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. : The books never officially explain what the Sugar Bowl secret is, they never explain who actually burned down the Baudelaire mansion. He dedicated an episode to Hero and Galgarion ultimately resolving their feud and Hero going back home to Cherry where they later have a child. The Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Harm" was rather bad with this. This is mostly due to the fact that the Light Novel , leaving the writers without a proper ending to adapt. Epsilon-Church deconstructs himself into his fragments, which each go to one of the different Reds and Blues to help them defeat Hargrove's forces, which are about to blast their way into the room they're barricaded in. Mari's fate in the anime after her loved one Hagino dies is never addressed, not even in the huge time skip at the end of the series. On a show that's canceled. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II ends with Darth Vader captured by the Rebellion and the Rebel fleet makes the jump into hyperspace, little knowing that Boba Fett is following them. On the plus side, you can take it as evidence disproving that. The game sadly ends with his daughter Alyx crying over his corpse. By sucking out his brains, the Combine learned everything he knows about the resistance and info about the missing cargo ship The Borealis. Especially in the first seasons there were a lot of plotlines opened that were just left hanging. Nearly all of them stopped in the middle of ongoing storylines. ends in this manner, with all of the plot threads that had been developed over the last couple years being abandoned in favor of the ending that had been planned out and worked on for years. The events that presumably happen during the finale of that series have been referenced in later books, but it is uncertain whether the books will actually ever be written. You should think something like this would be of value enough to fly there, especially since the planet was very close to Earth. If an is ever announced, people will probably ask about the Elf Wars. Plot threads left dangling include: Brigid, the coming battles against Ka Anor, the fate of the Sennites, how the introduction of technology will affect Everworld, who will be the next mayor of Atlantis, the Great Scroll of the Gods, etc. Some people say the cancellation was due to lack of toy sales, though co-creator Genndy Tartakovsky later revealed that the cancellation was just as fueled by. But we know Bizarre is done for good and the next Bond game won't follow this one. Due to the abrupt cancellation, several plotlines had to be hastily tied up, to no one's satisfaction. It's revealed in a deleted scene that it's two employees from Vance Refrigeration. We never find out what the alien dogs' mission is or why the map Kate made for a homework assignment happened to fit perfectly as the other half of a real map. The studio never followed up on either of these plot points, instead opting for two prequels and a solo spin-off starring Wolverine before following up a bit on it in. : The film ends with a post-credits scene where General Ross is approached by Tony Stark, who offers to help him take down the Hulk in exchange for Ross helping out with. Another incident in-series is the fate of Sixth Ranger David. He intends to release the Dark God into Midkemia and the amulet is clearly a part of his plan. In many subplots are deliberately left unresolved: "But that is another story, to be told another time." has no resolutions given with regards to the full effects of Danny's Change, his relationship with Juliet, or the assassination of Huey Seele. When Crossgen Comics folded, they promptly ended every single comic mid-story, right when the overall plot was reaching its apex. Finally, "iSaved Your Life", where Freddie saves Carly's life, they enter a relationship. Harry, who was starting to come around that Spider-Man might not be so bad, goes back to hating him and Peter ultimately quits being Spider-Man and throws the costume into the Hudson River. started the "Daemon" storyline during the third season. Meanwhile, there is the matter of the Crawler still alive and and active.somewhere. resolved most of it's major plot points, but left a few smaller plots open -Namely Anemos, Sheba's origins, and the ultimate fate of. They interview the widow of a man she helped, who claims her husband was murdered as well. had, initially, one of the most evil Left Hanging endings ever. And a canonical MMORPG, and concepts for another series. Seems like we'll never find out now what was going on with that damn spy pen in. Though, Adam Fenix's disk is never brought up again. With the series mostly unrelated to the old characters, the movie languishing in Development Hell and the sixth series even worse, it is doubtful this huge plot thread will ever be picked up. , in the "Groundhog Day" Loop episode. You finally find his body in Project Origin. The series was supposed to be picked up for another season, but this fell through due to low ratings. Dating versus hanging out. , a brilliant Canadian legal dramedy, ran for three seasons, and ended on three concurrent cliffhangers. The episode ended before they answered the question. The book series reveals that it was , however in the TV series it is never mentioned, and since nearly everyone who would care is dead the question was dropped. The cancellation of the series means we'll never know who killed the poor man, or who kidnapped our two heroes. For that matter, we never find out what happened to Joe Bob Fenestre at all. It's somewhat dealt with on where we find out that a "A local man who made list of good things to do finally finished it." Both shows are by the same creator, Greg Garcia.

