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Look to Hollywood for whom marries whom.

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. Especially those with excessive demands for financial issues on men who had to be workaholics to keep them in the life of luxury they demanded. I have a lot to say on this subject. Cougartown may have been popular but its rare in real life. And stop the bait and switch while you’re at it. A quick run through photos is like watching a flickering movie of the demise of your face and body.But the main reason I can be attracted to a fifty-something woman I’ve known in my lifetime verses a stranger in a profile is that KNOWN factor. Most men downsized and live within their means.The stereotyped male in a ‘mid-life crisis’ these days are those over extended and working themselves to early deaths for wives who are either also workaholics or over demanding of their lifestyles. And it almost never works out in the long term. Many are still single today. In that case even a teenager-twenty-thirty to forty-fifty something strung out on Meth or another drug of choice is not attractive to anyone. None of that is attractive to me.For God’s sake, posting a photo with your daughter or grand-daughter and my eyes go straight to the thirty to forty something daughter or twenty something grand daughter. No matter how much they are worth or make. Dating older men.

That is as rare as the White Buffalo.. If it does not click on some level of one’s makeup it does not matter if they are worth millions or have the depth of degrees. Truth is that younger women have fewer demands and expectations of a relationship. They are only appealing to each other in producing helpless children to addicted male or female parents. Attitude is also part of that obstacle. I still am not attracted to any woman who has gone that route. Dating hastings east sussex. But these are the things we are wired to in our brains and frankly molded for in all forms of media.

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. Its a very selfish entitlement age that I’m not sure where people survive.The deaths recently of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds are warning signs what those excessive demands are of women who have it all and yet really have very little.

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. Truth was he could see and want a future with her based on that fact that women his age had too many demands and expectations and the woman he married had very few of which he could fill.See a future. If not, there’s not a chance in hell we would have a conversation.Yes, its perhaps unfair. What I am beyond a person appeals to them: stability, focus on them, good dual incomes, property ownership, lack of debt, faith based commonalities.

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. Relationship b/w hardware and software. Read the profile and catch the tone of someone’s voice or view