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One of these sites, the Swedish hub Pirate Bay, came to embody the international movement to reform copyright laws through its loose affiliation with the burgeoning political group, also Swedish in origin, the Pirate Party. “The only thing I ended up with out of that investment is a sock puppet,” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told Vanity Fair. He's also written for Wired and Slate. But in Russia, where the nickname for the site, ZheZhe, doubles as the word for blogging, it’s a vital broadcast system. Dating nearest. Snopes: A Myth-Busting Marriage In a medium where unsubstantiated rumors spread like wildfire, verifying information takes on a special significance. Untrained writers could never match the accuracy and depth of newspapers and network news. It also provided instructions for building sites and browsing the web. He sold day-long sponsorships to the site, convincing big-name advertisers to absorb his costs. It was the content and the fact that CERN was making it available royalty-free that was revolutionary. It was refreshingly minimalist-actually, it was dreadfully boring-just a straightforward presentation of information. It found particularly strong traction in Germany and Iceland, where this year voters elected three candidates from the Pirate Party to parliament. Bush’s service in the Texas Air National Guard. Today, Sex dot com is an X-rated clone of the social bookmarking site Pinterest. Simone did more than just chronicle these grisly ends. For all its grassroots charm, the site has backing from serious investors, and they’re making serious money. TROJAN ROOM COFFEEPOT: The Steamiest Webcam Ever The first successful webcam wasn’t sexy, funny, or even all that interesting.

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. E relationship to ln. You can get a free issue here or check out our iPad edition. The problem, of course, is that self-diagnosis isn’t quite the same as visiting someone who owns a stethoscope. The Internet Archive: Long-Term Memory The web has a woefully short memory. Million Dollar Homepage At the other end of the spectrum, Alex Tew needed tuition money, so he did something audacious-he asked for it. Thirty-five million people have accounts, including celebrities, politicians, and even Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, and it’s seen as one of the few places where citizens and journalists can publish without censorship. WebMD: Spawn of a New Affliction Before the Internet, getting a medical diagnosis required consulting a trained professional. Netflix uses it to stream billions of hours of video to consumers, while banks rely on AWS to crunch numbers from their massive databases. Unfortunately for Kremen, the domain also caught the eye of con man Stephen Michael Cohen. LaCarte offered up Hampster Dance, a page featuring dozens of poorly animated hamsters dancing in an infinite loop to a sped-up version of the Roger Miller song “Whistle Stop.” LaCarte didn’t know it, but she had unleashed an Internet plague. Kahle first had the idea for cataloging the web while designing the web crawler Alexa Internet. Craigslist: Refreshing the Barter Economy Ask anyone who’s ever desperately needed a roommate, a last-minute concert ticket, or a used ukulele: We would be lost without Craigslist. Soon, the phrase “women in refrigerators” became shorthand for problematic depictions of women across pop culture. That fact alone should have raised red flags. Known for his bold exposés-including leaking internal documents from crooked state-run companies-Navalny’s incendiary writing helped spark the biggest antigovernment protests Russia has seen in years. Only the strong survive in the online dating business. Thanks to the Mikkelsons’ meticulous research, we are no longer burdened by urban legends like the ones above. And everyone knows about the influence of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia. The site shared basic technical information about how to code a web page, how to search for information on the web, and the source code for setting up a web server. So she created Women in Refrigerators, a database of heroines who had met untimely demises. Kim k relationship max. A remix of “The Hampster Dance Song” charted in countries around the world, and LaCarte’s critters were licensed for a children’s television cartoon. They set up a live video feed connected to a local network. Luckily, Brewster Kahle’s nonprofit Internet Archive tirelessly preserves huge swaths of the web’s history before it vanishes. After four years of rabble-rousing, the government slapped him with trumped-up embezzlement charges, the legality of which is no doubt being debated on LiveJournal. As the scandal erupted, Rather resigned from CBS, and even stalwarts like Time hailed Power Line’s meticulous work. Just two months before Bush came up for reelection, the report was a bombshell.

