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Sentenced to death and executed. There was the National Census, Great Wall of China, standardization of coinage, weights, and measures throughout the entire realm, and made all script length uniform. Nationalized oil industries that refused to obey state laws and created state monopoly. Member of the elite class of civil servants in Chinese government and the aristocracy during the classical period. the code of law derived from the Koran and from the teachings and example of Mohammed, was not followed to some extent in early sudanitic socities as anscestors were traced from the matrilineal line. Though generally regarded as a decent man, he was an extremely weak and ineffective leader. The Umayyads moved the capital to ____, which was centrally located in the expanding Islamic state Non-Arab converts to Islam., In the Umayyad Era they still had to pay the Jizya. After the battle, Romans finally understood the brilliance of the Fabian strategy. Eventually formed deal with emperor of BE Russian OrthodoxChurch that developed under Vladimir I whose priests were trained from church leaders imported from Byzantium. Located in present day Ghana A matrilineal clan within the Asante Empire that dominated because of their access to firearms. Emphasized the labor theory of value. Capital at Beijing was built. Never found an ideal ruler. Also known as Lao Tsu; major Chinese philosopher; recommended retreat from society into nature; individual should seek to become attuned with Dao. The watt, an electrical measurement, is named after him. First known kingdom in sub-Saharan West Africa between the sixth and thirteenth centuries C.E. These weapons are capable of destroying enormous numbers of people and vast areas, hence the name. CivilizationSocities distinguised by a reliance on sedentary agriculture, ability to produce food surpluses, and the existence of non- farming elites, as well as merchant and manufacturing groups. If a government did not protect these rights or exceeded its authority, the people have the right to revolt. Dating zircons. Slash and burn agricultureAnother name for shifting cultivation, so named because fields are cleared by slashing the vegetation and burning the debris. The majority religion in most Islamic countries. These sails were perfected by Arab traders. Had a huge quantity of material goods etc. Martin Luther KingOne of the main leaders of the American civil rights movement, a political activist, a Baptist minister, and was one of America's greatest orators. Believed the sun god needed human blood to continue his journeys across the sky. The Wretched of the EarthFrantz Fanon's most famous work, written during and regarding the Algerian struggle for independence from colonial rule.

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. Died of European conquest and disease. Believed in Divine Right of Kings, in which God chose him to rule over the masses and that anyone who challenged him would be challenging God. His advisors were noble men and were chiefs of villages. Tried to elevate lower castes and rights of women. A strip of dry grasslands on the southern border of the Sahara; also known as "the shore of the desert" Was a point of exchange between the forests to the south and northern Africa The community of all Muslims. Johnson, which elevated the federal government to the most prominent role it would play in the twentieth century. This is something that I need to work on since I always want it all, but if I work on the main points and leave a few lines blank after the point. Stanley to make treaties with African chiefs, giving control of the Congo to Leopold. Systems of belief that help explain the environment and set up rules for various kinds of social behavior. This enormous, ostentatious monument to the power of the French Monarchy, built by Louis XIV over a long period of time, served as a manifestation of the power of absolute monarchy. Peoples of northern Nigeria; formed states following the demise of Songhay empire that combined Muslim and pagan traditions. Era of Warring StatesThe period of Chinese history between c. He also laid the foundations for criticism of absolute monarchy in France. He believed the salt in the ocean came from deposits from erosion of land. Was quested for its rubber and ivory. Leonardo da VinciItalian painter, engineer, musician, and scientist. It would be a three pronged attack. He also tried to end slave trade and limit Portuguese officials and was somewhat successful early on. Elsewhere in the Americas, the term is used to describe all nonnative peoples. Sent presents to Charlegmane's court. The Patriot rebels led by José de San Martín effectively destroyed the Spanish forces commanded by General Mariano Osorio, and completed the independence of Chile from Spanish domination. Declaration of the Rights of man and the CitizenOne of the fundamental documents of the French Revolution, defining a set of individual rights and collective rights of all of the estates as one. It killed about one-third of the population and was carried by fleas. Quadruple AllianceG.B., Austria, Prussia, and Russia united to defeat France and their Bonapartism, and also to ensure peace after war. Protestant kingdom in the Holy Roman Empire where the people defied their new ruler who tried to close down Protestant churches. CorporatismPolitical ideology that emphasized the organic nature of society and made the state a mediator, adjusting the interests of different social groups; appealed to conservative groups in European and Latin American societies and to the military. Finally Gregory Revoked his excommunication after he agreed to several conditions of the pope's forgiveness.

