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This platform has been amazing for me because I no longer have to worry about what I post and if it is going to get me kicked of Facebook or Instagram. I think we see so much visual stimulation these day on Instagram and other social media that it’s not just one thing that I can pin point that inspires me. We discussed a variety of topics with Rosser from his origins and reasons for getting into photography to how social media and the modern age is forcing him to promote his work in a different way. A location can inspire me. It’s a sad time for photo books I think, but i’m confident there are still those few that want to buy a printed book. to start working more with studio lights again. So it is hard to reach all the people I’d like to. We are monitoring for now and will see what happens. I would message guys on gay dating app called Gaydar and see if they wanted a free photoshoot. Dating v hooking up. WRAPPING UPYou’ve released several books full of your photos. So I had to figure out a way to monetize off my work. But I have to be really careful what I post and these days. It really is a joint effort. It’s like when a model posts on social media after shooting with a photographer that it was the best shoot ever. Then every other photographer that has worked with him sheds a tear. I’m not a fan of overly big, muscle, body builder physiques. Soon I will move back to U.K.

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. Optimized for any kind of mobile device. You can see more of Dylan’s work on,, and
. Or think of a theme to work on. I had visitors over once and some people were really shocked.. It does frustrate me when I get negative comments about being greedy and charging to see dick. Tell us about,, and
. Luckily there are ways to contact the companies hosting the site, and I have actually got a few sites permanently shut down.

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. But I’m not changing my décor! You’ve had to get creative in order to promote your work. Then I started shooting some escorts from the site who had more ripped bodies and it slowly developed from there.

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. Oh, and of course a beautiful face. It would be cool to see one of these black and white movie idols shooting full frontal. You shoot a lot of male nudes. It started as a hobby just when digital cameras were coming out. I have some hot models lined up and I will be posting behind the scenes video on my OnlyFans page. I’m not a commercial photographer and so it’s hard to get any paying gigs to shoot nudes. It really depends on your location. I get bored easily and if i’m not enjoying it then I will generally procrastinate for a bit and then change direction. 
I’d like to continue publishing books and maybe one day have an exhibition when the time is right. I have so many random left over images from more than a decade of shoots and it gives me a reason to go back and edit now that I have a place to post the content. Man Crush Blog recently interviewed photographer Dylan Rosser. Needless to say, some of the images accompanying this interview are NSFW. I’m a shy person myself so I think that helps in some instances to make them feel comfortable. My apartment is full of books of naked men and there is a print on one wall with an erection. Models–like photographers–have sensitive ego’s and by naming one favorite it will upset the others. I’m lucky to live in Spain and the U.K. There will come a point where those two sites come to an end as I have to do what I enjoy and as soon as I feel like its not working or not fun anymore, I’ll have to take a step back. ON PROMOTING You’re comfortable with nude photography, but not everyone is.

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. Sometimes I forget that the things for me that are normal, are the things that some people would get offended by. and take public transport to work and then sit in an office all day. Interesting hookup site, new, almost no fake profiles at all. Then i started adding lights. There is definitely an infinite number of hot guys online now so it helps in finding models. It is also frustrating on Instagram when my image will get shared and they tag the model and not the photographer. Shoot what you enjoy and realize that making money from it is not going to be easy.

With improving cameras on phones and Instagram, everyone seems to think they are capable of becoming a model or a photographer. TheMaleForm and tMfMagazine eventually became showcases for other photographers and I was just running the sites. But because I’m advertising something that is “adult” in nature I’m not allowed to even pay to boost. They need to have some bush to frame the dick. You cannot reach many people without paying extra to “boost” the post. [laughs] I use social media to promote my books, prints, OnlyFans page, and so on. Idea is to find people near you. That was not my intention but I think some web hosts do not want the drama and its easier to just ban the user. 
My next book project will be called and I will be going to Mexico next month to shoot some content for the book. In that case we will add some more description. All photos courtesy of Dylan Rosser This month favorite, new "raising" star, had few great hookups, for now most time I am spending on uLust, hope they will stay good as they are now. You’ve photographed many different models and have had many different shoots. This was a way to teach myself with no expense. Why do you think there’s still such a stigma surrounding male nudity in our culture. I will not shoot totally shaved dicks. Which leads to your next question: what’s ahead for me and my work. It’s why I usually have a big watermark across them now. But it’s also the reason I think good quality books or limited edition prints are important because they occupy a space outside of the social media bubble. and I do not feel it so much. For now, this is for any usage very good hookup sites. People just want everything for free. Right now I’m focusing on my OnlyFans page. And sure, it’s nice to make a bit of money from it. I usually do not show them any pics as I’m shooting but if i feel they need some confidence I will show them a shot in camera so they can see how hot they look, and then they get into it. We got some reports that works very good among people who are traveling a lot. Generation z relationship with parents. In the end I had to take over the responsibility of distributing the book