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There is a shadow line between the sideplate and frame, which indicates an out-of-factory re-polish before the new finish was applied. Dating s&w revolvers. Also, I am thinking of having it accessible when I am shopping at a store or at a show. You will have it available in the phone, computer and any other device that can sync to kindle. Sorry, I cannot tell you date of manufacture.

Help dating a SW Model 10-5 revolver -

. TheGeneral.Post-War K-FrameSerial Numbers List.

Manufacture dates with serial numbers - Smith amp Wesson

. They were on a newer revolver that should have had Magna stocks on it. I dissapointed that they are not oringinal. Or if they do, not while I am looking. If outright Minty and or with the original Box and Papers and so on, then more, but, not likely greatly more. It even saves and syncs the book so when you open it in any device it will be in the last page you left it. However there is an additional number stamped on the frame when you swing the cylinder out. I make periodic perusals of eBay, just looking for them. I do not have the original grips. Dating s&w revolvers. The evidence for this is that the trigger and hammer have been given a new finish as well. It may be very faint and sometimes you have to look at it sideways with a bright light to see the remnants of the pencil marking. It has what appear to be original grips complete with medallions. Do not consider buying it unless you are certain that both the barrel and the chambers are correct and original, and that all serial numbers match - otherwise you have just thrown away the purchase price. The grips are from my great grand fathers service m&p That was a rare factory nickel finish. If you remove the wood from the gun for inspection, you may find a six-digit serial number either pressed into the wood or lightly written in pencil on the inside surface of the right panel. __________________.:God Bless America:. They fit the gun so perfectly.

Need help identifying and old SW Revolver? Part II

. If the right panel on your revolver is as nice as the left panel, a lot of the value of your revolver is in the stocks. I am also interested in what the current value of the gun might be. I had considered doing such a conversion as a hobby project, but never got around to doing it. They really are not that common and rarely show up on eBay. I Aquired a S&W revolver from my wifes Grandfather before he passed and wish to know as much about it as possible. The guy who had them swore they were original. I wish I were better at re-checkering, but I am improving. You can find them on eBay with some regularity. R relationship graph. The pistol I own is in excellent working order great bore smooth action. That would be the number of the gun on which the stocks were originally mounted. But still I was hoping someone might be able to give me an Idea of what the price of the gun was when manufactured, and what it might be worth now. There were relatively few guns made during the Great Depression and correspondingly fewer grips of that style. On the older stuff it's pretty good. I was still happy to get them. Congratulations on having it in your possession. S&W always left those parts with case coloring appearance. AFAIK, there is no good source on the web. The trange thing is that it is parkerized. I'm always looking for sets of these in nice condition. I bought the pistol a few years ago. Since it was so popular in its day it's probobly not worth much.

The factory thought that they were doing you a favor by doing these upgrades without regard to what it would mean to future collectors trying to establish shipping/manufacture timelines.

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. So as others have stated, unless your gun was a factory holdover, the knob and the stocks don't jive in the S&W timeline. Am happy I didn't as they didn't look correct at all - too thick. Your gun has been refinished with the parkerizing process at some point in subsequent decades. The number you saw on the frame when the cylinder is opened is a production number used to keep certain parts together during manufacture. It is a great book to own. Very nice revolver, and all the more valuable for its family association and known history. In my opinion, the old 'M&P' Revolvers, represent a value far in excess of the literal usual dollar-cost at present, for their outstanding quality, workmanship, reliability, feel of the mechanism when actuated, and good looks, unmatched by anything to-day. I did pull the grips and can see no number. Check the inside of your right stock panel for a penciled serial number. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I plan to get the SCSW but I am currently traveling so I was hoping to find a temporary alternative. It's likely yours shipped not long after, but you cannot be sure without a factory letter. A classic example of buying the gun for the stocks. Your gun is a fine shooter-grade handgun, but in its current state would not be considered a collector-grade specimen. So, the Stocks at any rate, appear to be about a decade or more later than the Revolver. But I would not be too disappointed if I were you. As long as you're giving out free help.