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Even today the Muslims designate certain areas, especially that surrounding Mecca, as inviolate haram. This table was of gold, as were also the five candlesticks on each side of it. For thirteen years there it stood, on the summit of Moriah, silent and unused. The reasons for this strange delay in its consecration are unknown. The building followed the Phoenician model, which makes the Bible's description an important source for historians regarding the lay-out of Phoenician temples, and vice versa.

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. Each layer consists of two colors of wood: light-colored "earlywood" that grows in the spring and summer plus darker, denser "latewood" from the fall and winter. Chains of gold further marked it off from the Holy of Holies. Comparison with Other Temples The Temple has recognizable similarities to other temples of its time and region. Among the details which were probably copied from Tyre were the two pillars Jachin and Boaz.. Count or estimate the total number of tree rings. If a tree is cut down, the layers are visible in a cross section.

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. The Temple was probably situated upon the more easterly of the two hills which form the site of the present-day Noble Sanctuary, in the center of which area is the Dome of the Rock. Similarly, the bronze altar was a Phoenician innovation; and probably the same is true of the bronze implements which were ornamented with palm-trees and cherubim. The Temple remained empty for only eleven months, until the month of Tishri in the year following its completion. The Obligation Ceremony is not connected to any other engineering organization nor to any university, although many of them support the idea of the Obligation and may participate in the administration of the Ceremonies. Josephus reported that the vessels in the temple were composed of Orichalcum in the Antiquities of the Jews. These formed a part of the building and were used for storage. As a tree grows, it produces new layers of wood around the trunk, just under the bark.  Examine this cross section of a tree. From subterranean quarries at Jerusalem he obtained huge blocks of stone for the foundations and walls of the temple. The implements for the care of the candles - tongs, basins, snuffers, and fire-pans - were of gold; and so were the hinges of the doors. These accounts in the Bible are also the basis for much of the legend and lore of Freemasonry, which uses the construction of the Temple as a backdrop and metaphor for moral instruction. Identify the earlywood and latewood in several rings. Its walls were lined with cedar, on which were carved figures of cherubim, palm-trees, and open flowers, which were overlaid with gold. Phoenician and Canaanite The Biblical text makes it clear that Solomon received aid from Hiram, King of Tyre, in the construction of his buildings.." The other places the Holy of Holies atop this rock, thus explaining its elevation. According to biblical tradition, many thousands of labourers and skilled artisans were employed in the work. On the eighth day of the feast of tabernacles, Solomon dismissed the vast assemblage of the people. The door-posts, of olive-wood, supported folding-doors of fir. According to tradition, Solomon also provided for a sufficient water supply for the temple by hewing in the rocky hill vast cisterns, into which water was conveyed by channels from the "pools" near Bethlehem. At the close of these thirteen years preparations for the dedication of the temple were made. The overflow was led off by a conduit to the Kidron. All these are, to be sure, later than Solomon's time; but there is no reason to believe that before that time the Hebrews had either the skill or the wealth necessary to produce ornamentation of this kind. Under the Jebusites the site was used as a threshing floor. Dating ring. The floor of the Temple was of fir-wood overlaid with gold..raised across the south of the hill, and a similar wall on the eastern side, and in the spaces between. Phoenician temples varied somewhat in form, but were similarly surrounded by courts. David provided Solomon with a large amount of gold and silver with which to build the temple. They were probably one story high at first; two more may have been added late. The Orthodox Israelitish altar was of earth or unhewn stone. Syro-Phoenician, Egyptian, and Mesopotamian influences are visible. It functioned as a religious focal point for worship and the sacrifices known as the korbanot in ancient Judaism. A plaza or courtyard surrounding the sacred residence of the god, marked with stones, is a feature common throughout ancient Semitic religions. The Bible states that in the beginning of his reign, King Solomon of the united Kingdom of Israel, set about giving effect to the ideas of his father, and prepared additional materials for the building. According to biblical tradition, the Ark of the Covenant was solemnly brought from the tent in which David had deposited it to the place prepared for it in the temple. Rudyard Kipling responded to a call from the seven engineers with The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer, to be administered by the Corporation of the Seven Wardens Inc. The layers appear as a set of concentric circles known as tree rings. The description does not specify whether a wall separated it from the next chamber.

The doors of the Holy of Holies were of olive-wood. The feast of dedication, which lasted seven days, followed by the feast of tabernacles, marked a new era in the history of Israel. One of these cisterns, the "great sea," was capable of containing three million gallons. Dating ring. Other Near Eastern Temples. Technical details are lacking, since the scribes who wrote down the books were not architects or engineers. It was considered the dwelling-place of God. These vessels especially excited the admiration of the Jews. Thus the Temple was dedicated at the autumnal new-year festival. Two slightly different sites for the Temple have been proposed: one places the bronze altar on the rock which is now beneath the gilded dome, with the rest of the temple to the west; the Well of Souls was, in this theory, a pit for the remnants of the korbanot. At length, in the Autumn of the eleventh year of his reign, seven and a half years after it had been begun, the temple was completed. R/relationships drama. In general, one layer of wood grows each year