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They refer to a list of ideas that is given in the book. Mark your wife’s birthday, your wedding anniversary, and Mother’s Day on your calendar every year and plan to make those days special. Devote one hour each night for alone time with your wife. Hold your wife’s hand often, in public and in private. Make a list of ten things your wife loves to do.. Tell your wife that you love her. Each month go somewhere new with your wife. Joke around with each other. Devote the next month to studying a book of the Bible with your wife. Cultivate your friendship. Spend an evening stargazing with your wife and talking about dreams you have for the future. Each new time you take your wife on a date, do one of those ten things as your date. Only you know how to best cultivate and guard the woman God has given you. Take twenty minutes several nights a week to read, discuss, and pray through a shorter book such as Ephesians or Philippians. Dating your wife. You can find the entire list of ideas in Justin’s book.

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. Vacation with your wife without your kids, without your work, and without your cell phone and computer. Tell your wife that Jesus loves her more than you do. Take your wife to din­ner and to a movie she wants to watch. Take up a new hobby with your wife; do something new that you’re both excited about. But, sometimes it helps to build off other people’s ideas in order to form your own … My prayer is that the power of the gospel would drive how you date your wife and implement these ideas. Each week rotate going out and stay­ing in for your date night. Men, you need to come up with your own ideas for how to date your wife. Take a twelve-month honeymoon with your wife. Spend an evening reminiscing with your wife about all you’ve been through together and all God has done and redeemed in your life together.

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. Take dancing lessons with your wife.

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. Cancel work for the day and do something special with your wife. Dating your wife. Write a love note to your wife. Sit in the back row and spend the whole time whispering memories from your own wedding. We hope that the ideas below will spark your thinking about ways you can date your wife.

Learn more about each other’s backgrounds. Cut something from your schedule and use that time to date your wife. Talk about how your days went. You know your wife better than anyone else. Talk honestly about what’s going on in your lives. Relationship jumpers. Visit where your wife grew up and where you grew up. Do the classic date: dinner and a show. Tell her all over again what she means to you