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For her part, Sofia is in hook, line and sinker, telling the world, "Happy Birthday babe! Thank you for being you. Minaj has been on a social media tear lately, promoting new music and her upcoming album. even if they won't admit it. Scott has a pilot in the works where he's flipping houses in the L.A. As for Scott and that girl. hitting the red carpet together at the CMT Music Awards.  The two have been spotted hangin' out a lot recently. We're told Sofia certainly wasn't happy with the photo of Scott getting handsy with a mystery chick at Kanye's album listening party Thursday night in Wyoming -- but she hasn't pulled the plug on their relationship. Scott's daughter, , was hanging with dad and Sofia, too. and it's all because men have crossed the line too many times when it comes to picking up women.  The ex-NBA star says he's well aware of the problems many women face in the workplace and other areas in their lives when men come on way too strong. Nikki tells us they've seen each other a few times, and are trying to work things out. but snuck back inside to hang with Ben. perhaps struggling to peddle, even. Proof positive -- they left Nobu together in his drop top Rolls.

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. TMZ has learned.  Sources close to the couple tell us Sofia and Scott have not broken up, and are still very much together -- contrary to what other outlets are reporting. welcome to the Kardashians, Mr. The romance has been going on for a few weeks, according to.  Our video was shot outside the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills -- where our sources say Simmons and the mystery woman had a bite to eat together. but Vonn and the NHL star finally publicly confirmed their relationship last night. I just want us to work." The two were spotted a few days later near her home in San Diego -- but Nikki says now, they're at least one step closer to reconciling. Regarding him telling people at the party he was single. They also did not go home together. Nick and the "Quantico" star arrived together at JFK on Friday headed off to who-knows-where -- but, one thing's for sure, this is a damn good looking couple. but it's clear, they're ready to go public now. claiming they were only posing together because they were wearing the same designer. Remember, Scott himself made it seem they were dunzo -- we know he was telling people last week at Kanye's party he's a single man. Minaj dated Nas for several months before splitting back in December, she famously dated prior to that. Maybe they're rocking the same designer again as they jet off -- but something tells us they're whispering something hotter than fashion tips to each other. They also hit up a Dodger game together just a couple weeks ago. and Vonn was at one of P.K.'s playoff games last month in Nashville too. and only lasted a few minutes. You'll recall, she called off the engagement after having serious questions about their future together. Scott and Sofia are still an item. but it's obvious the dating rumors are true.  As we previously reported, Ben and Kendall had dinner earlier this week in Bev Hills and, at the time, Kendall was trying to hide her face. Dating under pressure lil yachty.

They also hit business classes together at Harvard last week. Plus, he was photographed getting close to a mystery woman. Sofia wasn't happy about the incident, but she's basically over it.

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. TMZ Sports has learned.  Diaz hit up XS Nightclub at the Encore Hotel on Saturday night -- where our sources spotted Nick kissing a new mystery lady right in front of everybody!! Unclear if they're dating or if they were just having a fun night. area with super realtor Tomer Fridman. Definitely for the food, and also for the cameras. So, don't count 'em out quite yet. Cena took the breakup hard -- making red carpet pleas for her, and then going  to profess his undying love for his ex. It's where ya go when you wanna be seen. It also looks like Scott and Kourtney Kardashian have made peace. Dating under pressure lil yachty. that they'd supposedly split. But, they've successfully avoided taking a coupley photo until Wednesday night, when Vonn made sure to caption their selfie with a yellow heart. Sources say Scott has known the woman for years, and that holding her at the party was nothing sexual. you never forget how to date one of 'em. Ben, meanwhile, looks a little too big for his own bike here.

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. Dating for gamers. Can't say we ever saw her hit the outdoors like this with Blake Griffin, or Jordan Clarkson either. Kendall looks like the pro out of the two.  She's got solid form, AND she's got a purse on her, too, which looks perfectly in sync with her body. As he put it, "I want to be the father of her children. Eyewitnesses tell us they were cruising near The Grove in West Hollywood Sunday -- and we gotta say. Nicki replied with a simple, "yes." It's possible Minaj is just kidding, she mentions Em in the song, saying "Told 'em I met Slim Shady, bag the Em.Once he go black, he'll be back again."  Nicki and Eminem have teamed up before. we're told that was the booze talking. John didn't want kids, Nikki did. Though neither has confirmed any romantic relationship, it has often been speculated that Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj hooked-up. or they're just really awful at hiding it. The couple hit up Nobu Monday for lunch. taking in a Red Sox game and a Celtics playoff game last month. Kenyon says be respectful to women and you'll be fine. and the woman in his car sure looks a lot like Kendall Jenner