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This woman could have stopped responding to your needs for closeness, sex and sensuality due to her physical ailments or 'female' problems. The most common use of devaluation as a defense is by children and young adults. Certainly not all women devalue their husbands either in public or in private. Since it's very likely your needs and feelings got pushed aside in childhood, it's completely understandable, that you fight for them now. This can have far reaching ramifications for this kid, as means leaving the nest--and no longer being his folks are staying together. In short, we're craving far more than a hollow escapade that feels like mutual masturbation. The trade-off is, their kid gets what never got, but they've lost their I see enormous ambivalence in these men. In these instances, a male child often adopts the role of husband. Many of these men grew up with controlling/demanding mothers and passive fathers. This fear/anxiety can be resolved with specialized, core-focused care. Because we are eager to escape embarrassment at lack of self control we will grab on to this justification and use it to ward off our uncomfortable feelings. She may literally wake up one morning and realize she has made a terrible mistake. Without this understanding, a man may spend months or even years trying to apply logic to a woman’s devaluation. This is the defense most women who idealize use to get the distance they need to stay in their comfort zone without leaving their relationship. But because her devaluation is a defense mechanism, his attempts to change her mind will not be effective. Related Posts: BPD and the Nice Guy Personality Type welcome page of this website where you will find the resources you need. It is this very common defense mechanism that kicks in after the idealization phase ends to protect idealizing women from what they experience as a harsh reality. To me, this outcome is the most tragic consequence of poor self-worth.


. This mother could be enmeshed with her child, which fosters an unhealthy bond that makes him/her feel responsible for the mother's moods and well-being. A man who has been drawn into the web of an idealizing woman will not be aware that she has only taken in his best qualities and has ignored his faults and flaws. The way most human defenses work to save us from uncomfortable emotional states such as embarrassment, guilt and fear is they supply us with justifications for any inappropriate actions we may want to take to escape from an unwanted emotional state. intro guide flip-book here or a PDF version of the intro guide here. It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing. A child from this type of home may have the sense that he/she is all that's keeping the parents from divorcing. She may have provided you some manual or oral relief, but withheld access to a fuller, more nourishing/intimate connection. That sexy Siren you've fallen for could literally shut down the candy store, once she's secured this relationship. Please join me in Part Two of this blog series where you will be learning techniques from the Nicola Method that allow partners of women with traits of BPD to put a stop to the defense mechanism of devaluation. Devaluing can be used to create emotional safety and distance without the need to create physical distance. Inevitably, he gives up trying to reason with her or fight back--and hands over his testicles. Unfortunately, her narcissistic focus on her own desires will come back to haunt her when her idealization finally fades. It will also step in to protect her from the embarrassment and guilt of having lured an innocent person into love under false pretenses. A relationship in which the woman is only showing her best side and only acknowledging her love interest’s best side does not allow either partner to test for true compatibility and mutual trust. But her sense of buyer’s remorse will not be the only reason she feels compelled to pull back. The idealization phase predictably ends once the woman gets a man to completely give himself over to her. A woman who has not established trust with her partner may use it indefinitely to ward off feelings of insecurity due to fear of rejection, abandonment or being taken advantage of. She may also begin to look for things about her loved one that when exaggerated or seen in certain lights can justify her devaluation of him. There is a great drop in valuation of her mate that occurs at this stage due to disappointment. Any attempts at problem-solving just leave the spouse of a Borderline feeling beaten-up and crazy. Devaluation as a Defense Mechanism Devaluation is a form of psychological protection usually used when people want to very quickly distance from another individual. There are also women who do have the tendency to idealize but who soon