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Firstly he want to hold her hands. *Jimin ideal date~ ''Walking and sitting on a bench, drink together.I would like to have such Countryside Dating. Things he want to steal from other members is Rap Monster’s height, V’s talent and gaze, J-Hope’s cleanliness, Suga’s diverse knowledge. V said, Jimin is the member of Bangtan who seems like he’d have a girlfriend older than him. WOAH!! That's it for right now. Relationship keywords. *A girl that can pull of cute outfits and Feminine clothing. Jimin Fanboy of Bigbang especially. I think I like a certain type on the face but I'm not sure. Jimin has a lot of  knowledge about skin care. Jimin generally solve his problem him self. You never know, he might love you for who you are. But even though he responds well, there are many times where he doesn’t actually do it. *When she has straight hair. That one person is … Jimin. Jimin role model is , from and Chris Brown. I also remember that my voice shook a lot while singing. All member said, Jimin is a nice member than the others. Jimin ideal type is a nice and cute girl, must be smaller than him. *He likes girls who are older and younger than him. If he can’t solve it, he will share with V. Jimin express the color of BTS is Gold. But, finally, Suga couldn’t use Jimin’s Lyrics. – to himself : ” He’s timid ㅋㅋㅋ Has a personality where he hates losing. Is the effort-type.” – , “Follows the hyungs’ words well, isn’t the personality where he’ll receive dislike somewhere, puts in effort to live his hardest” – , who is the best looking in the universe. For Jimin, his charms aren’t actually his charm, but his eyes is charm. And i wish i could be there to hold her hand. His nickname is Ddochi because since middle school, his friends said he looked like a puppy so they called him that. Next I'm doing Kim Taehyung. Jimin resolution -> “My aim is frankly to be the first. *He likes girls with Long Hair. Dating jimin would include. If Jimin had a lover, he wants to give her everything. Has a bright personality and likes to smile. Isn’t as timid as you would think. He planned his future and told his parents about it and they happily approved. Associated With She assisted with merchandise on Taylor Caniff's RV Project tour. Wearing a suit, it because i want to show my coolness. Jungkook always teasing Jimin about his height. , “On a very tiring day, roomate Jimin fell off from his bed with a loud thudding sound. His personality as viewed by other members.

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.. V dating red velvet. It was my first- ever audition so my hands were shaking a lot when I opened the door.

If get a day off, Jimin jokingly wants to go on a date with Jungkook with holding hands together. She is popular on the live streaming service YouNow.  Family Life She has an older sister. Jimin being an Invisible Man  for ‘One Day Show Champion Mission’ and other members seems really enjoy to tease him. Dating xhosa woman. I will make more when I get more information. Jimin habbit is dancing or moving along to the  music no matter where the location. Don't change because you want to be Jimins ideal type. Suga told him to bring another lyrics that actually for their song. And I wish I could be there to hold her hand.'' ''Now I no longer have any specific ideal type. Jin said Jimin body was really good when he first met him. *He likes light and pink shades for makeup. If he got a super power, he wants to talk with dog and animals. Can’t refuse requests because he’s too nice.” – Rap Monster, “Basically kind and gentle. Jimin motto -> “Let’s become cool or handsome. Once he write lyrics and gave it to Suga. His life’s best was : My life’s best movie was ‘Always’. It’s like being attacked by a puppy. There are times where he loses his temper and really likes cute things.” – , “Comes at you really cutely.

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. Well, first i will look seduce! And the next is laugh expression! Ahahahah. *He likes it when girls are naturally sexy without trying. In the dorm, Jimin in charge of the kitchen. Jimin did mistake often at Random Dance Weekly Idol. Hello!! Like I said I will be doing Park Jimin! I forgot to tell you this in the Jungkook one. Because of the camera massage, everyone has become a bit more polished, except for one person who remains the same and thus surprises me. Jin choose Jimin as the member who has changed the most since debut passed. *He likes short girls who are smaller than him. *A girly girl is apparently his biggest weakness. Feels competitive with the members and is the type to complain a lot about himself. Next I will be doing Kim Taehyung~V This is like the last one, Not just facts. When Hallowen, Jimin wants to wear a Dinosaur custom. His image before debut is he wanted to be a singer since middle school. [Kstar Wonderland] : “I have two, it such as good smile and laugh. Let’s praise yourself  : “You’ve become really shameless