Church remarks about how the hero who gives his life doesn't get to see the happy ending he helped created. The animated notoriously ended halfway through with no warning. Dating versus hanging out. ends with Harry deciding to form a super villain team and forcing Spider-Man back into action. Bottom line is that the ending of Trinity Blood anime failed to wrap up long-running plot threads whatsoever. Dating a hasbian. security and all that jazz, were it not for two facts: first, the doctor is portrayed as an entirely negative character, and second, the plot of the initial murder is just dropped. According to JMS's DVD commentary, the plague plot was to have been wrapped up in the second season. There was supposed to a second movie to wrap things up, but it never got off the ground. No matter the studio, the folks behind really like trolling their audience. was canceled and restarted multiple times, with each cancellation resulting in an attempt to tie up the series hastily, and then put everyone together again when the series resumed. Carly tries to say she loves Freddie, but Freddie still breaks up with her because Sam put it into his head that Carly just loved that he was heroic and she's just hero worshiping. The Sequel Series to ATLA, , features a character asking the phrase above. If the canceled sequel might have expanded on this issue is now a mystery for the ages. Due to being canceled by the second season, left a lot of stuff hanging, in spite of its sweet finale.

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. ends with a sci-fi cliffhanger involving Rimmer kicking Death in the groin with the rest of his cast members are in a mirror universe, while the ship was being eaten slowly by a genetically engineered virus. She walks out with saying a word. ends with an episode that makes no attempt to resolve of its plot lines. The class system on the Second Earth would be abolished and Spidey would return to his own planet. The planned comic book series was to follow Carnby and Aline after the events of Shadow Island, but only the first issue was ever made. This never went anywhere, and the later crossover confirmed that Toro was still dead. There were actually several plot threads that were never fully resolved thanks to the canceling of the show. First, it was about Beast Boy finding a Terra look-alike and trying to figure out if it was really her. has one of your allies, Spen Jankowski, in a different area of the same operation as you. This lead to Canon Fodder and, thus, Fanfic Fuel. was produced a few years later by Rankin and Bass, the company who made the animated version of ; it did go as well. Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. It was not directly referenced and resolved till the end of the season. The second season of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! has a subplot regarding the return of Surtur, the fire demon, and the possibility that he will cause Ragnarok to destroy the Earth. Many of these ended up being answered in The Movie finale, End of Evangelion. While the last episode was good and funny, it ended with Titus being put in a mental hospital for a few months as a stipulation for everyone to avoid jail time. seems to be doing this deliberately; while the main plot is resolved well enough, there's a fair few details, large and small, left completely dangling. However, Carlito spread infected orphans all over the country and Frank himself is infected. : The first anime fell into this , mainly because it was supposed to go for two seasons, but the general lack of quality and pure Off-Model-ness got it killed after one season, forcing a Gecko Ending and dropping a bunch of newly introduced plot threads. Pak was asked in an X-Position panel if he would continue Bunn's work on Sabretooth -since his moral struggle & budding ship with Monet couldn't be wrapped up by Uncanny's end. Never seen or mentioned again. but then, OH DEAR, the studio shut down, and we never got closure on any of that, or the overall story of the games. If that wasn't bad enough, the DLC for Virgil shows him casting his empathy aside and amassing an army of demons for his own conquest. The loose ends are lampshaded in the OVAs, where. The ending of the TV miniseries appears to totally forget about the fates of Detective Bridgewater and Dr. Compare Cliffhanger and Bolivian Army Ending, when deliberately used as an artistic device. He spends the rest of his life looking for her, and she goes off on some huge, grand scheme that the director only mentioned in passing. However, since the Timber mission was a low-paying and therefore low-importance goal, when the sorceress showed up and became a threat to Garden and the world itself, it sort of makes sense that no-one cared about that so much when the main plot kicked off. As the family drifts down a dangerous river on a makeshift raft, Homer wonders if the strike back home is over. Because of a Creator Breakdown, ended up leaving a few things unanswered, most annoying being Donnie's failed marriage. This cliffhanger was later unofficially resolved in the comic strip. only to find out that they weren't getting a fourth season. Of course, due to a of behind the scenes problems, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is an absolute mess. Alas, ended on cliffhanger not long after. right before the traditional final battle. It would be more than a decade before this trope would be subverted with the announcement of going back into production as a two-part TV movie. frequently ends a Story Arc without resolving all of its plot threads. No reason has been given for why they're separated or what happened between them. Then the film's diminishing returns and Sony's problems led them to abandon the idea and instead let Spidey into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Only Sanae's arc has sufficient closure - that she had, in fact, found her "giant." Cirno gets sidetracked twice by Marisa and ends up fighting one of Alice's experimental spell cards, pegging it as her Daidarabotchi. Other three movies entered into production, and a webcomic is being done on the official website to bridge the storyline gap between the old and new material. The seventh season eventually ends up implying that Littlefinger sent the assassin, which creates something of an Adaptation-Induced Plot Hole since the timeline for this to have been planned by that particular person is not , but pretty questionable. However poltergeist Polterguy suggests that he will continue with his haunting but he does not specify where he will do this. It was about as much closure fans were gonna get of the series despite the other plotlines that were still going on since the webcomic ended. Carol, on the other hand, thinks it's just a Sequel Hook