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You say "Hmmm, OK." Say I flip it again, and it comes up heads a fourth time. The first man was created from out of the dust of the ground. This water is called "juvenile" water, because it is assumed to have never been on the surface of the earth before. Once in a while they produce some interesting benign abnormalities. It is authored by two knowledgeable and experienced lecturers on the subject, packed with information, yet easy to understand. Furthermore, even within creationist circles there is contention and debate over competing theories. The most recently evolved life forms are to be found in the highest layers. Some creationists use the dissimilarities between these same animals to argue that animal A did not evolve into animal X and animal X did not evolve into animal B. The descriptions above are not meant to categorically argue for any particular catastrophistic theory, but rather to illustrate that there are alternatives to conventional "scientific" wisdom. The reason we know our Creator was not created is not because of the design argument, but because he said so, which is based on our acceptance of the record of his testimony, and is an entirely different matter. The amount of water spewed out from all these volcanoes is estimated to be about a cubic mile. Blanc and Sergio Sergii, "Monte Circeo," , Vol. The inherent design in the life forms on earth and the coded information contained therein must be attributed to a designer of vastly superior intelligence and ability than man. Discoveries of various bone fragments and skeletal parts continued by several others. The results obtained are inconsistent with successive measurements made using the same and different dating methods. The light moths blended in well with the mottled gray lichen on the trees. A philosophical extension of this principle is that all phenomena in the universe can be explained by the uniform application of the laws of nature; put another way, that all phenomena are natural phenomena. Even so, it is my conviction that no substantial scientific training or experience is required to confront evolutionism and defend recent creation. And lo and behold, the computers have actually gotten better and more sophisticated. Life on earth is far more complex than computer equipment. Stratified layers of rock containing fossils Burial order does not imply ancestry. Acts & Facts Institute for Creation Research P.O. The formation of living matter from non-living matter by chance remains within the realm of speculation without foundation. No scientist has been able to demonstrate a theory that compels the present array of life forms to exist with their present characteristics. Randomness is associated with disorder, and disorder is not associated with selection. Predators eating prey is not a vehicle for the origin of any innovative functionality, but only its possible destruction if one trait should be driven to extinction. evolution, we must keep in mind that a discussion of transitional forms is moot and useless. Leakey, Olduvai Gorge, Vol. Creation Research Society Quarterly P.O. Order and selection are the result of directed, non-random causes.

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. A defense of the authenticity and validity of these is beyond the scope of this document on creation vs. Evolutionists cite all sorts of alleged examples of beneficial mutations. A very short general treatment, very subjective, but interesting. Furthermore, the animals, their predators, cosmic radiation, harmful chemicals, and genetic transcriptional errors have not been shown to be working in some sort of grand coalition with each other towards a common engineering effort. A scientific theory is validated through experimental observation and/or theoretical evaluation. Miracles are not a natural phenomenon. It would take a miracle for it not to. Gralenski, "Yale Natural Radiocarbon Measurements," , Vol. Cancer within living organisms is a good example of this in biological systems. Clearly, meaningful words are a very small subset of what we would expect to get from random letters. So to begin with, Potassium- Argon dating cannot be more accurate than Uranium isotope dating. One can get an idea of how small this subset is by repeatedly arranging random words picked from out of a dictionary and seeing how many arrangements turn out to be meaningful. About a dozen volcanoes erupt each year. So it is with random genetic mutations. Each condensation reaction described above is reversible. It is important to note that both creationists and evolutionists are equally responsible for ultimately attributing phenomena in the universe to an "uncaused cause." The creationist says that God caused everything but was not himself caused by anything. The burden of proof is on them, however, to show that a particular beneficial trait was a mutation to begin with. Another proposal is the "life seeded by aliens from outer space" theory, which also has no foundation and just shifts the problem to some other planet. It requires a very high reading comprehension level. And random genetic mutations should be expected to corrupt the existing coded genetic information. Extra-terrestrial intelligence As a caveat and disclaimer to this final essay, it should be noted that it is in principle impossible to prove a universal negative. The animals don't have ancestral dates attached to them. The above examples illustrate conclusions based on preconceived notions, major extrapolations upon scanty finds, and some outright frauds. They were the first to be buried, and the least able to escape the deluge. Of the two methods, the source of the most authoritative information is to consult the designer and his documentation. Because if you really want to know about how something was designed, it's best to first consult the person who designed it. According to this hypothesis the mid-oceanic ridges are not the intersection of moving plates, but the place where the earth underneath where the layer above the water first cracked and gave way bulged up. In fact, we should expect just the opposite in the presence of cosmic noise. Because something is producing the short-term comets, therefore the young-earth metric is invalid." Io, the still-volcanic moon of Jupiter: Small bodies like Io should have lost the heat and energy that it takes to be volcanic a long time ago. A year later, it was determined that the fragment came from a four-month old donkey. You say, "OK." I flip it a second time, and it comes up heads again. Note that even though we cannot begin to count all the possible text strings that would constitute a recognizable message, we conclude that the message has an intelligent author. Limited information is available regarding these latter finds. Given any preconceived age of the earth, there can be found a dating metric to support it. Dating a hasbian. Random genetic mutations are claimed to be a key factor by which simple life forms evolve into more complex ones. The good computers sell and people buy the good computers. Every human on earth is descended from that first pair.

