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This has a ball bearing driven clock mechanism. There is a label inside the back … Grandfathers electric mantel clock Hi, My grandfather, when he was alive, knew that I liked clocks as a child, so he gave me an old electric clock. The case is made out of walnut. However when trying to clean it up and put in the oven to season it the sheen turned to a thick glue like substance.. The clock is encased in dark wood. mantle clock in woodgrain. He got the clock from an employer many years earlier. IT DOES NOT RUN, I HAVE THE PARTS TO IT BUT CAN'T FIX IT - LACK OF KNOWLEGE. Thanks for your information and time. The case is made out of some kind of black stone; … Command Alarm Clock I purchased this at a garage sale and wanted to know more about it. The back of the face of the clock has Gustav Becker, a symbol with a cross on top, then … A clock I just had to have  I got this clock this weekend at an estate sale. On the back is a label that reads: ALAMO MANUFACTURED BY Wm. However, I have no idea how old it is, the only thing I know is it's made by William L. It is my task to make it go again. The design is very simple with little decoration. It has several hairline cracks in the face. It is a Cotley design, or was named after a clockmaker … Germany coo coo clock My uncle gave me this clock. … Found this one in the trash! This is a Waterbury Mantel Clock that has an alarm bell you can set on it. There is a very faded label on the back … Grandfathers French Antique Clock I know nothing about this clock. The clock itself … Sailboat Clock by United Clock Corp.

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. German clock I purchased this clock along with many others recently. Relationship without emotional intimacy. There is no writing on the face of the clock or on the back. I brought … Clock from grandmother I received a clock made by New England Clock, Co. Seth Thomas Mantel Clock I am looking for some information on a clock that has been in my family for many years. The back is stamped Ingraham, U.S.A. … Mahagony Grandfather Clock My parents purchased this clock while in England back in the mid seventies. The clock is a bronze/brass clock. So I had no idea that the hammered finish was there. … A clock by Jacob Degen I have acquired a small wall clock with an amazing movement inside. … Old French clock I have this clock thats been in my family for generations, and I am having trouble finding information on it. I can't seem to find out much about it so wondered whether anyone else can help. I know that its hand carved and made in Germany from the Black Forest. Gilbert Clock I have a Gilbert Mantel Clock that is brass and it is a horse with the clock in a rock. One's a Ford clock made by The New … Vienna Regulator Clocks All I know is that this is a vienna regulator with RA on the Pendulum. … My family's clock I just sent in a picture of my clock, but it was of the back instead of front and I couldn't figure out how to edit it. … Nice Old Seth Thomas wall clock A friend of mine said he had an old clock he didn't know anything about and asked if I would be interested in it. … Grandparents clock I have a clock I received from my grandparents. The clock is a United one.  The clock is made by United Clock Corporation in Brooklyn,NY. … Help find Date of Clock This clock hangs on the wall and it has pinecone weights on chains that hang down. It … Antique Mantel Clock I have an uncle who has this clock that came from his mother. Dad bought it for her for Christmas. It has a bill of sale taped to the … Stuck for time Hi, the clock I need identifying is a Napoleon hat striking clock. eight day spring wound, pendulum clock. This is … Queen Elizabeth Clock Sorry about my spelling and bad english because I am weak in English. It is very heavy and the hands are stopped. It has butterflies and flowers on it. On the clock plate, on the backside it … Ingraham clock from farm house My mother had this clock handed down to her through the family. … My Family's Time I got this mantel clock from my deceased cousins husband who also recently passed away.I'm sure it was his parents or grandparents clock. Ingraham Mantel clock Black Wood This clock belonged to my great-grandmother. He collected French clocks at one time. I would like to know it's age more than it's … William L. I am interested … Ansonia Clock - Need help Hey everyone, Well to be frank about it, I've had this clock sitting around my house for some time now. On the front if the clock …  The clock is round with a fence and horse decorating the right and left sides of the base. There is a red light bulb that lights up the fireplace. I eventually sanded down the interior of the pans and skillets to smooth them out. Passed down from grandparents I don't know anything about clocks. The clock … My Grandfather's Old Clock I only know that it was made somewhere in Europe, probably Germany, and it's much older than me. It is a two … A Mystery Clock  It has a picture of three girls sitting down with a fancy gold and green border with a white clock face with four black paterns in each corner. It is a True Time Tellers To-Tem Alarm Clock, made by the New Haven Clock Company, USA. On the back of the clock case … My Grandma's Clock I would really like some help identifying this clock model. Picked up this clock at an estate auction few years ago. Supposedly it was passed down to her from her mother, … Help Identiying Date and Manufacturer Any help would be appreciated. Gilbert Clock Company of Winsted, Ct. Do not know the date it was made. In excellent working condition. It has half a label on the back. It's a statue of a woman handling a … German WWII Clock  My Step-son's maternal grandfather removed this clock from a train station in Germany as a "fortune of war" following WWII. Gold inlay on clock window.Excellent condition and still working with chimes. Clock face Ivory star-burst effect flowers pouncing each number. It was given to me by a neighbor who was … Need Help With My Ansonia Clock Hello, I have an Ansonia black mantle clock that I am trying to identify. I am not to sure of that but that is all I know. There is a huge range of prices and quality. There is no name on … Heirloom in a sorry state We recovered this from my deceased father's house. SCHMECKENBECHER and some no# g.m. It has the initials P F on back of the clock. The cherub pounds on the arrow heads. I am trying to find out if it is worth something or just a clock. Know where I could find one. The difference is really something. Gilbert Clock Identified lots of their clocks but cannot find this one.

