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anyhow I joined Foreigngirlfriend just to see what it's all about. I'm a challenging kind of person so when things came to real meeting, Arthur wanted to come to me on his vacation. I never thought that it would actually work. Her name is Anne and I'm proud to say that she's now my wife! But let the story flow in the right order. I mean all this online dating, but despite everything I gave it a try. So I wasn't really optimistic to meet someone online, but a friend of mine told me that we only live once and we have to try everything. hope my next post here will be about our wedding, I promise to attach a photo!! Good luck everyone, and thank you, Foreigngirlfriend!!We are so so happy! It's a miracle! Yes, this is OUR story!Let's start from the very beginning. After a trip I came back and we continued messaging but already as a couple, I can't fully express all my feelings here, I was in love. Dating a hasbian.

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. So I chatted with many men and finally met Arthur, he dropped me a line and everything began. Success storiesHey everyone, just got here to taste the waters, but after a while I found out that it's quite ok here, so I sent a couple of messages, chatted a bit, one thing led to another and I met Julia. Dating without a job. I have been messaging for a while and almost gave up, but there was one lady who conquered my heart even via online chatting.

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. I googled different sites, registered on several, but ultimately I stopped at Foreigngirlfriend. Our messaging was fun and made me feel cosy as we were talking for real. After a month of daily messaging I finally decided to visit her in Saint Petersburg, you never know. I barely knew English, but it wasn't an obstacle, when you like someone, you understand each other without words. Dating without a job.

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. But things turned to be much faster so I stayed there for an entire month, the brilliant month, and the best month in my life! She was so shy, mysterious, and alluring; no man could resist such charisma. and that is all about.As for now, Julia has just came to me and I’m spluttering with delight when she's next to me.

At the end of month I received a message from Tatyana, we chatted, exchanged some photos. At first I was skeptic about all this online dating, I was disappointed in guys I met in Ukraine, maybe my luck or my fate led me to my happiness.