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Side note, I'd be surprised if you found you were dating multiple guys you were into. I have this cute belief that basically anyone could be the right person, so while I still actively initiate talks with people that seem to share interests or would get on with me then I'll still reply to anyone that messages me. Dating multiple guys. Four hours later and my PC was still on the login screen because I'd been managing like seven conversations all at once.

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. For the first few dates, when you're still getting to know each other, then it's generally accepted that there's not an expectation of exclusivity. With the other people it'll probably just peter out or you'll drift after a bit.

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. Even if you're just trialling a guy for a month or two extra as an exclusive because you're not sure then it's not a big deal to sit out of the dating pool for a month or two in the grand scheme of things, just enjoy the ride.

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. Just see how things go and only continue with someone as long as you're still interested in them. One night I came home from work and turned my PC on to do some gaming.

There's a reason why people date so much, finding someone you really like doesn't happen all the time, so if you find someone you want to see for a bit then they're probably already standing head and shoulders over everyone else. Talk to as many people as you find appealing, just be prepared to have to spend ages on whatever app you're using chatting to people. If things aren't serious with them then they don't have the right to feel shitty, not until things get serious.

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. If I'm not feeling it after that point then it's not that big of a deal to rejoin the dating pool. Honestly, you'll know when you meet someone that you really get on with. If anything, they could be dating loads of guys as well and you're the one that should be feeling shitty that you're just one of their many options. Relationship usa