Dating rules from my future self

. It's a bit love-it-or-hate-it, and while I mostly love it, it can get on my nerves at times. , Audiodrama about a Zombie infestation. In the quiet, unoccupied annals of the Bandle library, Teemo unwittingly left it in your charge. But Teemo has found you panting at one of the tables. Teemo lifts the poptart to his mouth. Told mostly through solo interviews with lightly intersperced music and production. Refreshingly honest at times. If only you would give me the CHANCE. "I forgot, I haven't been home. Unlike Teemo, Leemo is dangerous both on and off the battlefield. I risked being banned--after a two week warning, I realized I must go on a pilgrimage. It's completely unique, and it's definitely not for everyone, but if it's for you, it's can be transformative. Dating rules from my future self. Know that, even in the meanest thunderstorm, I will bury my face in your neck-scarf and expect safety, as you expect loyalty from me. Generally great when the guests are good. Teemo leaned on the doorway and smiled, knocking fear and titillation into the hearts of the young team. , Comedians do a parody of an old-fashioned radio play in front of a live audience. , Interesting people tell their stories in extended, tightly edited interviews. The people are usually non-famous people who have done remarkable things in their lives. I think I'll make you my personal servant for life." I offered my hands to him, and he put me in shackles made of silver. "You are no Tristana, though," the coach whispered, unable to argue against his heart. "I've paid close attention to your journey, first thinking to punish you. Line after line after line--by the time you start to come down from the high, your dissertation is done. That means I'm shorter, and more emotional than some human or cat-person or Zaunite project. My eyes went to my personal shrine to the scout, and I swore my framed picture of his face frowned with dissatisfaction. Then two horses, who attacked him in hopes of poisoning his strong resolve. One of the most succesful podcasts in the world. , Storytelling and variety show done in front of a live audience. Consider yourself replaced." Teemo lifted out a single finger and flicked it up. I don't play a lot of boardgames, but I've bought several because these guys made them sound fun. You swivel to the left, and right away your breath is stolen. Heavy show but very listenable in spite of the seriousness. I know some people hate this show but I find it consistently great. Laser Time is a major exception in that the chemisty of the hosts and the odd specificity of the pop culture arcana they talk about makes the show consistently fun and fascinating. Where the Moth has stories that are more cleverly written, this show feels more real and visceral. , One of the old staples of podcasting. Relationship vs function. Sighing, you resign yourself to abject failure, putting away your papers. , Musicians break down the making of their songs, pulling out and explaining individual tracks and showing you how the song works piece by piece and ultimately how they work. Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, Two divinity professors use their techniques of scholarly bibilcal analysis on the Harry Potter books. Keep it pretty light considering how serious the subject matter is but it works because of how fun and interesting the hosts are. From the hairless and often explosive females to the oft-dramatic males for and against Bandle's safety, all with their own undertakings. , Comedian plus celbrity guest ramble on about nothing in particular. A tray of biscuits, a strange machine with many cords, a missive to Riot about fingers. Rule-breakers report a few. Of course, Teemo isn't thinking about his incredible body, especially not with the aroma of a s'mores poptart right under his pink nose. "No more sacrifices, Teemo!" The truth was, I loved all Yordles. Really well-told with a dark and brooding tone. Advice shows are a bit overdone, but he manages to elevate the format with his frankness and his ability to connect the problems we have in our loves, to larger questions we have about our selves. It was worth ultimate bliss. Beautiful stories, beautifully told. That is, until a cereal ad breaks away into a scene for Pillsbury biscuits. the Pillsbury Doughboy had been replaced by Teemo. "But exit, exit game!" In the last moment, the AI grins and waves you off. Teemo's distorted, pixelated face gives you a concerned look. Thank you Riot Games for allowing him in your game, League of Legends. Someone who doesn't underestimate this scout's code. Mom turns to get a napkin. It was no different that fateful morning at the Bandle Mint, our largest bank. But if you dive in, it's an incredible journey. And he is just overflowing with stories. This one might be a bit too smart for me, tbh, but I try and when I can hook into a topic it's immensely satisfying. "You love Skarl so much," I whispered, slipping my letter-opener under the beast's throat. It glistens red, and feels thicker in content than your, or anyone else's blood.

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. This is the blood of Teemo. Fascinating deconstruction of politics from a new angle. So basically everyone except TL's support cocked their head to the side, confused. "I'm so proud of you, of us." The VR presses forward a spongy substance to soak up your tears. "Fools, stop fighting, you guys are idiots who won't listen to me." "Idiots!" Cried Team Liquid's manager from the doorway.

Love the pacing and music on this show as well. A bit slow compared to most of my other podcasts, but satisfying. Some of the scripts are really great. , A news-reporter reads current headlines to her husband, who is a comedian. Great use of tension throughout. "No more, I yield, I yield!" Just then, Garen breaks into the room. Genius concept that perfectly hits the sweetspot of using humor to enlighten dark subjects. To think such a small, pernicious thing could knock more drinks down than you. , Very long in-depth celebrity interviews with comedian Pete Holmes as host. There is something about the singular makeup of his furred digits that inspires me to play better. than to see it again without having the capability to interact. There's actually not that much to this show, but the hosts are great and they have a very unique chemistry. , Paul F Tompkins has an interview with a famous person and then leads a long-form improv scene. A tightly written and moodily produced show focused on the tall tales woven into our history. Piglet cried with such joy that his voice cracked. What it is, is a damn good radio-style interview think-piece show, with an emphasis on the patterns of human behavior. Usually funny and often touching in a smart-NewYorker-piece sort of way.

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. Once again you drift to those long, red strands. Still great and slowly working its way back up the ranks. Let's share a drink." The two of you sat across from one another. Somehow both heavy and light at the same time. Such surprisingly toned arms, and a stomach taut with muscle. Most won't remember Him as the lawless origin to the race called Yordles. When it's bad it's just weird, when it's good it's magical. I'd laugh off the question and say, "Top, please!" Then lock in Teemo, the Swift Scout. Was dead for a long time but there have been recent occasional releases so I'm considering it alive and putting it on this list. A mere drop grants you the rarest insight into the Yordle's scarf. Part fourteen: Team Liquid gets new management. , I've always loved Greg Proops' wacky smart-guy comedy, but his main podcast doesn't work for me as well as this one, where the theme of chatting about movies and geekery keeps him more on task. , Friends shooting the shit is probably the most common podcast genre, and one that I listen to a lot of, but not a lot of those made this list because while they may be listenable, they are rarely notable. , Stories at the extremes of the human experience, told through interviews in a semi-journalistic style. Teemo, the T.V mom, both wave you on like you're a marathon runner finishing the last leg of the race. You spit out your mouthful of cereal back into your bowl, lean in, start to go off-kilter with fascination. I whirled around to find the pet-shop owner. First of all: These are just my opinions. Jimmy Pardo is a great host and has a wonderfully cutting sense of humor. Captures these wonderfully twisted stories with a matter-of-fact style that succeeds in putting you in the shoes of the people in the stories, and make you reconsider your preconceptions about the topic.

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. When you awake, Teemo has left you to your own devices. , This podcast describes itself somewhat grandly as exploring the invisible things that shape everyday life. To many, too many, He is but an image in the Mind's eye, of a moppish-yet-sturdy smile