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The scene in where the makeup is removed is during the singing of “Reflections”, where Mulan is seen owning up to who she really is under all the clothes and makeup that she was pressured to wear that day. The Yang vs Mercury aftermath has spawned several memes for each side. Also, the original fairy tale that inspired The Little Mermaid is a lot darker than the Disney film, so it’s probably for the best that the studio made a few changes. RT took advantage of the comedic value of the thing and made the plush doll the center of a cult of living Blind Box dolls who were awakened by her. Hipster Ariel - featuring The Little Mermaid herself wearing thick black glasses - and Asleep Aurora - showing the Sleeping Beauty in her deep slumber - are other examples of very popular memes that came from the studio’s beloved fairy tales. In Kill la Kill, Ryuko severs Nui Harime's arms in a Heroic Second Wind. Then perish.Karmic Death has been compared to a certain variant of the "Hewwo" meme. This meme reminisces on the fact that, sometimes, people drink one too many shots of alcohol during a pregame and get too inebriated while still riding a car to the club. Blake being fed up with everyone around her making cat puns. Played for Laughs, naturally. Dating a hasbian. Top Heavy becoming an Unusual Euphemism for Yang's chest. Bold Advertisement RWBY Chibi had a new episode after the finale which was pretty much a plug for Rooster Teeth's merchandise. FISTS! MY ONLY WEAKNESS!Tyrian was by a simple punch. Ariel is, of course, a lot more than her looks, and Disney tried to convey all of her personality in the film through ways other than the character’s voice so that Eric could reasonably fall in love with her. The Great One Ascended Meme. Fall, the fans rally that Yang is innocent. Hilariously, the arm Yang loses is her right, which is the one that gets cut off the most in for the Skywalker family. Given a popular fan comic, later made into a skit on , made a pun joke about Cinder Fall{ing} the fandom was hard wired to think along these lines. "Notice me, Cinder-senpai!" "God DAMNIT, Barb!" Barbara Dunkelman, made an awful pun about "starting her semesters off with a YANG" "You just activated my trap card!" Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise was said by Yang. "Yang losing an arm" jokes, after Cinder shoots Pyrrha in the heart with an arrow, there has been a flood of puns. It even dies from being shot! Ruby the Tavern Wench Entire Team Genes Memetic Sex God and Yang so. Several scenes have been noticed to be very similar, like the scene in "No Brakes" where Grimm break into Vale reminding of the opening scene of , and near-identical death scenes of Ren and Eren's mothers. And, to the surprise of no one, X is Y. Little Cute Boy Ozpin! Nora's choice of words regarding the scenario. As seen in the Disney live-action film and in the Broadway musical sometimes villains are evil for a reason, not just because they were born that way. stabs himself with Dust and yells, somebody gives him a nonplussed look. It is now safe to say that they come from many different backgrounds and lead adventures that take them in many different directions, and the Internet loves all of them for it - especially when it comes to making memes. Pyrrha plush The Great One Chibi that called the plush that way, this is the new name of the Pyrrha Plush, coupled with a MASSIVE discount on the store, further cementing its memetic status. There are currently two official versions to Aurora’s story in the Disney canon. Time will tell if the name change remains permanent. Ozpin's weapon is his coffee mug. The ass is the weak point. meme page is the common occurence of people who claim to "Main" Hanzo actually being really bad at playing him. The first time it was Qrow, the second it was Mercury. Hence comparisons to Shirou/Archer Bad "Yang losing an arm" jokes. The film was Pixar’s first-ever attempt in developing a character that would join the ranks of Disney Princesses, and was also supposed to be the studio’s first full-length feature to be directed by a woman. I can see Lancaster at the horizon. Horrible Penny Jokes Gallows Humor jokes at her expense. I'm the best girl." Since this is Zwei's perspective, it's official. A more accurate comparison to alcohol would be that Snow White got “roofied” by some substance that was put in her drink. Screencaps of these faces are now common. Meaningful