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And then more plans, and then more plans, until making plans becomes redundant. Most Indians believe that its the family that’s more important in bringing good qualities among children. It is not about which marriage is successful, just a trade mark of love marriage doesn’t make the relationship weak or the stamp of arranged marriage makes the relationship strong. That new house will be your home and you have to stay with that new family no matter what. But wait, it’s not like a walk in the park here. If you successfully manage to convince them, you need to convince the ‘Society’. "We stopped saying each other’s names in our text messages. Everything should go as per their mindframe. Dating a hasbian. Dating versus marriage. its like a treasure hunt. Undoubtedly, your first thought would be of divorce. He called his present, awesomely, #thegiftofdata. Only you have to adjust with them whether they will adjust with you or not. Your parents - Her parents, Your relatives - Her relatives. But unfortunately pure love doesn't exist nowadays.

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. Which becomes another plan to get together. However this remains one of the main reasons till date.Given a choice, I will always favour love marriage. We don’t say in 'love' as much anymore.". You need to convince this chain of people before even thinking about divorce. and each time you discover, you feel more love. The thing is that our country is still conservative when it comes to marriages, love interests or sex for that matter.Suppose, you are going through a worst phase of your marriage and you want to put an end to the trauma you are suffering from.

Even if there are dowries involved in arranged marriages, it is a way to ensure that both families are equal in terms of economic well being.When the marriage happens. This is how we perceive thing and make our choices. So, most of the relationships are based on these factors. So, you expect a lot of things from your partner. Love is now a priority and this is perhaps the best time to have them!!Families on the other hand give their full support in whatever matter it is desired. all make your journey so wonderful. If you tell them you want to get separate, then the first sentence you will hear from them, we already knew that this relationship is your mistake and it is no going to work. You people chose to marry against your parents' wish or simply opt for parting ways.Surely there are other sides to why love marriage is not so successful in India. This October, to commemorate their sixth year together, Zhao took that Word doc and expanded it. Suddenly, from a lovebirds' mode you begin to shift to a rebellious mode, since you are fighting for your love. So, your decision to get separated got easily accepted by both the families or at least by one family.In arrange marriage, from the day you got engaged or even before, the girl is well taught that she has to adjust with the new family under any circumstance. She took the texts from their first year together and then : texts from their sixth year-a year that saw the two transitioning from engaged to newlywed. And if those expectations are not met, then you got frustrated and angry with your partner and release your anger on him/her in one way and other.

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. You tell your partner “If we marry, things will not be pleasant for you. It gives a kind of indication to other’s that you are not in a happy relationship. So, there is no emotional and other connection in this relationship, just adjustments and social approval. those butterflies, those ringing bells… those violins. So many loves start with a "hey." A tentative "hey." A hopeful "hey." And more often than ever that "hey" is not spoken, but sent through a text message.That first "hey," if all goes well, is returned; from there, the "hey" becomes a plan to get together. In those first two years in arranged marriage, both the families are there to support and sort out your issues. First of all, wether we agree or not due to social prejudices getting married to your love is still a big thing.Moreover, there are few families who accept it whole hearted but still other people of society don't appreciate it. It does not break quickly during the highs and lows of the relationships.The arranged married couple starts with low expectation from each other as they don’t even know each other well before marriage. Owing to the old thought patterns, they will make your marriage look more like a deal instead of marriage. You get to experience the true feeling of love ‘now’ as you start your arranged married life. So, your love keeps you in that relationship not any forced adjustments.In arranged marriage, you have minimum expectations from your partner as you knew that you both are new to each-other and you can’t develop a relationship overnight. Reasons:-In India, parents consider their children as their sole entity. Either, I will have to go against the wish of my parents to marry you or part our ways. As the family tries to tell the girl that please doesn’t count upon us after your marriage.In love marriage, the girl and the boy have taken this decision with their mutual understanding and because of love, so there is not point of forced adjustments. So, you surely adjust with the person and his/her family because you love them, but not because you are forced to do so. What Zhao found was, if not scientifically rigorous, then romantically revealing. Therefore, you hardly get support of your family in the initial years.The first two years of every marriage is very crucial. There are advantages and disadvantages in everything and even with relationship as well. Their agenda includes sharing similar preferences in terms of community/caste/religion, which goes further evolving to appearance, profession,status, personality of prospective partner for their children. They are only more enduring and successful due to the reasons cited in my answer. A family of good repute will have better chances of having children raised with good values