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This was my first English. Super unnatural and very pugnant. I've enjoyed this blend on occasional mornings with a light roast coffee or English breakfast, I do recommend the pairing, and perhaps some classical music. The Latakia is of extremely poor quality, what little is in the tin, that is. Come to find out I really like Scottish blends. It was nice for once to not deal with dagum water in the shoes. I had VERY fond memories of this blend from years ago. I know it's an excellent tobacco and I'm sure a favorite for many many smokers but for a burley and latakia guy such as myself this one just doesn't have the depth of flavor to satisfy. The smoke is typically not pleasant to non-smokers, but then again, for whom and why are you smoking the tobacco in the first place. It really makes you crave for more and more, never tiring: I find it perfect as appetizer, or after dinner, or in every other moment of the day. It can get a bit bitter towards the end of the bowl. a New Can that i opened, and puff! Virginia dominated, as in Scottish Mixtures. They don't list Latakia in the Tin Description but it displays a Latakia presence,especially after the halfway point. Its all been said, this is a magnificent English mixture. The quintessential English Blend, together with London Mixture. This review is made on a day of sampling various english blend tobaccos and my tongue is a bit hot - I think we've all been there before. I've stopped smoking anything else. I've tried it in small and large bowls and it burns cooperatively regardless. I definitely get a hint of Latakia in the nose, but not enough to spoil the balance. If you are so lucky to put your hands on the right tin you'll find an almost perfect tobacco: full, round, satisfying, a perfect all-day smoke, never biting, enough smooth to be smoked in the morning and full enough to suit an after dinner smoke. There's a tangy, BBQ tin note that translates to the smoking flavor. I've tried varying strengths of English and Balkan tobaccos and found myself not liking them too much.

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. Not much on comparison though. Another crowning achievement from "the master." Sampled in a Peterson Deluxe System Pipe. The moisture content is perfect upon opening, but I worry that the tobacco will dry out if I don't finish it within a few weeks. Nobody has rated this review yet. Indeed I dislike this blend so much I don't think I'm going to try any other Dunhills, because obviously they're doing something very wrong by my standards. It has a nice nutty flavor with some smokiness from the Latakia and a hint of burnt Marshmallow sweetness. the only redeeming feature of this otherwise disappointing blend is that it burned superbly right to the bottom of the bowl with a light gray ash dusting the side of the chamber. If you like English blends, you will like this. The flavor changes very little as the bowl is smoked, only increasing slightly in heaviness and sharpness. It lights well and stays lit with no further prodding. Very satisfying Lat quota. I prefer Virginia based englishes, specially those based in red virginia but, nonetheless, I have always this tobacco in my cellar. Not much moisture produced either. That alone is enough to recommend it as a fine everyday smoke. My Savinelli just loves this blend! Highly recommended for all newcomers. A rather full and heavy 'English' blend, which is going to be a bit much in terms of weight and fullness in the mouth for those used to lighter blends such as Squadron Leader. I find it's better to keep this blend moist. i will try baking a tin, too, as suggested by skando below. This is the reference by which all others are judged. The Latakia underscores the experience by contributing a woodsy, sweet smokiness, that's smooth as silk on the palate. I read many positive reviews, but still did not know what to expect. I'd say this is a medium nicotine mixture, so I'd choose it in the morning if I am not planing on smoking any VaPers or virginias later on in the day. Definitely close to my heart. Dating kaywoodie pipes. Very traditional room note which others don't mind. Many reviews have already been written, so I'll keep it brief. The staple of all pipe tobacco, or so I am told. I'll be damned if I really couldnt tell the difference. I'm partial to Dunhill blends to begin with, they have a very clear and clean taste to me. This is my first Latakia blend and I have heard that you either love it or hate it. Very pleasant aroma from unburned tobacco, but once lit there is, basically, zero taste. This being due to the addition of cavendish, I think. I'll definitely keep this in rotation. Tin smells musty and lightly smoky. W and f relationship. I think the most accurate description i read called it a top shelf OTC. I honestly never cared for the Latakia taste or the smell in the past, but I am looking change that and give the alluring Ms. It has plenty of flavor, without being overwhelming. This doesn't make it sweet, it simply mutes the full bodied nature of the orientals and woodsy Latakia, making it medium bodied. That's just a little too much of a nicotine rush for me, thank you! It's a shame I can't handle the nicotine level in this, because otherwise I think it would be one of my favorite full English blends. No one ingredient is overpowering; everything is wonderfully balanced. This is based on some bulk I bought a couple of weeks ago from a shop: A little moist, but no problem with gurgle. This is the best Dunhill blend. Hopefully, the insanity will come to an end and we will see the return of Dunhill to America. Sex and dating christian. This and tinderbox's Balkan are my all day smokes. As opposed to Nitecap and Early Morning; this blend is mild and easy on the tongue and throat. Still here, in the shed, candles burning. A very good tobacco, typical Dunhill quality which I like a lot. But fair's fair, and this blend is excellent, whether or not I can smoke it on a regular basis. It's a marvelous tobacco, but its richness and strength is just overwhelming for me. I loaded up a Savinelli Shellmore billiard which is one of my best pipes for English blends and fired it up. Moderate sweet virginias with an undercurrent of smoke and spice. Both versions seem to be well mixed, no dust, no veins, and both versions look alike. You need this at your disposal at all times. That doesn't' make it the "best English" but it is to me, what an English should be and all should posses in some manner. It took me some time to realise that I don't care for the coexistence of Cavendish and Latakia. And every now and then, when I'd get lucky, I could score some Squadron Leader. For me, I found it only a bit harsh and sharp directly from the tin, which could improve some with age, but an enjoyable smoke for the morning or when a very mild English is in order. The taste and smell are of leather and nuts. This is the best English blend I have ever smoked!! The tin aroma is sweet, smokey,and nut like.It has just the right amount of latakia. Good Smoke! Nobody has rated this review yet. Wow, what flavor, intensity. There is a chemical taste whose presence is felt, at least to my palate, in nearly all of these Dunhill re-releases. Its seems to lack any real oriental depth. Certainly good enough, though, to search high and low for more. I prefer EMP over this tobacco as it has more of a nicotine kick and for me, the flavor is a little bit more complex. There is no bite and the flavour remains consistant down to the dottle.