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. It has a white enamel face. It comes with a key and pendulum. On the back it says Swiss …  I HAVE SEARCHED UNTIL I CAN'T SEE STRAIGHT ANYMORE. … waterbury mantle clock Hi, Can anyone please give me a valuation, in AUd, preferably on this clock and any information you may have on it. Griswold Dutch Oven at the New Mexico History Museum in the Cowboy Exhibit are bought and sold, consolidated and dismantled, and the cast iron cookware business is no different. … I found this old clock at my grandpa's. Gilbert clock co made in Winsted Conn USA. She was stationed in Europe. I have since gotten it to run, but it is missing the columns in the front. In the middle of the dial, it says Seth Thomas and it kind of somehow resembles a Seth Thomas … Need information on E. It was bought from an antique dealer in Louisville, KY. Any information about it is greatly appreciated. There is one leaf in front of the bird and one behind it. What I can read of it is says "eight day, half hour strike, cathedral gong, turn back clock". L Gilbert "The Boston" We bought this clock at auction. I cannot find a date, just a piece of paper on the back "Oxford, Manufactured by Wm. It says Ingraham eight day in the center of the clock face. The label … SETH THOMAS MANTLE CLOCK Hi. It also has the name Champion M. No one in the family really cares to much for … Kute Kienzel Mantle clock I don't know much about it really. Gil died, he left his house and contents … Seth Thomas Layton mantel clock We purchased this clock at a thrift store. It is a woman's mantel clock. The cab has a light when turned on the red …  A Clock company in Lafayette CA took this clock apart and told me it is signed inside by the Derry Mfg. The columns in front originally … Cuckoo Clock from World War I My grandma handed down this cuckoo clock that her dad brought back from World War I. I think of it as a mantle clock. Now that I'm retired I decided to check it out but I can't find it … Regulator clock My dad had this restored and I wondered if anyone knew the history and value on it. I am curious to find out its history and what it may be worth.

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. The numbers are roman … My Gilbert Mantel Clock I have had this clock sitting around my house for a little while, but haven't really looked into the history of it until recently. I can't find any name on this one. I took a pendulum from another clock and … Old Gilbert mantel clock This clock has been in family for a while and I have searched to find more info on it. Beautiful ceramic case with lion's head, pastel floral design, gilt, gentle crazing overall, runs well. The following … My Fathers' Clocks I Both my Father and Father in Law liked antique clocks. My aunt owned it, I commented on it and she gave it to me. … Seth Thomas Ship's Clock I know that it's a Seth Thomas and that it's a ship's clock. … Goodwill find I bought a Seth Thomas quartz wall clock with Westminster chimes at a goodwill store. The rolling pin clock !! I received this clock from my great uncle a few years back cant find the year on it.Its runs great.It's a New England Clock.  Wagner Manufacturing was able to produce world class cookware, rivaling and later surpassing the other powerhouse in the cast iron cookware arena, Griswold. It works well and keeps good time. They had an Estate Sale, where someone offered over … Thrift store clock. I found this clock at the thrift store. eBay is the place to go for vintage cast iron since eBay is kind of like a consolidation of all the garage & estate sales across the country. Beautiful red roses are on the top of the … Wag on wall clock It's from the French town of Paray le Monial and the name on the top is Rorat Monnet. She lived near Boston and had an antique store near White Mountain, NH in the summer. Growing … Found a Cartier Clock. During renovations to an old home, we found a small clock. The face is behind glass and is gold and black. … Movers lost our pendulum My wife and I purchased this beautiful wall clock while stationed in Germany. New Haven Clocks Hello everybody, a few years ago I received a legacy from an uncle, among the many things there were two car clocks. It strikes on the hour & at half-past. This is a two weight clock with beveled glass in a brass frame.

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. Sessions "Ardmore" Mantel Clock This clock was owned by my grandmother and has been handed down to me. I have no idea when it was bought or how old it is. We have checked the internet and have not found any info other than Colonial … Please Help! This clock was given to my husband by his father who bought it at an estate auction many years ago. I don't know any thing else. … Mantle Clock I met a guy who ran an eBay store some years ago; he gave me this clock that he had gotten in trade. My father did not like the sound so she stopped.

I have a paper about guarantee and the address The New Haven Clock Co.-----New … Handed down from family It's a Wm. I really dont know how old this item is but from what I have researched it came from the … Kienzle Zodiac Clock I recently bought this stunning kienzle mantle clock. The weights and pendulum missing. This New Haven clock was one of them. It's all … Passed on through the family. It has an eight day chime and three winding holes. It's a Self Winding Clock Co. Dating lodge cast iron. Seth Thomas Grandfather - help ID please First off, I apologize that I didn't take photos of the face or movement before it was removed for maintenance, but hopefully the photo of the cabinet …  Hi there, I recently acquired this clock at a flee market. Gold Pocket watch I found this pocket watch in my grandfathers things after he passed. The clock is in perfect working order and looks like new