Name gained a new layer of significance. either yaoi or yuri and that nobody, especially the voice actors/actresses, are stopping them. For example, someone pasted Adam's face on the man riding a bike and tripping from the "Baton Roue" webcomic, where on the last panel he repeats the quote. Sometimes you lie asleep in bed feeling just like Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, except that there was no Maleficent to cast a spell on you – it’s just the consequence of late-night partying and a massive hangover. A few weeks later he posted DeviantArt page from now on. Achievement Hunter's Jeremy Dooley's "Weiss voice", which hits Gavin Free levels of unintelligible gibberish. THE TRUTH ABOUT EVIL QUEENS Who knows, maybe Evil Queens are actually, deep down, just Disney Princesses who have gone through a lot. People have begun to joke that if Li Ren was a better Hanzo, he wouldn't have died. "Looks like they've been taking tips from ArcSys." BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, people have stated that they've been using their ideas. One can assume that, as she questioned whether the Magic Carpet was safe to ride, Jasmine was actually still scanning Aladdin and deciding whether he was worthy of her trust. Amber going into the Maiden State Amber using Diamond Storm Flechette Storm. A pile of ashes is an accurate cosplay of Pyrrha Nikos. I want to look at pictures of puppies on the internet." Funnier / Darker when the relevant chapter came out just as RT released a statement discussing how was about to get really dark, and fans might be wishing for the tamer seasons. The feeling of TGIF is nearly universal, as a restful weekend is always appreciated after a busy and productive week. Arkos ship name is now ! Pyrrha's death has effectively sunken this ship shortly after it set sail. Pyrrha Nikos will always be near our hearts. But there’s yet another thing to add to that list: the usage of kitchen utensils for things other than cooking and eating. Ground Rules, G R O U N D R U L E S pedophile, a rapist, was raped by his parents as a child, and pirates videogames. Dogs of War, the joke ship of Ironwood and Zwei proposed during the Hype Stream. Unfortunately, for Snow White, it wasn’t really her choice to become intoxicated. Fuck it, I have fists!Memetic Badass in the slightest. Still, this meme is a funny comparison between the real world and the fictional one in The Lion King. MERIDA'S DRUNK TEXTS Drunk texting travels as quickly as Merida’s arrow, and this meme is here to prove it. an edit from RWBYRecaps began circulating where Taiyang says he's going to impregnate his entire team and Qrow tries clarifying that he's there too. And to the surprise of everyone, X is Y. "Boop!" Ascended Meme, as Nora now sometimes wears a T-shirt with "Boop" written on it, and her Image Song is called "Boop" "It's also a gun." has a gun of some kind incorporated into it, and to a line from the first volume where Ruby is showing Jaune hers. Stop forgetting the map, Jaune! Weiss' Father stole Christmas. You ruined everything! EVERYTHING! his brother Fennec's death. Fan Nickname given to Blake's butt, which has been turned into an Ensemble Darkhorse by itself.

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. That defies physics!that is the weirdest thing she's seen. Matching Scars! have suggested that they are now perfect for each other because their scars would mirror each other. This meme is a witty twist on the lyrics of The Little Mermaid’s most well-recognized song, “Part of Your World”, which serves as Ariel’s ultimate anthem in the film. Somehow the whole thing went memetic. Puns quickly followed, and Weiss suddenly became associatedwithan RP blog for a shark Faunus Weiss. Was being the operative term. It can sometimes be challenging to take off even the smallest amount of makeup from one’s face, so it’s safe to assume that it would be a major task to take off the amount of makeup that was put on Mulan’s face in the beginning of her movie. Some time after that he fell in love with his other teammate, a silver eyed redhead, named Summer Rose. For bonus points, the song originated from , the character concept which Penny is based off of. While some Internet memes are made at Disney’s expense, most people who create these memes are voracious Disney fans who use the studio’s characters to illustrate relatable situations that we all go through in the real world. Salem just wants to date Blake.

