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Women are way nicer in real life than they are on Twitter or in the comments sections of articles. Most single women are open to being approached by a confident guy, so that they can have a chance to meet a potential new lover or boyfriend. I’ve been married for a while now, and seeing the nastiness people, specifically women, were posting scared me. Understand that if a woman is single, she will usually be flattered and excited that a cool, confident guy like you is approaching her. So, make sure that you have the confidence to talk to her and be real, rather than putting on an act of being Mr. Not leading the conversation You have approached her, so you can’t expect her to be the one making all the conversation when she takes off her headphones. However, here’s what you need to keep in mind to avoid losing confidence… Sometimes a woman will be interested in talking to a guy, but she won’t immediately pull out her headphones and show interest.

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. It’s completely normal and happens every day, all over the world. Walk over, say hi and get something going between you and her. Sticking to polite or reserved conversation If a guy gets a woman to take off her headphones and then engages her in a very polite, reserved conversation, she’s probably not going to be enthusiastic about talking to him for too long.

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. Headphones back in and she’ll likely turn up the volume to block him out. I thought you were like a heavy metal girl who likes head banging at concerts. So, don’t ever think that you’re doing a bad thing by approaching and talking to a woman in a confident, easy going way.   Anyway, I’m just out doing a bit of shopping at the moment. So, don’t believe the insane rants from crazy feminists online. We are inherently good natured, loving, caring people. That said, most women, regardless of what mood they were in before you approached, will almost always light up and enjoy the interaction if you are being confident and friendly while talking to them. For example: Anyway, so it’s been good chatting to you, but I’d better get going and do my shopping. If she hasn’t looked at you or hasn’t noticed you yet, simply get her attention with a wave of your hand. Yet the whiners are telegraphing to men that we want the wimpy end of the spectrum. Tip: The people who wrote negative articles in response to my headphones article were man hating feminists and wimpy guys. Buzzfeed are one of the many prime examples of what is wrong with today’s media. So, if your intention is to get the woman’s phone number so you can possibly take her on a date, make sure that you attempt to flirt with her and see if she flirts back. No wonder so many guys are afraid to approach women. If you don’t, you might not ever see her again or, she might meet another guy and get into a relationship with him. I have a girlfriend now and we’re very happy together. If you can handle her confidence test and she has been finding it difficult to meet a guy who can, then she is going to open up to you and hope that the interaction leads to a phone number exchange or more. Wimpy pajama boys are a total turn-off. Remember: Sometimes a woman will react in an awkward way because she is social anxious, sometimes she’s not in a good mood and sometimes, she just wants to test your confidence to see if you can handle the heat. Approaching Women As you may have noticed, women usually don’t go around actively approaching men in public places or even in bars or clubs. She’s not going to react in a crazy, insane way like she said she would on Twitter, or in the comments section of an article somewhere online. So, if you try to talk to a woman and she clearly shows that she’s not interested in talking to you, don’t take it personally. Much love from Texas! J Foley” “In the wake of all the buzzfeed and Twitter attention, I wanted to give my support for what you do. Many, perhaps even most, women would like something in between-strong yet not overpowering, someone who listens. Most guys are normal, good guys and most women are normal, good women. She might then say, “Nice talking to you. She might be your perfect girl and you and her might enjoy amazing sex, love and a relationship that lasts for life. Even crazy feminists who Tweet or comment that they would punch a guy for talking to them, will pretty much instantly melt and be nice when a confident guy walks up and says hello. Thanks again Dan, Ben and Stu. Approaching in a nervous manner If you want the interaction to go smoothly and not feel awkward for either of you, make sure that you approach and talk to her in a relaxed, confident manner. It’s not always your fault. Please know that for every person who criticizes you, there are hundreds who support you but just don’t speak up. Most of humans are not bad people. “I have my headphones on and it’s usually a “do not disturb” thing for me, but if I was a single person, I would have no offense to a guy coming up to me and wanting to talk to me.” “What a good thing you’re doing Dan. You’ve got to lead the way and create a relaxed, easy-going conversation between you and her. Then, go ahead and have a conversation with her. Obviously your audience isn’t made up of creepers and rapists, and anyone with half a brain will know that you aren’t encouraging negative behavior. Seeing this story break into the news, most guys would believe that ALL women think that way, but it’s just a very small percentage of women, namely the angry feminists. Even if a woman isn’t single, she will almost always be nice and say hello if a confident, normal guy comes up and says hello to her.

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. Yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to them. If the guy is confident, she will naturally feel some attraction for him and open up further to see where the interaction goes. If she flirts back, it usually means that she is interested and is open to getting to know you further. Here’s the article… How to Talk to a Woman Who is Wearing Headphones These days, many women walk around playing with a smartphone or tablet device and are often wearing headphones and listening to music at the same time. I’m a woman and read the headphones article…and you were spot on with your advice. Sometimes, a woman suffers from social anxiety, isn’t feeling confident, hates her life and would rather be at home alone and so on. There’s nothing wrong with a man and a woman meeting, having a conversation, feeling a spark of attraction for each other, exchanging phone numbers, going on a date and getting into a relationship. If she’s wearing headphones, the only way to find out is to walk over and talk to her. Relationship dependency. It’s up to you as the man to remain confident and relaxed, regardless of how the woman might react. Most of the women you will meet in life will be nice, friendly and open. Just let your natural personality and sense of humor come through as you talk to her in a confident, easy going manner, rather than trying to be too polite or reserved. Dating psychos. Real women and real men know that there is nothing wrong with men and women talking to each other…even if the conversation starts by one of them asking the other to remove their headphones. So, don’t worry about the insane feminists online who think that men and women should not be allowed to talk to each other. All it usually takes is confidence, a bit of humor a bit of conversation to get a number and get yourself a date. Most women are polite and friendly and will take off their headphones to talk to you at that point, so just start talking and have a conversation with her. Understand that if you are being confident, she will automatically feel some attraction for you, which will make her start to like you. How dare I say that it’s okay for a man to talk to a woman who is wearing headphones. She will be nice and friendly, or at least open to the interaction to assess whether or not she should continue talking to the guy. If a man doesn’t have the confidence to approach, a woman will rarely walk over and talk to him first. Understand that if things go well, you might have yourself a new girlfriend and if it doesn’t end up that way, you will have improved your ability to approach and talk to women, which will give you more opportunities to meet the right girl. Oh no!! Two people talking to each other! Wooooah….that’s so bad. So, be confident for the following reasons: Understand that it’s perfectly normal for people to talk to each other. Yet, here’s the thing… Pretty much every guy out there is not a weirdo or a sleaze. Female support via e-mail: “I just wanted to show some support for you and your team after the infamous headphones article.

If the guys is a weirdo or a sleaze, she won’t feel attracted and will naturally close up and want to leave the interaction. Understand that most women are friendly and are not the nasty, crazy psychos that they pretend to be on Twitter. There are a few nasty eggs out there, but they are minuscule in comparison to the good eggs. Bye”, put her headphones back in and zone him out. Women know that is the man’s role to be confident enough to walk over and talk to a woman he finds attractive, so they have a chance to meet.. Free video reveals how ordinary guys get laid or get a girlfriend by using a simple approach that works instantly on all kinds of women. Understand that most women are way easier to pick up than they make themselves out to be. Some women like to test to see how confident a guy is by ignoring his attempts to converse with her and then seeing what he does next. What a great thing you’re doing.” Michelle Andrews has written an article on MamaMia showing her support for my article: “If I’m deeply consumed in music and a man wants to ask me on a date, he should go for it