Dating milk bottles

Later known as MetroPak Containers. Also, please see next entry. More recent ones have no embossing. See also “M” and “M in a circle”. This rare mark, which is assumed to be linked to that same company, has been reported observed on the base of a very, very small number of bottles. We are undergoing maintenance for a few hours. Relationship t-value p-value.

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. When they first started making bottles by machine they were cork type.    See “M inside a circle” and “M within a G” entries. M inside a diamond, seen on druggist bottles and glass eye wash cups……………. All the Phillips Milk of Magnesia bottles I have seen were cobalt blue. This logo may be intended as an abstract M, but also appears something like a capital “E” with a space between the vertical stroke and the three horizontal strokes. Your estimate for the date sounds pretty good. If they have a "contacts us" spot on their web site, you could also try E-mailing them a picture of the bottle and see if any of the "old timers" remember it. Known as the Metro Glass Division of National Dairy Products Corp. The earliest type of bottle threads had threads that were much closer together, later, they changed it so there was space between the threads. Dating milk bottles. Seen on base of Puritas water bottle. The Jersey City plant was closed on Nov. Reported on base of clear glass pharmaceutical/drugstore bottle. You might check at your local library and see if they have any books on old bottles which might help you date it. I’m unsure of the exact chain of later events on this company.  Because of it’s presence on the Brooklandwood Springs bottle, I consider this to be virtual proof that this particular mark was indeed used by Maryland, although only in rare instances as compared to their “M inside a circle” mark which was normally used. Dating milk bottles.

See Lockport Glass Works entry. This mark is unidentified/ unknown.

Chapter 2a Dating Milk Bottles - Society for Historical.

. M in a hexagon………Metro Glass Bottle Company, Jersey City, New Jersey. Some features may be temporarily unavailable.  See list at this milk bottle site: MASS GLASS CO. I don't know your particular situation.

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. Seen on colored tableware and upscale novelty glassware. Pretty soon somebody got the bright idea that, since they could mold the glass so perfectly by machine, that they could easily mold threads on the neck and get rid of the very annoying and cumbersome corks. Later on, these bottles had screw caps, but still a lot of writing on the front.  Also seen on the base of  a cobalt “Perfection Ginger Ale, Brooklandwood Springs  Company, Baltimore, MD” bottle