In , Rapunzel was seen using a knife as a weapon, which was common to see in other movies, but not so much in Disney fairy tales. Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures. But let’s be honest: unlike Aurora, there’s usually no “true love’s kiss” to wake us up in the morning after a hangover. Being a robot, there's also a possibility Penny won't stay dead, much like 's Kenny. After belting out “Let It Go,” Elsa takes full control of her own destiny in , but that switch unfortunately leaves Arendelle in an endless winter and without its Queen. The fact that he shatters his previously calm demeanor and the sheer hamminess of the moment have caused many permutations if the line. Later in the film, she finds out that she was sort of right about challenging his full honesty. Cue, or rather continue the shipping. Fans telling Monty Oum that he needs to get some sleep. "His name is Smolboi." tiny next to the girls who are between two and four years older than him respectively. "Play it again, FILSS" flagship show.     RWBY Manga  playing whenever Glynda shows up. As a successor, it is now Jaune's duty to go beyond his team, add the fact that fans enjoy shipping Jaune with every female of the series and you get this meme. Not knowing Emerald and Mercury's names, they described them as "the black girl with gun scythes and her kicking friend." Fans immediately adopted these as their new nicknames. Unlimited Velvet/Bunny works.Power Copying and specifically uses the weapons of other characters. Neptune is the key to everyone's bisexual awakening. Everyone is Neo You thought this would be [X] catchphrases as a result. is the most recent example of a Disney film that spun hundreds of thousands of different memes, but it is definitely not the only example of Disney Princesses who are turned into popular jokes. But truth is, life happens, and sometimes things don’t particularly go that way. Two short films – Frozen Fever and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure – have been released since the original , updating fans in regards to what happens between the first movie and its upcoming sequel. this meme won't be stopping any time soon. Taiyang Xiao Long, a blue eyed blonde, was left behind by his first love and teammate, Raven Branwen, and never saw her again. It's unlikely to see fans referring to him by any other name. MULAN’S MAKEUP REMOVER Besides kitchen utensils as hairbrushes and weapons, it seems like Disney also believes that sleeves are incredibly effective makeup removers. Ami Koshimizu is the seiyu of Yang. Shot through the heart, and Gallows Humor jokes made in the wake of a character's death; this particular joke has been used on two occasions for two characters Cinder killed with an arrow to the heart: Amber and Pyrrha. Scythe Girl and Kick Friend. Cyborg Jaune Raiden, and are expecting him to be burned like his basis, Joan of Arc, only to be rebuilt as a cyborg. A little armor could help.where his armor was. It also makes the fandom want him to take over as her. This meme perfectly fits the character, as she gracefully falls down a waterfall while, at the same time, she flips everyone off, grateful for being done with work for the week. This has caused viewers to joke that Adam would blame the Belladonnas for any thing that happens to him, even if they weren't the cause. Bad "Pyrrha getting shot" jokes.. Matt the Mammoth-Rider's recaps started a joke about Adam being trapped on the moon and writing a Moon-Log about his struggles. Jaune has a Mexican cousin called "Juane". I May Fall was repurposed into this Yang-worthy pun. Some little girls love fantasizing about the day they will become a Disney Princess, especially one as smart and adventurous as Belle. Anti-Upskirt Technology has failed! Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Grimm! Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Grimm!Cutaway Gag from. It wasn’t even an honest mistake, either. Ruby's silver eyes marking her as special. Immediately after her debut, people began comparing Neo to Nui Harime. Almost EXACTLY like in the actual Yu-Gi-Oh! series, as regular Yugi switches to Yami Yugi. Jaune Arc, a blue eyed blonde, was left behind by his first love and teammate, Pyrrha Nikos, and never saw her again.

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. Cat Girl, and especially after the moment it was confirmed she was a Cat Girl, fans speculated whether the show would make cat jokes at her expense. Taiyang Xiao Long being a Memetic Sex God. This is nearly identical to Renamon's Diamond Storm move, using razor-sharp leaves as a projectile attack. Character X is a dick to trees. Said user gilded him and the hilarity of it all propelled it into meme status. look as old as she likely is in the animated series, but in the "I want to go home. saying "I give you all the treats. People have begun to joke that Watts will end up losing his mustache if he ever crosses paths with Ruby. Considering the fact that Back from the Dead about to be killed all over again. gone and the remaining villains Emerald, Mercury, and Hazel last seen retreating into the woods, some fans have speculated that the three of them form their own team. As adults, we start to see the hilarious cracks in their shiny surfaces - thanks to memes! are known for intelligence and courage, grace and honor, beauty and personality. Still, it begs the question that Eric’s logic in falling for her makes very little sense in the real world. History will repeat itself. Dating vs married memes. post on the subreddit about it. Ryuko Matoi is on the receiving end of an arm severing attack. Now a citation for the overall impossibility of the weapons of the series.

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. Overall, there's almost an unspoken rule that characters have the same personality as their voice actors. , its become a theory that Qrow has been watching over the cast from the beginning, which may be supported by sightings of a crow in each Color Trailer. As seen during Team RNJR's fight against it, the Nuckelavee's rider body is seen waving its long arms around to attack opponents, and is practically undergoing spasms throughout the fight. The idea that the world of Remnant is populated entirely by homosexuals. Like Jasmine, Mulan, Merida, Moana, and others, Esmeralda is totally in control of her own journey and is without a doubt the strongest character in her film, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, even in the face of being constantly objectified by Frollo. Weiss you useless lesbian! Best girl RWBY subreddit dedicated to finding people's "best girls" usually lead to people putting male or even non-human characters. Some people are blaming Whitley, due to his voice actor Never Living Down killing Sigward in Team Four Star's play through