come to accept that married life is not a romantic fantasy. She may find that all of the little things he does that used to be endearing now irritate her. They will provide her with justification so she can distance herself without having to feel guilty. Another one, is "I'll take you for every cent you have." I know of a man who committed suicide to escape his wife's wrathful vengeance after they separated. Although we may not see idealization as problematic in itself, it plays a big part in devaluation. Defensive devaluation can also be used by an individual who is feeling threatened due to a perceived power imbalance between themselves and another person. Why Women Devalue Their Partners What drives idealization and devaluation by women in romantic relationships at a very basic level is relationship insecurity. Prostate problems, heart conditions, blood disorders, herpes breakouts, migraine headaches and glaucoma are a few of the souvenirs men have retained from these relationships, regardless of how physically powerful they were, before they met the Borderline. Unfortunately, the nature of defense mechanisms is to get us to do whatever it takes to protect ourselves no matter how destructive these actions prove to be to others. Fear of loss keeps them trapped in endless cycles of neglect, from which it seems there's no end in sight. This method shows you easy techniques that let you reverse the negative behaviors of high conflict personalities. It's a hard pill to swallow, but it's pretty common. He's been programmed from early boyhood, to be perfectly polite and always concerned with how others regard him. They will also justify her unwillingness to admit to herself or her partner that she made a huge mistake that will bring very real consequences for him. His sense of Self is predicated on making sure that everybody in the world likes him, and thinks he's beyond reproach. She may also find herself less able to be tactful and more freely expressing her negative feelings in his presence. Awareness of triggers sensations of. Even so, her defense mechanisms will have to switch into high gear since the man she is with is now in love with her and probably has given her no good reason to withdraw. The defense mechanism that most women who idealize use to emotionally distance from relationships formed without a foundation of trust is the defense mechanism of devaluation. It is at this point that a woman’s psychological defense mechanisms will take over in order to protect her from two things. This idealization allows her to skip all of the necessary steps we each need to go through in order to feel safe and secure before we enter the commitment stage of a relationship. They'll control their partners with all sorts of threats, should they even leaving: "You will never see your child/children again!" is a pretty common fear tactic that Borderlines use to keep men from fleeing these torturous unions. Their mother makes certain they view him as a monster of course--but they only hear one side of that story. Devaluing allows them to make the other person feel inferior so they no longer feel as threatened. Their father gave in to her whims and wishes, just to keep the peace. What causes female devaluation in romantic relationships is a protective defense mechanism that all people have that lies in wait, ready to protect us from uncomfortable feelings. Probably the most heartbreaking aspect of my practice, is hearing from hard-working family men who are married to borderline disordered females. He may resist going away to college, forming outside interests, learning to drive, looking for work or romance, etc. Some wives actually their husband going outside their marriage to meet his needs; "if sex is so important to you, go get a girlfriend!" but later recant, saying they didn't mean it. But as painful as we can imagine it is for a man to be devalued by a woman he is in love with, a devaluing woman will usually be oblivious to the consequences of her actions. When her fantasy fades she will become acutely aware that while her feelings have flatlined out, her partner is still wildly passionate about her and expecting her to feel the same way. All their seductive behaviors, their caregiving and affection, their understanding about you and needs, come to a fairly abrupt once you've tied the knot. He also will be unaware that she has only shown him her ideal self and that he has never seen her faults and flaws. Dating with bpd. Couples were more dependent on each other, and a single woman was to support herself. e of the most destructive consequences for a man having an extramarital affair, is he is crucified by his children. And they may have little practice translating emotions into words that can be used to effectively communicate their needs. They may also use devaluation to justify leaving the relationship.

