Dating k zildjian cymbals

Dating k zildjian cymbals. Every drummer knows that with the right gear and setup, creativity flows more freely. So when you need drum gear help call us.

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. Yes, this is like Turkish made K Zildjian cymbals. It says Avedis Zildjian possibly with Co at the end. And on a more modern note. This stamp is almost identical to IIa except that it has a big K. The word “Zildjian” is top-aligned with the K, as though it were a superscript. How To Date a vintage Zildjians using the maker's stamps - Each Zildjian cymbal bears. Some K Istanbul cymbals for. Vintage Zildjian cymbals that. Dating k zildjian cymbals. Dating latino. Get the guaranteed lowest prices, largest selection and free shipping on most Hi-Hat Cymbals at Musician's Friend.

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. Vintage Zildjian Cymbals can only be dated according to the manufacturer's stamp. K Istanbul. Castantinople. Gretch. and is filed under Zildjian Stamps.