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. Osborn sent the tooth to be analyzed by specialists, and the consensus was that the tooth more closely resembled the human tooth than of any known ape, and concluded that this was the first evidence of an anthropoid ape in the western hemisphere. Objects known to be young have been dated using these methods with erroneous results. But to begin with, we shouldn't consider ourselves qualified to criticize the design, since we ourselves have not designed anything of the level of sophistication of a panda, let alone a single-celled organism. Only then should you expect the petrification process to work. Overthrust theories also demonstrate circular reasoning as evolutionists try to use the geologic column to support their theory, then use their theory to explain away inconsistencies in the geologic column. The last chapter contains an introduction to biochemistry. But to top it off, the popular scenario involves things happening in a primordial sea, implying an excess of water. To get such a fossil, you would have to suddenly and quickly bury the animal under tons of sediment, so that it would be isolated from scavengers and excluded from the effects of weather. They found tools in the vicinity of the bones, and assumed that Australopithicus used them. And a philosophical consequence of that principle is that there is the allowance for a Creator who exists outside of the creation who is able and willing to intervene in the natural order in a supernatural way. It has been suggested that Sinanthropus was either a large macaque or baboon, and that the workers at the quarry killed them and ate their brains for food. The third objection to the design argument goes like this: "The panda's thumb is an example of poor design." Now, one could embark on a useless discussion about whether it is indeed poor design or not. Anything is good enough for the evolutionist, and nothing is good enough for the creationist. Amino acids are molecules that have a three-dimensional geometry. Because uniformitarianism is not defensible, therefore its application in the defense of evolution is not valid. In many places in the world, you can find stratified layers of rock in which are embedded various fossils. It should be noted that a baboon that lives in high altitudes in Ethiopia, Theropithicus galada, has teeth and jaw characteristics very much like Ramapithecus and Australopithicus. But further than that, the person stating this objection has not observed the genesis of the panda, such that he could describe the panda's functionality in light of the panda's original environment, which is not known for certain to be the same as it is today. Chance is equated with randomness, and randomness is equated with disorder and chaos. A ribosome is a highly integrated miniature chemical factory.

A field expedition was launched to find more remains of the creature. Because there is a dynamo, the magnetism in the earth has not been monotonically decaying. Dating vs seeing someone. One thing I can do is examine the piece of equipment, taking it apart, measuring it, etc., to try to come to a conclusion about what makes it tick. It can be concluded that radioisotope dating methods lack the theoretical and experimental foundation needed to be considered reliable indicators of the age of the specimens being dated. A ribosome can be viewed as a machine that manufactures proteins according to the genetic code that it receives externally from messenger RNA molecules generated elsewhere in the cell. So it is assumed that a rock in the vicinity of a fossil is the same age as the fossil. Those defending creation today who don't have the time to devote their life's study to gaining expertise in all fields of inquiry must principally be prepared to think critically, logically, and challenge unsubstantiated assumptions made by these people. If evolution does not work in theory or practice, no amount of time added into the scenario will make it work. Multiple witnesses have seen these things happen and heard the Creator speak and have written them down as reliable testimony which we can now refer back to. As an example, there also exists a "catastrophic plate tectonics" theory, which is hotly debated against the "hydroplate hypothesis". Variations such as this demonstrate the concept of what is often referred to as "micro-evolution." A scientific hypothesis is verified through theoretical analysis and laboratory experiment/observation. Any complex structure can be represented by a finite amount of information that describes the structure and how it is built up from raw materials, like the blueprints for a computer. In order for the simplest living cell to replicate, it must manufacture proteins. If anything, they have superior size and brain capacity than what is average for modern man..

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. But never has anyone demonstrated that a mutation has benefitted an organism in such as way as to create an innovative function or a more complex or different kind of life form. Dating vs seeing someone. It is confirmed based on testimony revealed by the Creator. It is often claimed that animals which have died fall to the ground and are slowly buried by the accumulation of sediment and fossilized in the process. In a very few cases, the program might exhibit some interesting aberrant behavior. And that is not a scientific matter. That program may have been more than successful in its own right, but it experienced a deterioration of function that was not advantageous in the grand scheme of things. The Creator is more knowledgeable, and none of us was there to observe life come about on earth. This idea would be considered an absurd proposition. The second objection is this: "The chances of winning the lottery are one in a million. "Success" was already defined as anything and everything before the number was randomly typed. A philosophical extension of this principle is that some phenomena may be explained by exceptions to the laws of nature; put another way, that not all phenomena are natural phenomena. Amino acids can react and form bonds with other chemical compounds, and not just other amino acids. If this were not the case, then no scientific progress could be made. Radiotelescopes are pointed towards outer space, searching for a coded message among the electromagnetic noise that bombards the earth from distant sources. Ramapithecus is now generally classified as essentially the same animal as a fossil orangutan known by the name of Sivapithecus. Each new group has a smaller set of genetic traits in its collective pool of genes, and so will now exhibit less variation over future generations. Without tangible evidence we are left with the skeletal reconstructions and work of a man who would declare that he found a hominid based on a couple of teeth. I do not agree to defend this document in any forum that I did not submit it, due to the practical limitations of my own time. Intelligent design, planning and intent is not a natural phenomenon. In the case of evolution, the evolutionist has not even specified the sample set to demonstrate that evolution should be considered probable. The ordering is also too inconsistent to fit within the evolutionary model. If malaria became so rampant in the world that only people with sickle-cell anemia survived, then the final population would be worse off functionally than the non-mutant population that lived before the plague hit. ---------------------------------------------------- The following are a few of the many organizations involved specifically in creation-oriented research and apologetics. To avoid personalized advertising based on your mobile app activity, you can install the DAA’s AppChoices app here. It has never been demonstrated in the laboratory. A person defending evolution often excludes an intelligent creator as an explanation for the cause of things happening, and in the void substitutes "chance." But "chance" can be one of the evolutionist's worst enemies. The purpose of the following work is to show the magnitude of the problem that evolutionists face in their propositions and speculations about life arising spontaneously. They don't prove that the earth is young, but they are not less valid than the metrics which suggest that the earth is old. A scientific theory is validated through theory and experiment