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Relationship fights. Consider how social you like to be at work and what helps you get the most enjoyment and be the most productive in your job." Chemistry is also is often the difference between a friendship and a committed relationship when dating. Don't be desperate netmen! via Flickr Don't accept the offer just because a suitor is eager. At the same time, if an offer doesn't feel right, there's probably a reason. Be honest and tell them you're interested Ian M Butterfield via Flickr Tell an employer you really want the position. Emailing about once a month should suffice, according to If you listen to her, you will know what to say next. Do your research to make sure you don't wind up in a Devil Wears Prada situation. Dating like a job interview. Neil Clark Warren, Founder of eHarmony. Having multiple options can give you leverage with salary, benefits, and it will give you some of the power in the process. US News And World Report gives this advice to people who have just been offered a position: "If something doesn't feel right, or you experience inexplicable dread when you imagine yourself in the job, pay attention. The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that people who use many job search methods find jobs faster than people who use only one or two. Submitting blindly online is often trumped by a pre-existing, trusted relationship. Know the difference between persistence and annoyance BarelyFitz via Flickr You can and should follow up on resume submission or job listings that piques your interest.

He tells Forbes, "Let him or her set the tone. Make sure you click Ali Fedotowsky! via Facebook During an interview, make sure you like your potential boss and team members. From iVillage: "When you're getting to know someone, ask yourself if you and he have the same core values," says Dr. Present yourself appropriately This includes cleaning up social network profiles and dressing appropriately for an interview. This will show an employer you care about the job and came prepared. Bill Jeffries, a senior career consultant concurs: "You need what we call a 'warm contact,' someone you can call to have lunch or coffee, even if they don't do anything close to what you do. elaborates: "There's nothing worse for your career than getting stuck in a dead-end job. "Guys, like women, actually feel pumped up when their partner fawns over them," she insists. Shake those first-encounter jitters and attend networking events to broaden your list of contacts. Open yourself up to new possibilities Come out of your comfort zone and consider all the options for your skill set. Everybody wants what they can't have, so make yourself desirable Ali Fedotowsky! via Flickr It is much easier to land a job when you're already employed. Get out there and meet people via Flickr Most job hires are from someone's current professional network or recommendations from friends and colleagues. "If they do, that's a sign of serious interest." Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker shares the same words of wisdom for daters: "You're not living in the movie where you're supposed to wait X amount of days to call back," she insists. Be candid about your interest in the job. Take calculated risks and broaden your job search while keeping the opportunity within reach. When an offer is on the line, don't play games. Why relationships suck. In that same vein, employers like to see that you've done your homework before an interview. Neil Clark Warren, Founder of warns, "There must be an ember of initial attraction to build from. While a so-so role may be fine in the short term, holding a position that does not allow for advancement for an extended period of time can take a toll on your health and happiness." The same goes for dating. Kathy Lord, a romantic coach and author offers advice one how someone should lick their dating wounds: "Not everyone will want to buy what you are selling, but if you have a good product, you'll be able to find customers if you look in the right places. Team chemistry can make or break job experiences. But beware: There is a fine line between showing you're interested and being obnoxious. With that much time at stake, you don't want to settle for any old job. According to, "In job-hunting, first impressions are critical. "Don't be dazzled by a handsome face. "When meeting candidates at job fairs, I like to see that they've done their research," Louis Dennis, a human resources representative for State Farm Insurance Companies, tells Finding the right opportunity takes time. "Think money, intelligence, lifestyle and sense of humor," he says.

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. Chapter and Verse are Optional. A lot of men always think about what to say next, or they have a script in their head about what to say next. Once you reach a certain age, anyone you date is potential marriage material. offers this piece of advice: "During the job interview, try to relax and stay as calm possible. There is going to be a lot of rejection Emails lost in the abyss, calls sent to voicemail, messages left with a secretary, LinkedIn declines - there are a million ways to be rejected in the job market. Read the employer's signs and check in without pestering. When looking for a job, career counselor Roy Cohen tells, "You need to create desirability and attractiveness. Dating kodak photo paper. "Look beyond his good looks," she suggests. "I only hire people I'd be comfortable sitting next to on a plane across the country," one source tells us. advises, "Don't limit your search by only applying to positions that meet your exact criteria. You can usually tell if it's time to look for a new job opportunity. You do that by appearing slightly unavailable." Dating coach and author David Wygant offers this tip to men, "If you have plans with a friend, keep those plans even if the woman you're dating asks you to do something that night. David DeAngelo, a Relationship Correspondent for warns, "If you focus too much energy and time on a woman [at the beginning], it can creep them out and make them want nothing to do with you. Let the organizer lead the conversation saj_rind via Flickr Cohen suggests a reworked version of No. Glassdoor career expert Hank Stringer tells prospective hires to reflect on this: "How you are treated on day one can be a reflection of what your future interactions may be like socially.

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. Going an extra step can make all the difference. Cosmopolitan Magazine says the same thing about relationships: "The fear of spending your whole life without someone can consume you and drive you to make a decision to stay and stick it out in a bad relationship. Communicate and listen Phil Jones - That's Nice Photography via Flickr Absorb information about the company and contribute to the conversation by asking questions. It's called a conversation for a reason. You should take a job opportunity because it advances your career, not to escape a current situation. In her book, , Hearst Chairman Cathie Black recalls dismissing a potential hire because she caught them reading the latest issue while waiting for their interview.

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. Show off what you can contribute, but learn the information ahead of time. First on their list of suggested tactics is reaching out to personal contacts. Know when to commit shes_jack via Flickr Trust your gut. Don't be fooled, do your research Touchingly Naive via Flickr Dream jobs and employers aren't always what they seem. If you call the next day, be cool about it