Just as the Drudge Report rocked American politics by picking up the Monica Lewinsky scandal before mainstream outlets would touch it, Navalny will do whatever it takes to keep Moscow’s elite honest. Just tap phones with your prospect, and wait for the all-clear. It was a low-resolution camera pointed at a coffeemaker. It was a win-win for everyone-people were fed, companies looked good, and users added a little satisfaction to their days. As a result, the site fomented a brand-new malady: cyberchondria-Internet-induced hypochondria. David and Barbara Mikkelson run Snopes, the web’s foremost fact-checking site, from their California home, and they’ve allayed our collective anxiety by debunking some doozies. No ad campaign could fix’s unsustainable business model, which required shipping heavy bags of food at huge losses. According to The New York Times, courts are increasingly leaning on the online dictionary to define slang. Unfortunately, all that free speech has hurt Navalny. As traffic swelled, the lab even added a lamp so international visitors could peek in after hours. What’s surprising is his weapon of choice: LiveJournal. As Borders can tell you, don’t bet against Amazon’s ability to completely transform an industry. Founded by tech entrepreuneur Rick Falkvinge, the Pirate Party-which stands chiefly for civil liberties, freedom of information, and copyright reform-quickly spread through Europe. But to us, powerful means changing what we eat, how we vote, and the ways we kill time at the office. That opened the floodgates for slightly more engaging live streams: from the voyeuristic JenniCam to feeds of live panda cubs. The Internet’s self-taught experts had proved to be more reliable fact-checkers than the traditional elite in CBS’s news department. Github: The Rosetta Stone of Code By allowing anyone to contribute lines of code, the open source movement was able to tackle some of computing’s thorniest problems. The rally highlighted Oh My News’s power as an organizational tool, and supporters of Roh Moo-hyun, an idealistic presidential candidate, took note. But Metallica couldn’t just be cool about it, and court orders laid the service to rest two years later. Strangely enough, Craigslist has proved that free can pay. Links die, codes go bad, and sites are pulled down in an instant. Users have filled the site with clear but colorful footnotes backed by links and additional sources, and rap superstars occasionally drop by to spill additional knowledge. The Hunger Site Saving the world is hard work. Those domains were worth a pretty penny, but during the domain-name gold rush, Sex dot com was El Dorado. Subscribe to our Newsletter! SIGN UP NOW. Rap Genius: Breaking It Down Image Credits: Getty Images; Thinkstock; Putin, Roh Moo-Hyun, Dan Rather, Dunk, Fireworks, and Tarzan via Alamy; Richard Dawson via Corbis. Although Roh had been a dark horse, Oh My News helped him squeak out a win. Johnson thought something seemed fishy, and, thanks to tips from Power Line readers, it took him only a few hours to expose the critical documents as forgeries. Or it would have been, except the documents weren’t authentic. It also helped Simone become part of the solution. True to its slogan, “Every Citizen Is a Reporter,” his online newspaper allows anyone to submit stories, which are then read and edited by paid staffers. LiveJournal: Keeping Politicians Honest Russia’s Alexei Navalny can ruin a politician’s career with a single blog post. And as TechCrunch also notes, GitHub has one distinct advantage over its ancient forebear. As his spiders indexed the web, he realized he could store all that information. Kremen sued for control of his domain, but Cohen’s now-deep pockets funded a protracted legal battle. Power Line cofounder Scott W. We can’t wait for Ghostface Killah to finally explain Ulysses in language we can understand. Two years later, Oh My News rose to prominence with its coverage of a story other outlets wouldn’t touch: the deaths of two schoolgirls crushed by a U.S. Breen’s click-to-donate model was wholly original. Over the past few years, Amazon has quietly laid the groundwork for a cloud-computing takeover that could be even more far-reaching. But Rap Genius is no mere Wikipedia of samples; the magic is in the richness of the annotations.. By giving writers the opportunity to respond, she created an important forum for discussing sexism in the art form. He quickly outfitted Sex dot com with a slew of porn ads that began amassing millions of dollars. Because GitHub catalogs all the iterations of a code, sites like TechCrunch have hailed it as a modern Library of Alexandria, a catalog that beginners and experts can use to better understand coding and develop ever more elegant solutions. Yelp: Where the Peanut Gallery Makes Big Dough According to a Harvard Business School study, a one-star increase in a restaurant’s Yelp rating boosts the eatery’s profits by five to nine percent. In Napster’s wake, file-sharing hubs popped up around the world, sparking lawsuits and debates about intellectual property. The collection of tech news, opinion, and inside jokes was required reading for geeks, who flocked to any site Slashdot endorsed with a link. All someone had to do was click a button, and, as if by magic, ¼ cup of food would be donated to the United Nations’ World Food Programme. Slashdot’s vast audience was so enthusiastic that it flooded and crashed target sites’ servers. For the record industry, the damage was done-the notion that music was something that could be possessed was gone forever. Like an invasive species, the information spread, and websites began popping up everywhere. That’s enough to buy a lot of used coffee tables. Dating over 30 reddit. In the U.S., the online diary site is best remembered as a cache of bad poetry and fan fiction. But as people from across the web began contributing and voting on the accuracy of definitions, what began as a goof self-corrected and transformed into a valuable resource.

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. Researchers packed up the camera and moved to a new facility. All of which proved that when it comes to crowdsourcing funds, no cause is too selfish. Users even coined the term “Slashdotted” to describe these outages. As the dot-com bubble burst and maintenance rose beyond his capabilities, Breen sold The Hunger Site to a shopping portal, which soon ran out of money. The name comes from the Green Lantern’s girlfriend, who was stuffed into a fridge after being murdered by one of his nemeses. Power Line From practically the day they sprang into existence, blogs have been denigrated as trivial, inaccurate, and derivative. This helps discover what new reddits are trending right now. Dating over 30 reddit. The puppet was interviewed by and appeared on Good Morning America. The report used military documents to show that Bush had received preferential treatment and performed poorly while failing to meet his service obligations. Craigslist revolutionized that equation with convenience, speed, and a much wider draw-all at no cost to most users. Today, the crowdsourced database contains more than two million definitions of slang words and phrases-a godsend to less-than-hip parents. Because users write and edit by copying existing patches of code onto their own computers, there’s little danger this incredible resource will be lost to the sands of time. This story originally appeared in mental_floss magazine. By luring millions of visitors, the coffeepot proved that anything can be hypnotic on the web. The site opened the doors to similar critiques about the disproportionate attacks on gay and lesbian characters. Power Line, a scrappy right-wing blog, turned that perception on its ear when it took down one of old media’s most venerable figures: Dan Rather. The site incubated many of the web’s silliest memes, including Lolcats and Rickrolling. Roh was so appreciative of his digital army that he snubbed the major media and gave his first postelection interview to the people’s paper. Amazon: Serving the New Web Order Amazon has changed the way Americans shop, but its most powerful offering doesn’t come in a box