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. Dating a hasbian. This is no longer true in our world--but it's remarkable how many females live totally off the fruits of their husband's labor--yet resent being housewives, and all that entails. Men stray, to get their needs for affection and closeness met. Dating with bpd. Unfortunately, although idealization always fades, devaluation can continue throughout the life of the relationship. If a woman does not possess the traits that drive her to idealize her mate she usually won’t engage in devaluation. As his failure to lauch is influenced by his sense that 'family unity' depends on it happening, even his social development may be delayed. It is at this point that her defenses will kick in. Now that you have a clearer understanding of the mechanics of devaluation, let’s take a look at how it feels from the perspective of the woman devaluing. But this two-way idealization does encourage her love interest to join into her state of euphoria. When we are under the influence of a defense mechanism, we will not see the pain our behavior is causing to others. When he isn't placing someone else's needs before his own, he feels unlovable and unworthy of receiving affection, attention or praise. A devaluing woman may simply notice that she has become strangely irritable lately. He's now suffering with a form of Parkinson's Disease--and trying to stay alive. The steps she does not take are the ones that would assure her that her future mate accepts her with all of her faults and flaws and that she accepts him with his faults and flaws. Due to boyhood conditioning, he's willing to accommodate/accept all sorts of deficits within his marriage. Although she may not realize it, her goal in the beginning stages of her relationship will be to achieve a feeling state of euphoria. As the years go by, you're faced with the dreadful awareness that this 'phase' has become permanent--but it's impossible to leave, without severe financial repercussions. They phone me needing help to recover from relationship--but it's soon revealed that is one too! She may be the less volatile Waif/Martyr type, who's long-suffering, needful, guilting and shaming--but she's got BPD traits just the same. This may have come true, however they've bitterly complained about not getting enough attention, affection and sex during the course of their marriage.

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. As a quick example of how everyday defense mechanisms work, if we find ourselves over-eating a day after we announced to the world that we were on a diet, our subconscious mind will attempt to supply us with justifications that to others may seem flimsy. This has lead him to discard personal facets and feelings, that might not win him acceptance or approval from others. Because she has not taken the steps to build up the necessary trust, she will also be left with a very strong fear of being over her head or in too deep that she will not necessarily understand or even be consciously aware of. These insults make it clear that they have no connection to an individual that they fear may bring them down the social ladder. He may endlessly attempt to convince her that he is a good person who does not deserve her anger. One of my ex's was married to a borderline disordered female for twelve years. On one hand, they might derive vicarious satisfaction from observing loving interplay between their wife and child--but feel cheated/jipped out of those supplies themselves.. I can't help but wonder what they with themselves all day long when the kids are grown--yet the housework is chronically neglected. If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod this app will let you this material;. Devaluation From a Female Perspective There are several ways a woman’s idealization turns to devaluation. They eventually learn the skills necessary to achieve a peaceful relationship. This is a tactic used by many people when they need to quickly distance from someone who is making them feel uneasy. This present reality is so incongruent with your pre-marital status, it can only be thought of as a fluke--and you'll pass it off as such. Expressing needs is a foreign concept that strikes dread, in even the mightiest of men. Let me be perfectly clear: No sane, healthy woman ever gives her partner walking papers, or permission to leave the marriage bed, because she knows that once that barn door's flown open, it's nearly impossible to get a stallion back to his stall. Let’s take a quick look at how common defense mechanisms work so you can better understand the defense mechanism of devaluation. A woman who is idealizing a love interest does not show him her flaws. Without a doubt, the most painful part of this type of coupling, is the your partner puts on you for having any needs. At this point the rosy glow fades and the woman finds herself stuck in a committed relationship with a person who she realizes no longer fits her ideal. She had entrapped him, by the way--and I guess he thought shooting himself was the only way out of his anguish. Devaluation usually consists of put-downs or actions that convey contempt. He will not realize that women who idealize rarely possess these important partnership skills. She may feel like she is unusually cranky or for some reason in a bad mood whenever her partner is around. If you've your anger in this marriage and felt long-term resentment, may erupt in your body. These women have little capacity for empathy or impulse control--and one fine day, a heavy iron skillet or knife may cause irreparable bodily harm. He's hypervigilant about controlling his moods, all his behaviors and how he's perceived. Husbands of Borderlines manage to tolerate a litany of abuses before they reach out for help, or begin scouring the Internet in their efforts to identify the reasons behind this agony they've endured for years--or even decades. The easiest defense mechanism available will be the defense of devaluation. Devaluing conveniently allows them to leave without accountability for the pain their action will cause. At this point a second layer of defense may kick in to protect her from guilt. She will be very busy only showing him her best side. Borderlines can be incredibly vindictive.

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