J. Tristan finds trouble when he gets a reputation concerning steroids. Surprised and upset, Becky decides it's time to break things off with Sir Excellence and tells him that both of them being at Degrassi is a bad idea. Fiona wants Imogen to define their relationship. And it certainly does not help that everybody starts acting so weird around him. Her father, however, begins acting stranger than ever. When dating gets boring. Miles' mother follows him out, demanding to know what is going on with him. Dallas and his team decide to crash the party. Tristan then comes up with a plan for Maya and Zoë to hang out again, which worked. Frankie gets sick and causes Winston to get sick too. He seems to take the game very seriously, and more real than reality itself. Simpson told her that there were certain community guidelines to follow. Becky bonds with Adam, until she learns his secret. Winston is on the prowl for his first lady friend when he realizes the perfect girl has been right under his nose for years. Clare keeps getting responds Drew's page on a dating site, and Becky and Imogen make the remark that she is popular. Bianca has to choose between Audra and Drew. He would rather be drawing pictures than studying, and when his friend Danny, the crossing guard, asks for a caricature of himself, Griff is determined to make it his best ever. Zig accidentally invites Zoë and Maya to attend a Degrassi dance, but get stranded by the thunderstorm. Eli give Fitz the fake ID, and calls the police when he has it, resulting in Fitz getting arrested and not ending the bullying. Miles asks why she won't leave him or try to deal with it and she says they will deal with it after the election. CTV also broadcast episodes fourteen and fifteen before episode thirteen. Tristan starts developing feelings for his new teacher.. When Zig gets there he is excited to get to work and disappointed when his boss tells him he's watching Jamie chop onions and he's lucky she didn't stick him in the dish pit. Katie has a crush on Jake, but hangs out with Dallas instead. Maya puts an expensive dress on her mother's credit card to show up Zoë. Becky distraught gets online to find Realm of Doom. Imogen designs a set for the musical, but when it costs too much money to put up, she considers asking her mother, whom she barely talks to after her parents divorce. This is when Jenna and Connor exchange "I love you's." Becky becomes jealous when Jack tags along to the dance with her and Imogen, ruining their girl's night. Tristan is clearly nervous, but agrees. His boss rebuffs that he's being given a chance by being in the kitchen. Hollingsworth asks him to find his wife.

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. That night, T Frankie gets upset when Winston says she's not the type for modeling. I relationship definition. At his house during the mock press meeting, Miles sees Andrea happily smile as she opens the fake gift and reads the card he wrote. In the US, The N aired season two in two blocks. Season six premiered on The N two months before its CTV debut, and it was not until the ninth episode that Canadian viewers were able to watch an episode before US viewers. When she decides to accept the offer, Darrin says that he will pay one full year at Stanford if she would have sex with him. Zoë isn't sure if she wants to play the victim in a new movie. Clare is starting to have feelings for Drew after they kissed. Maya is struggling to see who started the bullying and begins her relationship with Miles. Jenna and Connor go on a date. and Bianca play matchmaker between K.C.'s mother and their team captain. To defend herself, she told Simpson that there were no specific rules in the book about needing to wear a bra to school. Clare begins to worry that her new internship might get in the way of her relationship with Eli