Almost akin to the experience of hearing someone else's music leaking out of their headphones. It is somewhat harsh and very strong to me, a fist with a big "N" on it popped out of the bowl punched me in the face. Get a big ole bag and cellar it, you won't be disappointed. I find it hard to describe, but I can best sum it up by descibing it as the Latakia equivilent of a slighly sweet latte coffee, that tastes so wonderful. Pauly d dating show. This stuff is a far below average English blend with a premium price tag, Dunhill should be ashamed to put their name on this crap. EMP seems to be a tad stronger and a little more sharp/peppery than Campanile but still it is a mild mixture. A taste of burley seems to predominate, but unfortunately, a chemical taste lingers and gives the overall impression of cheapness. this is a very good blend and yet a safe one, means that you can smoke it whenver you don't feel eager to smoke something specific. I wrote an earlier review when I first opened it, stating how strong it was.

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. Wonderful Dunhill classic I don't regret purchasing. My wife doesn't complain when I smoke this one, either.

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. A lot of people like this and if you enjoy light, mild balkan blends, you should definitely give this a spin. I was afraid that it would be too strong after reading others reviews over the years. I've smoked this in several pipes at different times of the day. I love this spicy treat! However, if you want to hear a great review with no bull see Tee-dub below. It doesn't have the complexity of other blends that go for a more stronger presence of orientals, add kentucky for some more variety or go for some extra spice with perique. Im not one for complex tobaccos where you have to sit, ponder, find the different flavors, examine each flavor when they show up, and so on. To my knowledge there is no Burley at all in this mixture. Orientals, virginias, not brassy or tart but enough to lift the whole mix and keep it up off the deck. One is treated to the potent sweetness of good Virginia leaf, the piquancy and occasional bitterness of Orientals, and the meaty essence of Latakia used in the proportion that it was meant to be used in. A clean burn, a reliable and consistent smoke from the start of each bowl through to its conclusion, and a relaxing and flavourful hour from the first unscrewing to the last dregs that I am about to pack. A very popular blend as I'm sure your all aware of. Not much to say that hasn't already been said. Perhaps the older blenders did more with it; i certainly don't know. There's some kind of affinity with the cigarette in the taste and complexion, which I don't appreciate, not having been a cig smoker ever. This all balanced out by the sweet and richness of the Cavendish and Virginia. In the end, I found it to be two-dimensional. Emphasis on the 'balanced' as no one component leaf take precedance over another - it's Hall of Fame stuff and a must try for anyone who enjoys that special moment - when pipe, tobacco and smoker are in perfect harmony. Fools you in thinking its just another nice tasting English Blend, until the Nic Buzz kick in! If anyone can smoke a Magnum from start to finish I want them to be my body guard, tough mothers! Not for the faint hearted nor novice smoker without some stamina. And Unlike most death stick companies out there, Dunhill doesnt use droids to do the work, they still use various humanoid species from all over the galaxy. Finish: No real notable changes for me just a good smoke. Summary: Not a nice tobacco at all, IMHO. The lack of virginia takes a lot of sharpness out of the blend, this is made up for by the spicy taste of the Oriental tobaccos, so the smoothness does not make this blend seem flat. The flavours are subtle sweet, cool smoke with a wonderfull undertone of latakia. I have just dedicated it three Mastro de Paja medium bents, always with nothing less than enthusiastic results. It was the most incredible feeling in the world, despite my man tool nearly falling off. Personally, I like it but think of it as second tier. Some think it rather one dimensional, but I don't. The burnt offering will leave you with some light grey, almost white ash. This blend is something of an enigma for myself. If They only made this flake cut. The burn: One of the best burning tobaccos I have smoked to date. While smoking, it very seldom bites and is always a cool smoke