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. The religion of the Enlightenment. The Ottoman Turks could no longer challenge Europeans on international routes. It was short and Caesar had shown mercy, meanwhile, Pompey fled to Egypt. Convicted of treason by James I, he was released for another expedition to Guiana and executed after its failure. However no wide participation in politics. Lead to Quintus Fabius Maximus being declared dictator and devising the Fabian strategy. The rebuilt city was renamed Istanbul. Brought an end to western Europe's centuries of intellectual and cultural isolation. Black DeathAn outbreak of bubonic plague that spread across Asia, North Africa, and Europe in the mid-fourteenth century, carrying off vast numbers of persons. Probably the first populist President. His ultimate goal was to get land in the east for veterans. It contained the antecedents of the ideas of due process and the right to a fair and speedy trial that are included in the protection offered by the U.S. The science checklist tells us that we cannot define God. It became the capital of the Hellenistic kingdom of the Ptolemies. He came to power after Mao stepped away following GLF. It encompassed lands in the Middle East, North Africa, the Caucasus, and eastern Europe. Along with Cyril, missionary sent by Byzantine government to eastern Europe and the Balkans; converted southern Russia and Balkans to Orthodox Christianity; responsible for creation of written script for Slavic known as Cyrillic. He imposed martial law, arrested his political opponents, and stole millions from his country's treasury. Good Neighbor PolicyFranklin D. Germans lost eighteen of their best panzer divisions. This term was coined when the Ottoman empire was in decline and increasingly began to lose territory to the Europeans through defeats in battle. Mainly established by the Zhou rulers. He captured their chief, Atahualpa, and promised to release him if they paid a huge ransom which they agreed to pay, yet he killed the chief anyways. Ferdinand MagellanPortuguese explorer who found a sea route to the Spice Island by sailing around the American continent. However, his defenses were criticized and not aligned with the Roman imperialism idea, but his "Fabian Strategy" lead to victory Battle of lake trasimeneBattle in the Second Punic War. Worship of a "Mother Goddess". Also built the magnificent palace at Versailles. Epic poem of Omar Khayyam; seeks to find meaning in life and a path to union with the divine Omar KhayyamPersian Sufi poet and mathematician and astronomer whose poetry was popularized by Edward Fitzgerald's translation. Self determinationWilson called for national independence from colonial rule before Versailles; This encouraged colonial subjects in Asia and Africa until they discovered Wilson intended his rhetoric only for Europe. She nationalized India's largest banks, insurance companies, and coal mines. Has the famous statues on the island called moai that were made mysteriously hundreds of years ago. It was located on the northwest frontier of the zone of cultivation , and may have been a center for the acquisition of raw materials. Many things are scientific. He followed Hannibal and laid wast to his own land to prevent supplies to Hannibal's army. Site of Nike Revolt Hagia SophiaMost famous example of Byzantine architecture, it was built under Justinian I and is considered one of the most perfect buildings in the world. A medicine developed to prevent malaria. A specialized agency of the United Nations that makes loans to countries for economic development, trade promotion, and debt consolidation. It was to contain several volumes in which Bacon called for a new start in science and civilization. Dating quizlet. The land and inhabitants were called a manor and both belonged to the lord. Set limits on the numbers of weapons produced. Luther's friend, Philip Melancthon, worked on this codification with him. As part of the Mali Empire, it became a major major terminus of the trans-Saharan trade and a center of Islamic learning. Had the best roads in the world at their height. Name means the "the tiger". A computer glitch that only showed the year by the last two digits. It called for the elimination of Jews, non-conformists, homosexuals, non-Aryans, and mentally and physically disabled.

In his philosophical system, which led him to criticize what he saw as Plato's metaphysical excesses, theory follows empirical observation and logic, based on the syllogism, is the essential method of rational inquiry. Was actually larger in population than Jericho and had a greater degree of social stratification. This term came to designate Muslim Rulers especially in the West. He traveled though his empire to strengthen it's frontiers and encourage learning and architecture. One stated that they were deposited there by rising sea levels. Also later by Songhay leader Sunni Ali. K-ar dating calculator. He established the region's first Semitic dynasty and was considered the founder of the Mesopotamian military tradition. Eastern FrontMost mobile of the fronts established during World War I; lacked trench warfare because of length of front extending from the Baltic to southern Russia; after early successes, military defeats led to downfall of the tsarist government in Russia. Thought to be related to Mongolian Conquest and fleas on their horses/ equipment. forces of modernization cause protagonist to become an outlaw. Now Extinct DomesticationThe conscious manipulation of plant and animal species by humans in order to sustain themselves. Name given to British representatives of the East India Company who went briefly to India to make fortunes through graft and exploitation. Unlike the Great Leap Forward, the Four Modernizations was an economic success. This plan failed because the Germans could not transport troops as well as their opposing forces who had a well-constructed train system. The use of violence by non-governmental groups against civilians to achieve a political goal by instilling fear and frightening governments into changing policies War on TerrorInitiated by President George W. Roman emperor who was faced with military problems, when that happened he decided to divide the empire between himself in the east and maximian in the west. A methodical plan orchestrated by Hitler to ensure German supremacy. Rulers and their relatives gave orders through a large network of cities Sons of HeavenThe Zhou called themselves the __________, because they supposedly derived their lineages from the old Shang Rulers and heavens Mandate. This is viewed as the decline of Spains Golden Age, and the rise of England as a world naval power. Back ProblemsIs a problem caused largely by evolutionary history, came about because of upright structure. Praetorian guardThey evolved from the bodyguards that protected a general. Loess soil carried by the river, gave river it's name, very fertile. Ayatollah Ruhollah KhomeiniAt first was sent into exile, Khomeini came back from exile, established a parallel government. Sugested by Deng Xiaoping. A monument to him stands in Mactan on the site where Magellan was killed. Followed Xia IdeographicPictographic characters grouped together to create new concepts; typical of Chinese writing. He was not concerned with humans themselves. Dating quizlet. Was a very large part of the radicalization of France, but efforts eventually led to the fall of France and take-over by Napoleon Bonaparte. France also gave New Orleans and the land west of the Mississippi to Spain, to compensate it for ceeding Florida to the British. Most remembered for their large stone heads. Is the main example of how topography helped shape vital features of its civilization in the classical period. Mexico City was constructed on its ruins. One of the first books that analyzed the historical and contemporary art. cientificosAdvisors of government of Porfirio Díaz who were strongly influenced by positivist ideas; permitted government to project image of modernization